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Try Audible For Free @AmazonIn #ad And the Benefits are Huge!

Have you ever enjoyed a book without reading it? What if a book talks itself to you word by word, page by page? Audible is the place where you can enjoy talking books. You just need to listen to the book of your choice. It is complete freedom. Looking at today's lifestyles, it is not possible to read books even though we all love reading books. That is why I joined Audible. You can join Audible for free to try. To join or to see the benefits of joining click here. The benefits are enormous. I am never short of books. All my favorite books are available. I can finish a book in a day or two without even touching the book. It is very well possible for me because of Audible. During my travels, flights, at airports, while waiting for a client at a hotel, while having my food, and whatnot. It all depends on how passionate I am about the book I am reading. Oh! I mean listening. This is a wonderful experience. It doesn't cost much. In lieu of the benefits I get by becoming a member of Audible, the amount I pay is just peanuts. I am just loving it.

You can check some of the best audiobooks available on Amazon here.


Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Smartphones at Amazon Great Indian Festival @AmazonNews_IN

Amazon Great Indian Festival is starting tomorrow. Are you ready? All Amazon Customers and Sellers are ready for the  #AmazonFestiveYatra. What are your plans? There are plenty of deals to look at. Let me sum up a few that are most exciting. Actually, it all depends on the buyer too about his or her priorities and likings. But I am sure everybody has a lot on the platter to chose and buy at the best ever price that is impossible to beat. By the way, do you have a storefront on Amazon, like I have mine? Here is my storefront on Amazon.

It's upto 40% off on the latest and best smartphones of 2019. On top of that, there are no-cost EMIs and plenty of exchange offers. Then there is a free screen replacement offer that nobody can afford to ignore. There are, in fact, the latest and exclusive launches this Amazon Great Indian Festival only. It's going to be the best #AmazonFestiveYatra for everyone. Besides that, you are sure to get original accessories, branded cases, and a lot more in store. The main brands are Samsung, OnePlus, Mi, and Vivo. You can get the best of the smartphones here:
Best of the smartphones

For instance, OnePlus 7T PRO (Haze Blue, 8GB RAM, Fluid AMOLED Display, 256GB Storage, 4085mAH Battery) is just 53,999. You can check it clicking here:

Mi Xiaomi 64MB Quad Camera Beast is launching on 16th October.

OnePlus 7T is a new era smartphone starting Rs. 37,999. You can find it here. 

Samsung Galaxy M30s is a Monster like performance priced at just Rs. 13,999

Samsung Galaxy M10s is only Rs. 7,999

Vivo U10 starting Rs. 8,990

Mi A3 Rs. 11,999

Oppo Reno2 F starting Rs. 25,990

Samsung Galaxy A10s Starting Rs. 9,499

Newly launch Nokia 6.2 having triple rear camera starting Rs. 15,999

OnePlus 7 at Rs, 29,999

Redmi 7A having 4000mAh battery Rs. 4,999

Samsung Galaxy M30 Rs. 9,999

OnePlus 7Pro Rs. 41,999

iPhone XR Rs. 42,999

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rs. 42,999

Redmi Y3 Rs, 6,999

Samsung Galaxy M10 Rs. 7,499

Redmi 7 Rs. 6,999

Samsung Galaxy M20 Rs. 9,999

Realme U1 Rs, 7,999

Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Sky Is Pink Movie Review @ROYKAPURFilms @rsvpmovies #TheSkyIsPink

It was a pre-release invite yesterday to watch the movie The Sky Is Pink (TSIP). It's a complete family movie and must be watched with family and friends. There are some very clear messages that this movie conveys. First, how LONG you live doesn't matter much in comparison to how MUCH you love. Love every moment of your life. Live every moment completely and purposefully. That adds more value to life. Second, you win or lose doesn't matter in comparison to whether you have given your 100 percent. If the latter happens, then losing will not hurt as much as it does otherwise. The movie has substance and value in its story. In fact, it's based on a real-life story of a teenage girl who's life underwent the same consequences.

The Sky Is Pink

The movie is good everyone. It's good if you watch it with your kids and parents together. Because the movie is about togetherness, love, and care. Of course, reality would have been a little different from the story that is fictionalized a bit to add some colors and flavors in the story for the audience. Otherwise, it might have been a raw documentary. The story and acting but by the key characters are marvelous. Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Aditi Chaudhary), Zaira Wasim (Aisha Chaudhary), Farhan Akhtar ( Niren Chaudhary), and Rohit Saraf (Ishaan Chaudhary), all the for main leads have done a wonderful job. It's 100 out of 100 in acting. They have really synced well with the story with complete perfection and lived their respective characters to the fullest.

The Sky Is Pink

The Sky Is Pink Movie Review

Actually, The Sky Is Pink is a movie that can be watched any number of times and every time it connects well and constructs something positive in mind and heart. The music is by Pritam and he had done it beautifully keeping it low, sweet, and flawless. Lyrics are by the great legend of our times, Gulzar Saheb. All the numbers are perfect pieces. The story moves well in a rhythm. The rhythm is a mix of pain, despair, helplessness, togetherness, sadness, courage, undying efforts, and a little of hope here and there. Overall, it's a must-watch movie. It's releasing tomorrow. The advance booking it on, online and at the theaters. It's a touching story without fail.

The Sky Is Pink

The Sky Is Pink has been directed by Shonali Bose. That is one area that could be a little improvised further, in my opinion. This was a special premiere of TSIP 'The Sky Is Pink', I was invited for. The movie is releasing this Friday. Advance booking has started. Don't miss this fabulous movie at any cost because it ought to be enjoyed only on the big screen with the whole family.

'Har ek ka Apna sky hota hain' Don't miss the beautiful movie 'The Sky Is Pink' coming in cinemas this Friday. 'हर एक का अपना Sky होता है।' Shonali Bose, it seems, has written and directed it fabulously. Watch it with your family.

Do you know there are two colors associated with the movie 'The Sky Is Pink'? One is obviously PINK. The other is Purple. Find out where is it? You might find it somewhere near to a Pebble. :) 

The Sky Is Pink

सब अकेले हैं फिर भी मेला है। जिंदगी तूने कैसा toss खेला है? रात भर गई तभी तो दिन अकेला है। Wonderful lyrics by none other than the greatest living legend of our times Gulzar Saheb. A must watch move 'THE SKY IS PINK'

ये गलियां, ये कूंचे 
उम्मीद से लंबे, यकीं से ऊंचे
ये कूंचे गुरपेच हैं, दिलचस्प भी हैं इस जिंदगी के
दिल ही तो है, दिल ही तो है।
शर्तें लगाता है हर बार क्यूं दिल?
जज़्बे जगाता है और रूलाता है क्यूं यार तू दिल?
दिल ही तो है, दिल ही तो है।
Superb compilation by Great Gulzar Saheb that makes 'THE SKY IS PINK' a fabulous and compelling movie.

Do you know Priyanka Chopra Jonas is one of the Co-producers of 'THE SKY IS PINK'? A not to be missed movie made beautifully for the whole family to cherish together. It comes with a great message for everyone. @ROYKAPURFilms #rsvpmovies #roykapoorfilms #theskyispink #apnasky @shonalibose_ @rsvpmovies 


Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Trident Hotel Hyderabad Hotel Review @TridentHotels @TridentHyd

Whether it's the grandness of Trident Hotel Hyderabad that is more impressive? Or is it a craving for delivering their best? Every moment, every unit connected to this hotel has just one purpose - make the guest feel more than just comfortable. In fact, this is the first hotel 🏨 I experienced having the greatness of a great quality of the hotel and yet could provide the tenderness, care, and comfort of a home. I wish I should have stayed here for a few more days. It's a kind of connect that established the moment I entered Trident Hotel Hyderabad to check-in that evening. A lovely and flawless experience at the check-in counter and then one of the best rooms on the 20th floor made me feel so good immediately.

The lethargy of long-delayed flight vanished the moment I entered Trident Hotel Hyderabad. A fresh pool of energy just pumped in. The rooms here are either city facing or garden facing. I preferred the latter one to grab a good scenic view the next morning. The room has everything you can think of in the best of the hotels. Everything placed so tidily and neatly. The moment I entered my room 2007, it was a good enough area. On the left having a bathroom, sink, etc. Just opposite to it, on the right is a huge sliding door having an area with an iron table, hangers, safe, weighing machine, etc.

Trident Hotel Hyderabad

Move a little straight and there's a huge King size double bed on the left and a side table with a plasma screen on the wall, on the right. The side table has a minibar and tea/coffee sliding shelf. Right in front at the end is a huge glass wall that is curtained well to keep your privacy intact. At the same time, it leverages you to pull curtains aside to have a grand view outside. In fact, there is a push button to slide down another structure to hide the glass wall completely. The same is there with the bathroom that is completely transparent with full-sized glass partitions. The same slide wall concept is there too to make it completely separate from the room.

This is my first experience in a luxury hotel where I didn't need to insert my smart key to get room connections. The moment I unlock my room, everything automatically is on. Trident Hotel Hyderabad is not a sheer luxury. It's luxury with warmth and tenderness. Every space in the room denotes completeness and grandness. Be it bed, side seating area, work table, bathroom, etc. The room service is fabulous 👌👌👏. Actually, it's an experience to gain in person. Words are too little to explain even 50 percent of that. Definitely, when I am there in Hyderabad on my next business stay or holidaying with family, Trident Hotel Hyderabad will be my first choice. 

Trident Hotel Hyderabad

Probably,  Trident Hotel Hyderabad has mastery in turning every stay here into a memorable stay.

Amara Restaurant Trident Hotel Hyderabad @TridentHotels @TridentHyd

There's something very special about Amara Restaurant at Trident Hotel Hyderabad. It doesn't need a single bit of effort to boast about its magnetic pull towards it. There's something magical here that attracts. At least that's what happened to me during my stay here. While check-in at the hotel, it was late evening. I was hungry after my long journey. The front desk guy told me about the various restaurants when I enquired at the time of check-in. I intended to have a quick shower, get fresh, and enjoy my dinner. While talking to the reception guy I got to know Amara lives with 3 of her siblings in Trident Hotel Hyderabad. Amara is on the ground level of the hotel. It's the largest restaurant there.

Breakfast and dinner buffets happen here every day and on a grand scale. For buffet I was told by the chef, it's a 14 days cycle. So there's a chance of having the same menu on the 15th day if you are staying that long in the hotel. Believe me, the atmosphere here compels you to stay more than your initial plan. Whether you are here for the first time or umpteenth time, it doesn't matter actually. Every Stay is promisingly going to be memorable for sure. One level below to lobby or where Amara is, The Janak, an Indian restaurant. One level about the ground level is The Tuscany, an Italian restaurant with exquisite delicacies. The third sibling of Amara is The Ninety-Six, an exclusive bar at Trident Hotel Hyderabad.

Amara Restaurant Hyderabad

I decided to have a quick bath in the room after check-in and then go to The Amara for buffet dinner. There were two reasons for zeroing down to Amara for dinner. First, this is the main restaurant. So I wanted to experience if first. Second, I wanted to enjoy the maximum variety of the buffet rather than just ordering 2-3 dishes in ala-carte. It was good that I took that decision. It was live music going on in the restaurant at that time that I enjoyed a lot going on sync with a fabulous buffet. The huge variety was there among starters and main-course dishes. Basically, I think it was 4-4 that is four veg and four non-veg starters. I completely enjoyed prawns, fish, and veg starters. Soup of the day was fantastic. 

In the main course, I loved Ghar Wali Dal that was really special and actually as tasteful as well-cooked Dal we prepare at home. Parathas came from one of the live kitchen counters. Every dish in the desserts was so tempting and irresistible. I really had to control myself. After that, I had coffee in the room before going to bed. Buffet breakfast starts at 7am and goes till 10.30am. I had enough time to explore. I had a few of the healthy juices and extracts first. I had a chance to talk to one of the chefs at Trident Hotel Hyderabad, Chetan Jagdale to some insights about tasty food and his passionate drive in Trident. On his recommendation, I tried Rawa Uttapam and couldn't stop finishing every bit of it. It was too tasty to cross my limits of control quite easily.

Amara Restaurant Hyderabad

Irani tea was fabulous. But how could I skip filter coffee? It was the best way to close my breakfast stint at Amara. Amara, as I said, has a distinct feature of welcoming everybody with full love and respect. That is the reason it was a house full in the night and the same scenario at breakfast. It's a grand experience at a grand place. It's an experience in itself. 

War Movie Review @War_TheFilm @iHrithik @iTIGERSHROFF @Vaaniofficial

It's the same old theme of a long-lasting fight between good and evil. But the story, presentation, direction, acting, and cinematography makes War a legendary movie in various ways. Probably it is going to be the biggest Blockbuster of 2019. It might break many previous records set by past Bollywood movies. The biggest credit, I think, goes to director Siddharth Anand who is also the co-story creator with Aditya Chopra. With this movie, Yash Raj Films have added a new memorable landmark to their foray. In my opinion, War movie should be placed among the top five all-time best mystery/thrillers filmed in Bollywood. Every character in the movie has a significant role to play.

War Movie
Source: Wikipedia

Probably it's the direction that makes every role so powerful. We have seen in the past Films have failed despite having a great storyline. In this movie, every section has, in fact, complimented each other so well that it has become a legend in its open. A strong storyline, powerful direction, excellent role-playing, and perfect cinematography are perhaps the key reasons for that. Casting has been done excellently. What Hrithik Roshan and Tiger 🐅 Shroff have delivered is outstandingly done by both of them in a very natural yet impactful manner. There could not have been a better lead selection than these two.

War Movie

The whole story of War movie revolves around these two and it's really difficult to ascertain who delivered better than the other. In my opinion, Hrithik Roshan is always a proven star underlying perfection in every role he plays. Remarkable is the top of the class character played by 🐅 Tiger Shroff who had played the best role of his career in War movie. Filming, acting, and action is there three strong pillars of the War movie. Vaani Kapoor in her small role as Naina is quite impressive. Hrithik Roshan as Kabir Luthra and Tiger Shroff as Khalid Rahmani are two most talented officers of Indian Army intelligence wing fighting against global terrorists having an eye on India in a big way.

As the story evolves mystery, suspense, action, all take an absolute shape in such a way that it becomes difficult to blink your eyes in wake of missing any crucial bit of a sequence. It's so engaging in a spellbound manner. In my opinion, this is one of the best movies not to be missed by any person of any age. There is a significant portion of thrill in War movie for everybody to enjoy exclusively. It's a kind of exclusive treat to eyes for everyone. 
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