Thursday, September 29, 2016

My First Anniversary, #KareenaAnniversarySurprise and #MalabarGoldAndDiamonds 

Special days are always for sweet memories in life. But it all depends on an individual. Like how you ensure no to forget some special dates in life. And thus create sweetest possible moments out of it. I keep a track of birthdays and anniversaries of near and dear ones in life. And never forget to wish and gift them appropriately. But I was not like this before. The credit goes to an incident to bring this transformation in my life. In fact, I was quite casual, carefree, and fun-loving character during my college days. Rather I was like this even many years after completing my studies. Old habits die hard. So was the case with me even after marriage.

Heading technology in a corporate is not fun. That was the reason I was quite serious about the job. And as we know, IT job is quite time-consuming. You never know the time to leave your office even after working hours. Despite your best efforts at the office, there are issues to address with bare minimum downtime for end users, servers, internet links or network. But in all this hustle and bustle you lose track on the other side. The other side is home. And you tire so much from office work to forget. It was a blunder from my end. In the morning of my first anniversary. And her thoughts were lodestone. I really repent  at times why my marriage anniversary falls in the last week of March. That is the end of financial year for corporate. And definitely is the most crucial period.

In short, my data center at the office that caters to all our global offices stopped responding a day before. I had to rush quite early in the morning while she was asleep. The things at the office were not fully under control by night. Therefore I had to stay to ensure everything gets right by morning. The day was in my mind and the date too. I was sure to reach home before noon and was dreaming about a romantic day out with her. But probably destiny had something else in store for me. The data center was up by morning with the support of service partner. But one of our sales office around 200 km away was now out of the response. They were not able to connect to our data center and hence I had to rush there. It was quite tense and critical as well. And in all this madness I even forgot to call at home and wish her our anniversary. I was under the impression she will understand my condition and call. She was testing my love for her. And God was testing I don’t know what and why.

By late evening we could revive connectivity between my sales office and data center. And then I could remember the blunder. I was wondering about the status of  connectivity between the two of us. The only thing I could think of  was to rush to a premium jewelry shop, buy something unique for her. And then rush home. A call to her before reaching home would not suffice any purpose. But then another bright idea came. I called my friend who lives hardly five kilometers away from our house. And his family is in the jewelry business for last 30 years. A call to him was the ultimate option.

I was on my way back home and was around 40 km away from home when I got a message on my phone that the job is over. It was from the same friend. I immediately called heart home to wish her. Her tone was emotional rather than  being harsh. Because one of the best and costliest diamond studded  jewellery set was in her hands. Along with a lovely message from my end. And fir our yet to come baby. I understood that every woman on this earth likes two things – surprises and diamond. That was the first and last time I dare to forget our anniversary because of whatsoever reason.

When I see the beautiful ad from #MalabarGoldAndDiamonds regarding #KareenaPregnancy and #KareenaAnniversarySurprise, I can very well correlate it to my case. Here is that beautiful ad.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Best Buy Guitar Center From World's Largest Musical Instrument Retailer

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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Best Delay Pedal and Reverb Effects Pedal From

Whether you are in need of Best Delay Pedal or Reverb Effects Pedal, you can rely on Musician's Friend. It is an international portal where you can find all related products. The best part is the pricing is shown in your country's currency. And only those items are shown available in your country. Thus, there is no confusion while making your purchases from here.

Friday, July 29, 2016

#ColgateMagicalStories: An Evening Well Spent with Chintu

Chintu lives next door. He is Mr. Sharma's youngest son. Mr. Sharma is my neighbor. He is also my favorite neighbor in this neighborhood colony where we live. Afterwards, when I talk about #ColgateMagicalStories, Chintu's talent will automatically speak of itself. While I talk about Mr. Sharma, it is more important to talk about Chintu. Although Chintu is in second grade, he is quite talkative, hyperactive, and very intelligent. As a matter of fact, from Bollywood to Ancient India, there is nothing that Chintu is not aware of. Chintu is quite creative in that aspect. He loves visiting my home. In fact it is almost at least a visit everyday. While Chintu is around, nobody gets bored. He can talk on any subject. Although he talks too much, he never talks anything meaningless. Let us wait for #ColgateMagicalStories moments.

#ColgateMagicalStories: An Evening Well Spent with Chintu
Last week Chintu was at my place when there was a courier delivered at my doorstep. Also, I had no clue what was there inside the packet. In the second place, I never thought this is the #ColgateMagicalStories packet. While I was about to open the packet, Chintu perhaps smelled it. He yelled and snatched the packet from my hand. All this was quite in a friendly manner. As a matter of fact, I like when Chintu performs such kiddish activities. It takes me years back of my age. I become childish with Chintu. Perhaps that is one of the prime reasons, he loves visiting my home. In addition, Chintu brings a different kind of spark at home. Secondly, we have become too dependent on him to bring smile on our faces.
#ColgateMagicalStories: An Evening Well Spent with Chintu

#ColgateMagicalStories Is  An Ocean of Stories

The moment Chintu opened the packet, his face started beaming. Besides, I could sense something fresh is going to pop up. Though I was under depression to see 4 empty packs of #ColgateMagicalStories, Chintu took not time to understand the magic behind them. He immediately put me to task to cut the packs. Also I was warned not to damage any sketch or drawing. Again, he was planning to create some fantastic stories out of the sea world creatures and related drawings/sketches inside each pack. And I knew my job will not be over even if I cut each picture neatly. Nor will it end the same day. I was sure Chintu is going to create infinite number of stories from these pictures. As a matter of fact, the four packs titled as Coral Reef, Treasure Hunt, Sea Magic, and Pirate Ship are now his possession.

#ColgateMagicalStories: An Evening Well Spent with Chintu
Without delay Chintu's mind could jot down a sketch of each character. Further he was quickly creating a story in his mind. All characters Sea Turtle, Sadie, Parrot, Mermaid, Sea Horse, Dolphin, Shark, Crab, Lion Fish, Whale, String Ray, Star Fish, Puffer Fish, Octopus, and Sword Fish. They have become Chintu's friends now. The four packs have discovered another Chintu within him. The drawings and characters have unlocked his imagination to a different level. The sea creatures & trivia inside those packs have empowered him to explore different world every time he sits with them. One time effort of cutting them have opened a complete toy store for Chintu.
#ColgateMagicalStories: An Evening Well Spent with Chintu

#ColgateMagicalStories is a Phenomenon

Every day Chintu is creating a new story with #ColgateMagicalStories sea creatures & trivia. Every story brings in a new learning. As a matter of fact, now every day Chintu is creating a new story by weaving his imagination together. Moreover it is not only a learning for him, we all are learning something new everyday. We all are cherishing his creativity crossing new boundaries every day. And we all know the real power behind this. It is #ColgateMagicalStories.
#ColgateMagicalStories: An Evening Well Spent with Chintu

Monday, July 18, 2016

PLATOMAR Launches A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

We have seen traditional hoardings, banners, billboards, newspaper advertisements, magazine ads, leaflets or pamphlets for years. How effective have these been if compared to the amount of investment? The study shows effective measurement in above cases is very cumbersome and probably practically impossible. There are many reasons for that. First and foremost is the wastage. If you see there is more than 50% wastage in the newspaper, pamphlets, and magazine advertisements. It goes much higher to a value of almost 70% or more in the case of its sibling process of advertising like Hoarding, Banners, and Digital Displays. That is where PLATOMAR (short form of Place to Market) has come out with a unique and innovative way of OOH (Out of Home) Advertising. The costs involved in this newly introduced process is much lower than in all other means of advertising mentioned above. And on top of it, the new way has a lot more positives.

PLATOMAR A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

While the legacy means of advertising have very low exposure time thus resulting into least productive results, this method from PLATOMAR has proved to attain higher exposure time without imposing it on the consumer or prospective consumer. The new method is based on an effective network of more than 1500 distribution centers across Delhi NCR that focuses on desired target audience depending on the advertiser and product/service. These target audiences include more active people in life stream like students, families, or office goers rather than targeting anyone

PLATOMAR A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

The primary medium of advertising by PLATOMAR is paper cups and paper bags. This technique provides longer exposure time (almost as much as 8-10 minutes). The guaranteed exposure leads to higher brand recall as compared to all other means of advertising. This is also ensured through the company's efficient distribution strategy. The costs involved are much lower, as low as 70% if compared to other ad campaigns. It results in wider but effective coverage as it focuses on specific SEC targeting thus ensuring effective and focused brand reach. The process enabled by near to real-time distribution helps in updating analytics in an effective manner on the portal for each campaign. It helps an advertiser to understand the extent of reach and effectiveness.

PLATOMAR A Unique Innovative Out of Home Advertising Company

Overall, it seems to be quite an innovative way of OOH from PLATOMAR.

Bypass Heart Surgery – Can it Help You Live Longer?

Before we start the topic - Can Bypass Heart Surgery Help You Live Longer?, there are certain useful facts about a heart surgery to know. For any kind of action, a decision needs to be taken. Time is a crucial factor to take a right decision in serious matters where life is at stake. In the case of a heart surgery, it is important to take a right decision at the right time in order to save a life. Though there are a number of heart care centers across the country but it is important to find a heart doctor having precision and perfection. Manipal Hospital is one such place where you can find the best possible treatment in such critical ailments. For any critical problem related to the heart, a surgery is a final solution.

Bypass Heart Surgery – Can it Help You Live Longer?

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) is the most common type of heart surgery for adults. When a healthy artery or vein is attached in order to take charge of a blocked coronary artery, it is known as CABG. This way, the grafted artery or vein bypasses the blocked portion of the coronary artery by creating a new passage for the oxygenated blood to reach the heart. Mostly, the patient is relieved from chest pain after a successful bypass heart surgery. This also minimizes the risk of having a further heart attack. Heart surgeons have the expertise to replace or repair a heart valve so as to regain the control of blood flow through the heart.

Any abnormal or damaged structures in the heart are also taken care of by the heart surgeons. At times a medical device such as pacemaker to support the heartbeat are also used. In severe cases, a heart replacement is done through a heart transplant. Open-heart surgery is the name given to traditional heart surgery which is performed by opening up the chest wall to operate on the heart. The heart surgeon has to cut through the breastbone of the patient in order to open the chest. The heart that is exposed in this case is joined to a heart-lung bypass machine so that it takes over the heart's pumping action and also to move blood away from the heart. During this juncture, the heart surgeon operates on the heart which is temporarily non-functional.

Overall, the crux of the game is to take a decision at right time to visit a good hospital and meet a heart expert to get the best opinion. If all precautions are taken care of and actions are taken at the right time, a bypass heart surgery can definitely help you live longer.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Great Business Values from Woodwind Brasswind @WWBWDotCom

If you are in need of the best wwbw Yamaha trombone, don't look around anywhere else. The Woodwind & Brasswind started way back three decades down the line. Their journey started in South Bend, Indiana where a barbershop was converted with for the purpose and hand-typed flyer was used as the first catalog to introduce the company to the people around. This happened almost 30 years back and then there is no way back for the company. Soon Woodwind & Brasswind grew into a premiere catalog and internet retailer company with a global level recognition. They started serving musicians of almost all categories like flutists, tuba players, violinists, and percussion artists. The best WWBW Yamaha Trombone are used worldwide and probably is the first choice of musicians anywhere in the world.

The journey began just a few years back started getting momentum at a tremendous pace. In 1978 the Woodwind adopted the centuries-old concept of mail order as an opportunity to cater to their customers. The concept was applied for all kind of musical instrument accessories. This changed the business dynamics completely. The musical instrument accessories that were available only in mainstream metropolitan cities were now available to every corner of America. The original four-page and hand-typed flyer was still in use and was sent to around 400 music teachers in the Midwest. The response was phenomenal and during 1978 to 1982 The Woodwind became an essential phenomenon for any kind of musicians in America. During the early 1980s, after receiving phenomenal success, the Woodwind expanded their product range into brass products and changed their identity to The Woodwind & The Brasswind. The journey of the best WWBW Yamaha Trombone took many turns throughout.

Within few years the company expanded into guitars, drums, and audio equipment to serve musicians with any kind of requirement. By the late 1980s, the 800 square-foot barbershop became congested and could not manage the requirements of the growing business needs. A new showroom, a dedicated call center, a retail floor, and a warehouse were the immediate needs identified. The original four-page hand-typed flyer changed its shape to multiple catalogs, designed category wise. But a master catalog listing all products was kept intact. During the 1990s the mail-order business grew exponentially so much so that the call center had to be expanded from 12-seat setup to 75-seat setup. The first website was launched but the catalog stayed in practice and is credited to be the key player of the overall success.

The existing store was packed up on April 1, 1999, and moved to 4004 Technology Drive in South Bend, Indiana. The setup was much larger to accommodate call center and office staff together and very soon it became as the region's largest music superstore. The tilted clef logo that is in use came into existence. The Woodwind & The Brasswind name was simplified to The Woodwind & Brasswind. Many innovative and revolutionary steps were taken during the 2000s. The company grew to more than 100 employees, tied up with, started restoring music education in public schools across and the United States are few to mention. More than $1.5 million has been donated to provide musical equipment programs in need. Growing and budding musicians in need are well supported.

The Woodwind & Brasswind is also an official sponsor of Drum Corps International (DCI). This official tour is known as “Marching Music's Major League”. DCI organizes such competitions in more than 100 events in North America. The South Bend location based on “brick and mortar” model was closed down in 2011 as the emphasis grew more in online and catalog division. The company caters to all 50 states and around 100 countries worldwide. The current call center has moved to Indianapolis and the warehouse is now in Kansas City, Missouri.

A great learning comes from this real life story of the business world. The organizations that evolve, don't run away from their roots, stay abreast with competition, change with the time, never lose their values, and keep the customer on the top never fail. The company never compromised and ensured each staff to carry deep product knowledge. The company decided to do away with the store concept and go 100% in online business was a good step. Serving the community is a key agenda of the business and that is why the company is dedicated to school music programs, catering to the basic needs of professionals, serving amateur budding musicians across the globe are few of the great initiatives adopted along the way to their growth and time.

Great Business Values from Woodwind Brasswind @WWBWDotCom

Let me throw some light on the Best WWBW Yamaha Trombone. But first, we need to understand the instrument Trombone. Trombone was a very popular musical instrument during the 18th century. During Baroque period it was known as Sackbut and its entity and identity has remained intact in the past 100 years. Tenor Trombone is the most popular variant of Trombone family. It is because of the approximation to the tenor range of the human voice. Practically if you see, the trombone being a wind instrument, closely matches the range of human voice. That is one of the prominent reasons why Tenor Trombone is the key constituent of all kind of performances ranging from solo to trombone ensembles to quartets and concert bands/ wind ensembles.
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