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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Gift Card Is The Best Idea For Gifting As The Facts Reveal

India is a country of traditions. Despite varied cultures in our country, we are fond of giving and receiving gifts. Gifting, in fact, is an age-old phenomenon worldwide. When Sudama came to meet Krishna in his palace, he brought a bundle of raw rice for him as a gift. A gift, in fact, is a gesture of love, affection, respect, and a lot more. In our country, we have an ample number of occasions to receive and give gifts to each other. These are occasions such as birthday, marriage, festivals, recognitions, appreciations, celebrations, and so on. All such occasions call for the exchange of gifts. Initially, on birthdays the gifting mechanism used to be only one-sided. But gradually the culture changed and there became the concept of return gift. Similar is the case on festivals, the family gets together, and other occasions.

By the way, who doesn't like to get a gift? But as I remember in my childhood there were many occasions when I received a gift that either I didn't need or didn't like. Such kind of gifts was never utilized, in reality, by me. As a matter of fact, those were either kept aside unutilized forever, consuming their shelf life while perishing on their own. Or those would get gift-wrapped again to pass on to somebody else as a gift on some relevant occasion. The gift is an emotional mix of happiness, gratitude, and passion. The moment of giving or receiving a gift is a moment of pride in one's life.

Gift Card Practice is on the rise

During my childhood, I read a lot of stories in which the king or queen or Prince or princess or a rich man would gift their ornaments, land, pearls, jewels, gold, money, or any valuable item to a person on getting a piece of good news, praise, or a favor. That was another way of gifting. This was not gifting between equals. This was the kind of gifting from rich to poor, from high level to low level, or something of a similar kind. Now everybody has its own way of gifting and obviously one thinks in the best possible way when gifting to somebody else on some occasion. But still, in my opinion, the best idea for gifting is gifting through gift cards. Like, for instance, earlier it used to be a gift in the form of cash or material.

But as I said despite getting a very costly gift at times I found it of no use to me at all. Hence, during those times, the best kind of thing on occasions was to give cash as a gift. The recipient, in that case, has an option of spending that cash in whatever way he or she wants. And in reality, the cash given for a gift doesn't necessarily convert into a gift and spent elsewhere. So, in such cases, the aspiration of the gift goes in vain. That is why I feel, the best idea for gifting is through giving or sending gift cards. A gift card at least ensures that it will not go in the pocket as cash without getting converted into a gift. It, in fact, ensures that it will surely convert it into a gift.

What is your opinion on a gift card for gifting?

At the same time, it gives full liberty to the recipient to buy a gift of his or her own choice. That way a gift card is the best way of gifting and probably everybody will agree to it. In this era of the digital age, the option of e-gift cards adds tremendous value to it. So now you can give the e-gift card in both the forms depending on the choice of the recipient it can be an e-gift card or it can be a physical gift card. One can Send a gift card to India quite easily these days. Both forms of gift card (e-gift card and gift card) can be utilized easily online and offline for purchasing a gift of your own choice and need. A gift card, of course, gives full leverage to buy an item of your own choice and the one you need most.

That make the efforts of gifting completely worthy. As a matter of fact, gifting with gift cards or e-gift cards is on a rising trend exponentially because this is the best form of gifting.

Monday, August 05, 2019

Book Review - Grieve With Understanding by Farzana Sarup

'Grieve With Understanding We'll meet Again' the title says. And it says that in a very different manner. It says, now when we meet there will be no parting. When we meet again it will be forever. This will be a very strange kind of meeting next time. It will be a meeting between life and eternity. A meeting between body and soul. This will be a meeting between Hope and Faith.

Grieve With Understanding We Will Meet Again by Farzana Sarup is a wonderful book it is a book of the journey a journey that crosses the boundaries of life and moves towards eternity. It's a journey that begins with despair and frustration of life but it ends with a different kind of tranquility and peace. A journey that makes death a wonderful transformation from one life to another life.

The book is so well written that it makes death a painless transition. Death, in fact, is not the end. Rather it is a new beginning. A new destination away from all where it was an existing so far for last so many years. Death is a transition where it is an amalgamation of two strange worlds. On one hand, a world that is tearful and sad that you are departing from. On the other hand, a world that is welcoming you smilingly which has departed from you many years ago.

The first three chapters of Grieve With Understanding We Will Meet Again are completely philosophical. During these three chapters Mona the protagonist has nothing but complaints from anybody and everybody in her life. Actually, Mona feels she is a victim of the circumstances and that is why she is bitter. The book is, in fact, spiritual fiction.

As the author tells, during one of our conversation about Mona, saying, "Part of it is what what I went through emotionally when my mum was passing away." She further adds, "There are some people who get bitter and then realize that it is not worth it." I feel this book will be liked by anybody who reads it. Anybody who cares about emotions, anybody who has seen moving life to death in a spur of a moment or in slow motion. Anybody who has felt a big void when somebody leaves you alone whom you loved a lot. I liked the book. In fact, during the first few chapters, I never realized that the latter half will become so emotional and touching.

As Farzana tells her purpose of writing this wonderful book saying, "Wrote to allow people who have been through emotional turmoils that they are not alone and if you forgive yourself and accept the will of God and have faith in the others and God, things fall into place and one realizes that everyone is connected as you share the same energy and nothing is more beautiful than selfless exchange of positive energy." Grieve with understanding is a light read. It's a book that gives an altogether different perspective of death in a very emotional and touching manner and two parallel journeys in contrast to each other - Mona's and her mother's. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Experience Tripraja River Rafting during Monsoon in Goa

Goa is one of the top tourist destinations in India and is known for the sandy beaches, great nightlife, and its fabulous cuisine. Goa is a beautiful tourist destination with many tourist spots like churches, forts, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, tourist beaches, famous hotels, flea markets, and fabulous lounges and nightlife spots. Goa is a beautiful coastal state in India with a Portuguese colonial past. It has a very different culture in comparison to other states in the country and it has a great tourist infrastructure as tourism generates a lot of revenue for the state.

Monsoon in Goa

Monsoon in Goa

Rain starts in June in Goa and lasts the entire monsoon season in the country. The season starts in June and then ends around October. Months like July and August have heavy rains and then the rains ease up in September and October in Goa. This is considered as an off-season in Goa but there are many attractions in the Monsoon including Mollem National Park, Cotigao National Park and Dudhsagar Falls and trek to Tambdi Surla waterfalls. There are some popular festivals during the monsoon season and it is a lovely time to visit Goa.

Activities in Monsoon

There are many tourist activities that people can participate in while visiting Goa in monsoon. It is off-season so there will not be a crowd of tourists at famous attractions and some tourist activities are perfect for this season. River rafting is a major sport during this season in Goa. Other activities in the monsoon for tourists in Goa include visiting spice gardens, going on safari tours, taking a river cruise, and visiting the beach. Monsoon activity also includes driving and cycling around the Western Ghats, participating in local festivals and visiting tourist attractions while enjoying the local cuisine in Goa.

Rafting in the Monsoon in Goa

Monsoon in Goa

River Rafting is the main attraction in Goa during the monsoon. River rafting is one of the best watersports in Goa. River rafting is a fun adventure sports activity and it involves using an inflatable raft and navigating through a flowing river with a lot of difficulty as usually these rivers have choppy waters and flow through tough ridges. It is a lot of fun to navigate the rapids and handle the turbulence of this process. Adventure sports companies that organize river rafting include river rafting on the Valpoi River as it is the best place in Goa for river rafting. Other places where such river rafting tours are organized in Goa include Mandovi River, Dandeli near Goa, and Tilari River in Goa showcasing that Goa is a top tourist destination for river rafting.

to River Rafting at Valpoi River

Usually, the river rafting adventure starts early at dawn and continues into the evening. Breakfast, lunch, and beverages are all included in the river rafting tour and usually, it also includes a little bit of sightseeing in the nearby areas. A river rafting trip usually includes visiting the Harvalem Falls, Ancient Pandava Caves and also, the nearby Shiva Temple. Usually, tourists can decide the various aspects of the trip and there are transport facilities available from all over Goa for tourists looking to participate in this adventure.

Monsoon in Goa

Planning the River Rafting Adventure on Valpoi River

  • Generally, river rafting is banned for children, pregnant women and for people with heart problems. Tourists can decide the type of river rafting adventure that they want to have when they participate at Valpoi River.
  • River rafting trips are generally taken on inflatable rafts and the trip includes instructors on the raft for safety purposes. There are trips available on Valpoi River for example for different durations, at different price ranges, for different lengths on the course of the river, and with small or large groups.
  • The Valpoi-Mhadei river is well known all over the country for one of the best destinations in the country for river rafting but people also visit other river rafting sites in Goa as this is one of the things to do in Goa especially during the monsoon months.
  • It is important to carry sunglasses, wear comfortable clothes and wear shoes like aqua shoes or light sneakers or floaters which are very well strapped so that they do not fall off.
  • Taking other essential items like extra clothing, sunscreen, hats, swimwear and also, water bottles is a good idea.

Monsoon in Goa

& Booking Details

  • There are many types of river rafting adventures that can be planned in Goa and the costs vary according to many parameters of the trip. There are 3 hours of river rafting tours available as well as trips and adventures that last 12 hours.
  • Depending on the details, the activities, offers and the facilities included in the river rafting trip, the costs are determined by the company organizing the river rafting adventure.
  • Generally, the costs range from Rs. 1500 per trip to Rs. 5000 per trip depending on the type of river rafting trip that is planned and organized by the adventure sports company doing business in this region.
  • Details, testimonials, and booking options are all available online. Contact details for reputed companies in Goa that offer such adventure tourism trips are also available online.
  • Booking can be done by contacting the tourism operators who offer river rafting in Goa in the monsoon or simply booking the trip online and paying through online booking options. Many companies have a cancellation policy of around 15 days which is very beneficial for tourists looking to plan such a trip in Goa.


rafting is a major adventure sport in India as there are plenty of
rivers all over the country and in the monsoon season, these rivers
flow at full speed and the tourists can enjoy a white water rafting
adventure in choppy rivers in India. River rafting is popular all
over the country and it is a great idea to choose Goa for a river
rafting adventure in the monsoon months in India. Goa has many
tourist attractions and going to Goa in the off-season for a river
rafting adventure is truly a great idea. River rafting is an exciting
adventure and the tour operators have professional instructors and
take safety precautions so that tourists can enjoy the adventure in a
proper way. River rafting can be best enjoyed in the monsoon season
as it is a great adventure for tourists to enjoy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

SEO Stats for 2019

One trend in the SEO ecosystem that remains unchanged is that SEO techniques keep evolving!

Every year, Google updates its search algorithm around 500-600 times. Many of these changes, such as Florida, Panda, Penguin, RankBrain, are quite well known and have had a significant impact on the ranking as well as revenue of websites. But most of the changes are minor and often go completely unnoticed.

That said, you have no option. No matter how packed you are or how overwhelming it feels, if you seriously want to outrank your website on search engines and boost your revenue, you have to keep track of these changes. Remember that even a small change can either help or hurt your search engine ranking, organic search traffic, conversion, ROI, and revenue.

Also, be aware that there is no shortcut. Google’s major updates, such as Panda and Penguin, made it impossible to cheat the system. Every update moves SEO from a manipulative marketing practice to art that combines content creation and promotion, branding, and IT to drive qualified customers and revenue to your website.

Websites need SEO because Google drives 94% of the total web traffic. The first web page in the search results receives 34.36% click-through rate on the desktop and 35% on mobile devices. All in all, if you’re not at the top position in search results, you’re losing clicks, leads, and revenue to your competitors. Winning the competition is possible only with a carefully-crafted SEO strategy tailored to your business.

Luckily, the infographic below lists more than 60 inspiring SEO stats that will drive your digital marketing decisions and help you plot a successful SEO strategy in 2019.

Whether you’re trying to figure out if SEO is right for your business or you already plan to craft an SEO strategy, this infographic will help by providing you with great insights and benchmarks to create the best marketing strategy.

Photo credit: sergio m. mahugo on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

You will learn the following:

Search engine evolution
• Who controls the market?
• The current and future SEO trends
• Benefits of ranking in Google
• SEO for local business
• Top influencers, best SEO tools, and resources to follow in 2019

Have a look because we know you’d later bookmark it as an important resource.

Infographic URL:

Saturday, May 11, 2019

बड़ी बड़ी बोतलें

बड़ी बड़ी बोतलें शहर में आ कर दंगे करती हैं

रात रात भर नाईट क्लब में पंगे करती हैं।

बड़ी बड़ी बोतलें पउओं पे रहती हैं मेहरबान

खुद खाली हो हो कर उनको भरती हैं।

Photo credit: mezzoblue on / CC BY-NC-ND

बड़ी बड़ी बोतलें दिन भर करती हैं चटर पटर

रात भर आईने के सामने फिर शिकवे करती हैं।

बड़ी बड़ी बोतलें किस किस को नहीं झूमा देती

बार के काउंटर पे किस शान से मेकअप करती हैं। 

Thursday, May 02, 2019

TCL The Creative Life #MyHomeMyTCL Brings Intelligent Home Devices

I didn't know the full form of TCL until I attended their recent mega launch event. The Creative Life - what a deep and meaningful name of an organization. It's like putting the vision and mission of the organization in its name so that it automatically sparks in the mind and heart of its employees and partners to crave for it throughout. And as a customer, you get a lot of intellectual and motivational support besides savoring this organization's excellently designed products.

The event was all about their great journey so far and their upcoming smart home solutions. While TCL sells offline through physical retail stores, its online arm is iFFALCON. The journey of TCL began in 1981 as a local joint venture in China. As of today, it is having a business in 160 countries across the globe.

The Creative Life

TCL – The Creative Life is number 2 in the smart TV segment in the United States. And is number 3 in the overall TV market in the US. TCL smart home solutions is a journey of connected devices with a focus on improving every individual's life on this earth. The key components of its business are innovation, quality, and trust. Harry Wu, General Manager Overseas Business Group, Smart Device Business Group, TCL informed TCL is number 1 in China TV industry.

The organization surpassed Sony in 2013 to number 2. Globally it is number 3. It has 1436% YoY sales volume in India. Look at the huge potential Indian markets have. Currently, the company is number 3 in Europe, number 1 in the U.S., and number 5 in India. Globally it is among top 2 in 32", 43", 55", 65", and 74".

The Creative Life #MyHomeMyTCL

The TCL devices are the frontrunner in adopting latest technologies like AI, IoT, 5G, 8K and so on. TCL – The Creative Life is more than just TVs. It aims towards smart & healthy life through connected devices. In India, TCL started its operations in 2016. It was a real gamechanger. This year it's the official sponsor of Delhi Capitals in IPL 2019. Mike Chen, Country Manager, TCL India emphasized on TCL's aim of making life intelligent.

Sebastian Dong, Marketing Director, TCL India talked about their journey from HD to Full HD to UHD 4K. That brings stunning picture quality. The TVs have HDR Pro, WCG, and Sports Mode. Onkyo speakers have are among the world's best speakers. There are 4 Onkyo speakers in the front. The quality steps further high with DTS and Dolby Audio. The model with Android TV with OK Google is an extreme experience.

As of now, The Creative Life Android TV has 950,000+ hours of content that keeps scaling up in terms of volume and quality on an everyday basis. For India, TCL has 8 local content partners. That is besides YouTube and Netflix. Look at its astonishing technical configuration. Quad core CPU, dual core GPU, 64-bit, 2.5 GB DDR, 16 GB Flash, and full screen are a few to raise the bars of your curiosity to get into more depth of its features.

Model C6 comes in two sizes 55" and 65". It brings AI and Cinema at Home. It's 7.7 mm ultra slim. P8M is 85". It's in fact beyond bigger. It's, as a matter of fact, is a TV wall and not merely a TV. The prices of C6 series are INR 89,990 for 65C6 and INR 59,990 for 55C6. 85P8M comes with a price tag of INR 199,990.

The Creative Life #MyHomeMyTCL

Christina Cai, Sales Director, Air Conditioners of TCL The Creative Life explained how sales crossed 10+ million in 20 years from 1999 to 2019. In 2012 the company was at number 12 in this segment and has reached to number 3 in 2019. That is a phenomenal growth indeed. As of now, it's 15 million per year sales. The slogan that TCL headphones carry is Be Inspired, Be Energized. TCL emerged as a disruptor in the smart television market now aims to achieve Incredible Smart Life for their Indian consumers with the launch of an exciting range of intelligent home products.

These innovative offerings include ACs, refrigerators, washing machines, sound bars & audio solutions, and so on. With this, it also launches its award-winning C6 and P8 series in India. The 8 local content partners include Eros Now, ZEE5, Jio Cinema, Voot, Hungama Play, ALTBalaji, Hotstar, and YuppTV.

It was good to see IPL's Delhi Capitals' cricketing stars Shreyas Iyer, Shikhar Dhawan, Kagiso Rabada, Chris Morris, and lanky Ishant Sharma at the event. Overall, TCL The Creative Life has a lot in store to bring into everybody’s life to make it smarter and more meaningful.

TCL India Country
Manager Mr. Mike Chen
, says, “India is home to a growing number
of tech-savvy and digital users that demand more from the products
that they use. Driven to make life intelligent through our products
ranges, we are going to launch a range of innovative and affordable
home appliances for our Indian consumers. At TCL, it has been our
endeavour to follow an India-first approach, as reflected in our
brand promotion strategy or the launch of our first-ever factory
plant in India. We are affirmative that our latest range of products
will resonate with the mature sensibilities of Indian users,
providing them with smart home appliances that easily integrate the
latest advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, Internet
of Things, amongst others.”

Thursday, May 24, 2018

After Craft Beer and Craft Coffee, It Is Craft Cholocate Now in UK

If you find someone in the UK who is not aware of Craft Beer and Craft Coffee, then he either new to the country or doesn't belong to it at all. In fact, the whole country is in a discovery process. Everybody is discovering the new world of Craft Chocolate. So, basically, it is transitioning from yummy to yummier and finally to yummiest craft by far. There is a unique kind of passion, vigor, and craving for creating new trends in this spectrum. In fact, it all depends on the interest of an individual. And when an interest like this from each individual accumulates together forming a mass zeal, there is nothing like it. Rather, it will lead to a formation of a new definition to craft chocolate. Basically, it is all about a real adventure into craft chocolate making. Are you part of it yet?

That means the latest passion in the country is not the craft beer or craft coffee but Craft Chocolate. That, in fact, is the new trend. Obviously, this has always been a human tendency to appreciate something that is unique and unusual. And of course, it has to be trendy, stylish, catchy, and positive. A grand success in the past for startup ventures in the areas of craft beer and craft coffee is a classic example of this. Now, the same kind of support and zeal is happening to the startups and businesses that are working in the area of craft chocolate. That means craft chocolate is the newest entrant in the success mantra of craft industry in the country. It is speedily becoming a booming and highly profitable industry. It is probably because the whole of the UK is completely passionate and in love with chocolate.

Craft Chocolate is the New Mantra in the UK

That is the crux of the matter, in fact. Actually, it is all about innovation. Any business or startup that tries to present something new in a unique and innovative manner, it leads to a grand success. In fact, it also creates a sense of curiosity and eagerness to acquire the knowledge. And that is a fact for all sizes of startups or industries. The success starts moving in their direction irrespective of the size or volume of the business. An increase in profit always brings prosperity, growth in stature, and popularity as an integral component of it. The same of true for the craft chocolate bars. On the other hand, a consistent growth gives a business ample scope to experiment more and create a new experience for its customers. As a matter of fact, it becomes a cyclic process between the business and its customers.

Craft Chocolate
Photo on

More growth leads to more innovation on one hand. And more cravings on the customer front. New experience, that means, leads to new ideas and more cravings. If the business catches this lead well in time, it can result in more gains in terms of finances and customers. The word 'craft' itself is an inspiring world demanding something unique and innovative. The same applies to the Craft Chocolate business. If a business is able to enhance craze and demand among its customers towards its products like craft chocolates, it automatically leads to a grand success of the business.
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