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Road Safety In India - 10 Safe Driving And Road Safety Tips

Safe Driving and Road Safety tips are important to follow for road safety in India

Road safety in India needs a lot of improvements for a safer life

If we follow few safe driving and road safety tips, road safety in India will definitely improve

Road Safety In India - 10 Safe Driving And Road Safety Tips
Photo credit: Gulfu via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

Well, first something about Blue Citizenship, a drive initiated by Nissan Motor Co. Ltd to spread awareness about the road safety in India. There is a commitment from all their employees, customers, external stakeholders and the communities they are connected to. The company tries to spread this awareness message of building a sustainable society through each transaction they do in their business.

NSDF is the Nissan Safety Driving Forum run by The Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., to promote safe driving in India. The initiative began in 2012 as an annual activity in 3 major cities – Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi. Since then, the initiative has taken further speed by taking it further to various other cities. This year the plan is to spread its wings across 8 new locations – Nagpur, Vadodara, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Chennai, Kochi, and Mangalore. Overall message reach has gone up to 2 lakh people spread across these cities with a sole purpose of increasing awareness and learning on safe driving in the country and the necessary behavioral changes required in this regard.

In my opinion and with my experience I would like to present that one should follow in life to inculcate road safety in India:

Road Safety In India - 10 Safe Driving And Road Safety Tips
Photo credit: Phillie Casablanca via Visual Hunt / CC BY
  1. Rules are not meant for clearing the licensing exam. Rules for safe driving are meant to be adopted by heart and mind, to be always taken care of while driving and also to keep educating others about it.
  2. Use high beam light during the day, it really helps to put your lights on even during the daytime. Inversely use lights a low beam at night otherwise, it will blind the driver of the vehicle coming from opposite direction. During night time, you must use high beam on the highway.
  3. Use common sense while driving e.g. when near a school, you don’t need to look for a sign to teach you – “School ahead – drive slow”. If you know there is a school, apply your mind and drive carefully.
  4. Never drive rash. Not in any case.
  5. Never drive at a too slow speed, in the right most lane so as to disturb lane driving. People from behind will try to overtake you from the left side, which might lead to chaos in all lanes. For example is the permitted speed is 60km/h and you intend to drive at 40, take a left lane.
  6. For taking a right turn on a red light, always stop in the right most lane, howsoever long queue it carries. Similarly for taking a left turn, stay in left most lane.
  7. Never honk horn while driving. It reflects your attitude, behavior, and basic understanding are not up to the mark.
  8. While parking your car ensures it is parked properly.
  9. Ensure to use Seat belts for all passengers whether in front seat or rear. 
  10. Stop and help someone in trouble on the road or met with an accident. If for any reason you are not able to stop and help, at least, inform police by giving an exact location to reach and provide necessary assistance.
I hope these 10 safe driving and road safety tips help in increasing road safety in India.
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