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72nd Constitution Day & UN Women India #pebbleinwaterswrites

72nd Constitution Day was celebrated today by Ministry of Women and Child Development & UN Women India honouring women in all walks of life. On this occasion, the event 'Sangram Se Samvidhan Tak' (संग्राम से संविधान तक) that featured Union Minister Smriti Zubin Irani, Ministry of Women and Child Development was held that included a number of prominent dignitaries celebrating  women as the main thrust in India's freedom and democracy. The event took place at the UN House in New Delhi. It was a part of the Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव) celebration. India's constitutional history was well commemorated by remembering valuable contributions of great women visionaries who had a strong commitment to uphold the fundamentals of equal and just republic that reflects in our country's foundational charter. The Constitution of India was adopted on 26th November 1949. 

72nd Constitution Day & UN Women India #pebbleinwaterswrites

Thus, that day is also marked as a historical step in building our nation. Our constitution is one of the best in the world that comprises of most forward-looking and revolutionary charter. It's remarkable in the sense that it is designed with fundamental ideologies and well defined codes that primarily focus on equality for all diversities that flourish in India. The charter for the independent Republic of India believes in equality and justice for all and includes the reflections of the contributions of the women engineers of our Constitution. Women's right to vote is a crisp example of this. Role of women freedom fighters, lawyers, suffragettes, educationists, reformists, and politicians imbibed great inspiration in drafting it that focussed on setting a strong, equal, and common national identity for every citizen of India. That's how it was laid with a strong foundation. 

Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Indevar Pandey said, 

The history of the Indian struggle would be incomplete without mentioning the contributions of women. The sacrifices made by the women of India will always occupy the foremost place.


Our freedom movement brought women to the centre of political life, at a time in history when that was very rare. I am so proud of this. Their contributions made India a more just and equal society,

Susan Jane Feruguson, UN Women India Country Representative said

Lets honour the sheer indomitable will of the women in their country, and everywhere past, present and future, whove demonstrated the courage and commitment to bring about a just and equal society.


72nd Constitution Day & UN Women India #pebbleinwaterswrites

Union Minister, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India, Smt Smriti Zubin Irani, in her keynote address said, 

We've had the opportunity to honour the excellence and determination of so many women of India, especially those women of history who took part in writing the Indian Constitution. This constitution was not given to us. We gave it to ourselves. Let us remind ourselves on Constitution Day the things the Indian Constitution stands for - justice to all, appeasement to none.” 

Few Insights In MSME Sector #GrowingBusinessesTogether #pebbleinwaterswrites

Let's start with some basic facts. MSME is a Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise sector in India that is growing at a tremendously fast pace in India and across the globe. There is a very clear-cut distinction in terms of investment and turnover prescribed by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

Few Insights In MSME Sector #GrowingBusinessesTogether #pebbleinwaterswrites
Source: MSME.gov.in

Till 30 June 2020, the number of registered MSMEs was 1,02,28,484 out of which the count for Micro, Small, and Medium is 8957853, 1220782, and 49849 respectively. The top 3 states with a tally of 1978485, 1106387, and 970237 were Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is the next in the order with a count of 966503. Given below is the yearwise status of budget allocated versus budget utilized. 

Few Insights In MSME Sector #GrowingBusinessesTogether #pebbleinwaterswrites
Source: MSME.gov.in

This website and especially the dashboard (pic below) is worth visiting in case any valuable information is required related to the MSME sector in India and various valued initiatives being taken by the Government of India.

Few Insights In MSME Sector #GrowingBusinessesTogether #pebbleinwaterswrites
Source: msme.gov.in

My first good informative session about MSME initiatives happened way back in 2014 when I got an invite for the inauguration of the first MSME-Samsung Technical School in Delhi. This initiative was taken by the Ministry of MSME and Samsung joining hands to set up Technical Schools at MSME Technology Centres across India. Initially, 10 MSME-Samsung Technical Schools were to be wet up in various locations across India. The purpose was to create a pool of talented workforce with hands-on experience. This was in August 2014. 

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, Kalraj Mishra said,

“The MSME Sector employs maximum number of people in India next to Agriculture and to meet skilled manpower requirement in the sector, the Ministry of MSME is committed creating industry responsive manpower by giving thrust on employable skills and vocational training in partnership with Industry. Various field establishments under the Ministry are regularly conducting skill development training programmes through which we have trained more than 6,00,000 youth during the previous year. I hope that this joint initiative of the Ministry of MSME and Samsung would be able to train approx. 10,000 youth per year who would have the opportunity to find placement in various appliances manufacturing organisations including Samsung. I also believe that many of them can also establish their own enterprises and Service Centre for repairing & maintenance of electrical & electronics goods”.

In the same year, in November, Samsung and the Ministry of MSME came out with another great initiative to train youth in various vocational skills from underprivileged communities and gradually equip them to seek job opportunities in the fast-growing consumer electronics manufacturing and service sector.

In May 2015, Samsung Electronics India and the Ministry of MSME launched Samsung Digital Academy. Speaking on the occasion, Union Minister for MSME, Kalraj Mishra, said, 

“The Ministry of MSME continuously looks to provide opportunities to the country’s youth to access current developments across various fields. Industry collaborations allow the Ministry of MSME to strengthen its skill development courses by providing up-to-date, industry-relevant training. This innovative collaboration with Samsung will help youth learn to develop digital content for next-generation ecosystems. As MSME skill development programs reach youth from all socio-economic strata, this program will also help bridge the digital divide.”

 In the same month, Samsung India expanded its Skill Development initiatives by setting up its 18th Technical School in Kerala. By then, more than 3,000 students had graduated from various Samsung Technical Schools across India since mid-2014.

In December 2015, I got an opportunity to attend the launch of Sanjay Shah's book on Business Management for the MSME segment. This book was forwarded by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai and was well appreciated by the Ministry of MSME (including union minister Kalraj Mishra), Charted Accountants, and everybody connected to the MSME ecosystem.

Few Insights In MSME Sector #GrowingBusinessesTogether #pebbleinwaterswrites

It was the NASSCOM SMB conference on"Growing your Business - Digital as a Differentiator" on 16th December 2015 that presented superb insights on the value of going digital and how it can become a catalyst to growth and sustenance. 

The emergence of the presence of woman power in the MSME sector was well visible in 2016 while attending a powerful event in September 2016 organized by Womania a - for the women by the women online transportation startup launching Team up 2016 in association with the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME), Government of India. The purpose was to bring together the key elements of India's startup ecosystem to discuss, exchange ideas and strategies to facilitate entrepreneurial initiatives.

In October 2016, YES Bank launched YES TRANSACT: InvoiceXpress - Digital Working Capital Management for MSME and Corporate business. It was an efficient and secure online platform to accelerate collections and improve the working capital cycle which is the most crucial component for SMEs.

For all these years CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) has been doing great efforts in helping and educating SMEs in various fields through events, workshops, and seminars to help them to learn, grow and sustain. For instance, a timely session on GST Implications on MSMEs and technological solutions to counter the challenges were very useful for the attendees from the SME sector. Similarly, the launch of the SME Industry Group proved to be quite useful.

Dr. Subho Ray, President of IAMAI said in 2018 “Digital technologies can bring in efficiency and economic scaling up in the critical social sectors. Budget 2018 gives recognition to the emerging sectors like Edutech, Agritech, Healthtech in India and is an encouragement for Digital India. 372 basic business reform actions identified for improving ease of doing business in India is a positive step.” 

While giving this statement, he had a special focus on SMEs.

The Hi-Tech Robotics Systemz Limited came into the limelight in February 2018 with an announcement oproviding its technology-Novus Aware to Daimler India Commercial Vehicle to help to reduce the number of accidents on Indian roadsThe company had won various awards and accolades including the coveted National Award for being the most innovative MSME and the Most Innovative Company by Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in 2017 and with Safety Technology Award 2017 by Autotech Review. It was also named as Top Artificial Intelligence companies by Gartner. This was a great showcase of an SME in innovation, technology, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

The news in March 2018 was a big boost for the MSME sector in North East. Union Cabinet approved the North East Industrial Development Scheme to boost development in the Northeast. With a financial outlay of Rs, 3000 crores up to March 2020, the NEIDS intended to incentivize the MSME sector in the North East with a big thrust to job creation.

Are you aware of CIMSME? It's Confederation of Indian Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise. You must visit this site. It is here that I learned June 27th is celebrated as World MSME Day. In 2018, it was celebrated in Chennai and the slogan that year was 'Small Business, Big Impact.' MSME Day is celebrated to highlight the strong contribution of MSMEs worldwide towards livelihoods, communities, and economies. The focus also stays on the need to support MSMEs towards their success. It is done by raising public awareness about the importance of MSMEs to economical growth and international development. It was amazing to know MSMEs make up more than 90% of the world's economy. Also, MSMEs account for more than 70% of all jobs worldwide. In 2018 there were more than 500 million MSMEs in the world.

It proves MSMEs are major job providers and are potential catalysts for the growth of any economy in the world. Most of the innovation and creativity emerge in MSMEs. Having said that, MSMEs need help in capacity building and financial services to gain their full potential. It becomes very important for governments to encourage informal MSMEs to become part of the formal economy. They also need a good understanding of sustainable and responsible business practices. It is important to ensure no larger businesses become a threat to MSME's growth keeping in mind that MSMEs don't have enough scope and leverage to benefit from the economies of scale, political benefits, or ease of access to capital. Plus, MSMEs should get relaxation in standards and regulations.

In this context, it was good to see a press release from the Government of India titled - Relaxing Lending Norms to MSMEs.

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Unstoppable by Gigi Steller #bookreview #tbrchallenge #pebbleinwaterswrites #books @blogchatter

I love reading memoirs for multiple reasons. First, they come with first hand experience. Two, they belong to real life. Three, every memoir is a mix of learning, wisdom, personal experience, and motivation. Unstoppable - Surviving Is Just The Beginning - A True Tale of Lessons Learned At Knife Point and Other Crises, Peaks & Plateaus. As Well as A Personal Commitment To Not Only Survive But to Thrive! By Gigi Steller is no exemption to those. This is a real life story of a character with never dying attitude. A character having no words like 'giving up', under any situation, in her dictionary. A woman who fought solely in this male dominated world against all odds. Despite all this, she carved her own path to success by defining her own rules to survive and excel, and win every situation. This book is, in fact, a must read for every woman.


Unstoppable by Gigi Steller #bookreview #tbrchallenge #pebbleinwaterswrites #books @blogchatter

 Unstoppable by Gigi Steller is an action packed memoir. It's a great learning for all the girls and women in this world to live a 'no compromise' life under any situation. As  the author says,

"Throughout my tumultuous journey, I have learned it's not how many times you are knocked down, but how many times you get up that count. I have been knocked of my horse more times than I can remember and the only thing separating success from failure, as I see it, it's the ability to get back up and start all over again."

Gigi Steller got brutally stabbed 21 times and left for dead. For why? and who? of that you will have to grab this highly inspiring book that motivates not only to strive, but to thrive. Mostly, failures in life eat your courage and make you weak enough to accept further defeats quite easily. But that was just opposite in case of Gigi Steller. Every failure, every defeat, made her stronger and stronger. Probably, it's a right mix of courage, determination, will power, and conviction that makes a person like Gigi Steller. As she says in the last lines of her book - 

"I'm right back on my feet, fighting once again to get it all back.

Watch out world - I'm gaining speed "

I would recommend everyone to read this lovely book Unstoppable - Surviving Is Just The Beginning - A True Tale of Lessons Learned At Knife Point and Other Crises, Peaks & Plateaus. As Well as A Personal Commitment To Not Only Survive But to Thrive! By Gigi Steller. 

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the forest i know by Kala Ramesh @HarperCollinsIN #bookreview #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #pebbleinwaterswrites #books

The Forest I Know by Kala Ramesh is a fabulous collection of her tanka verses. I won this book in a tanka competition organized by Blogchatter in the last week of August this year. Before that, I didn't know the word 'tanka'. So then, I did a little bit of research on the Internet on Kala Ramesh, the author of this book, and of course, on tanka. Only one contestant was to win this book as an award from none other than Kala Ramesh. It was, indeed, a tough competition. Anyhow, I tried my luck, and luckily that became the best tanka as announced by Kala Ramesh. Though the book I had to receive had to be author signed but due to Pandemic the logistics could not be worked out by Blogchatter. So, finally the book was delivered but without a note from the author in it.

the forest i know by Kala Ramesh @HarperCollinsIN #bookreview #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #pebbleinwaterswrites #books

The Forest I Know by Kala Ramesh is not at all a one time read. It's a collection of gems and each gem needs its own time to sink in reader's heart and mind. In fact, it's a book to be a part of your personal library and can be picked anytime to get a new meaning of an already read tanka. Tanka, as I got to know is more than thousand years old five-line lyrical form of poetry from Japan. It was originally named as 'Waka' which in Japanese means 'short song'.

Tanka is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature. Wikipedia


One of the oldest Japanese forms, tanka originated in the seventh century, and quickly became the preferred verse form not only in the Japanese Imperial Court, where nobles competed in tanka contests, but for women and men engaged in courtship. Poets.org

the forest i know by Kala Ramesh @HarperCollinsIN #bookreview #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #pebbleinwaterswrites #books

The Forest I Know by Kala Ramesh is her first book in this genre. It, as the genre suggests, contains tanka, tanka purpose, and tanka doha. This book is a journey of simple pleasures, startling beauty, deep emotions, and life moments. 


for months

I go without writing …

this urge

to become a leaf

rising with the wind


I were looped

to a string …

one red kite fluttering 

across the twilight sky

I stand up

eager to discover

the new woman

taking shape 

deep within me

in the silence

of my stilled mind 

                I hear 

     the whisper

of raindrops 


the forest i know: HarperCollins 2021

Kala Ramesh is a Pushcart-nominated poet

tanka doha

for the first time

         shaping snow 

                  into a ball

I become the grandchild

I’m waiting for

             mango blossoms 

             all over 

             how soon 

             how very soon 

             spring has come! 

the forest i know: Harpe rCollins 2021

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They Found What? @shwetawrites #bookreview #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #books

I interviewed Shweta Taneja way back in 2014, almost 7 years back. There's a fabulous book written by Shweta Taneja titled They Found What? Stories Of Daring Discoveries By Indian Scientists. Why I find it a great book is because it takes a dating step to showcase excellent work done by Indian scientist. While most of the Indian authors try to imbibe western culture, themes, and genres in their stories/books, this books is absolutely am exception. For me, anybody who cares about his/her motherland, respects her, writes about the real gems of that land who make us feel proud, it's no less than a real soldier and a patriot. There's something very unique about this book. The book can be started from both sides. So, basically, it's the front cover on both sides. That means, interestingly, there's no back cover.

They Found What? @shwetawrites #bookreview #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #books

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood

I used to sit with my cousins and tell them scary stories when electricity would go off in summer holidays. I still remember their feared expression while I write my current thrillers!

Half of the book, They Found What? Stories Of Daring Discoveries By Indian Scientists by Shweta Taneja, you read from one end. Another half you read from the other side. That's wonderful! Indeed. Another interesting thing in this book is the fabulous illustrations by Sharanya Kunnath which are very relevant and well-curated. This book is a good read for all ages. It's bound to give a good amount of knowledge and a bonus addition to our wisdom about Indian art, culture, and genius brains. It will make you wonder, as the author says, how scientists invented and discovered crazy things like mind readers and invisible frogs. It will tell you what made genius brains tick. Scientists, as we all know, spend their lifetime in achieving their goals. It's fascinating to learn what keeps them inspired and motivated throughout not to let them tire and give up on between.

I often used to wonder how scientists and researchers make themselves so dedicated and passionate to keep moving bit by bit towards their goals. Well, They Found What? Stories Of Daring Discoveries By Indian Scientists by Shweta Taneja has all the answers inside along with a bouquet of fabulous real life stories of our heroes. These are grasping stories, most of those, I was unaware of, before reading this book. I am sure you would also love to know how a bomb squad dog is trained. Or, do you know besides solid, liquid, and gas, there is a fourth state of matter? What's that? To know, you will have to read this book.

They Found What? @shwetawrites #bookreview #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge @blogchatter #books

Actually, this book has two titles, since it has two front covers. One side title is what I stated in the beginning. The other side title is They Made What? STORIES OF INGENIOUS INVENTIONS BY INDIAN SCIENTIST. 

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THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Rishikesh Upadhyay #bookreview #tbrchallenge #pebbleinwaterswrites #books @blogchatter @notionpress

Who would be much closer to plants than a man living in the closer vicinity of the nature. This closeness becomes more intense when this beautiful book comes from an Indian author, lecturer and research writer. Dr. Rishikesh Upadhyay who is popular as R K Upadhyay. He was formerly a research fellow of Assam University. He is currently teaching at Haflong Government College, affiliated with the same university. THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Rishikesh Upadhyay is a wonderful book for all those who want to know more about plants and environment and to get closer to nature in a very distinct manner. You might find it as a text book with a lot of illustrations, references, and indexes at the end. That itself shows how much research work and of what level of depth has gone into writing this book.

THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Rishikesh Upadhyay #bookreview #tbrchallenge #pebbleinwaterswrites #books @blogchatter @notionpress

We all know plants are immobile. We also know very well CHANGE is a constant phenomenon in nature, surroundings, and atmosphere. Some of these changes could be sweet, while others could be harsh. As a human being we can move from one place to another if the change is adverse and unbearable. What about plants? They also keep facing similar kind of good and bad changes. How do they adjust? How do they manage to overcome the adversities to stay alive, survive, and sustain regular growth? Adverse changes get plants stressed and hamper their normal growth. THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Rishikesh Upadhyay focuses on the impact of environmental changes that cause stress on plant life. In turn, how plants respond and adapt the most feasible alternatives. This is an excellent book on environmental stress physiology. A must read for everyone, I must say.

THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Rishikesh Upadhyay #bookreview #tbrchallenge #pebbleinwaterswrites #books @blogchatter @notionpress

Some of the key environmental changes or stressors that are discussed in THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Rishikesh Upadhyay are magnetic fields, electric stimulus, biotic stress, drought, mechanical stress, chemical agents, flash-flooding, water logging, freezing, high salinity, pollution, heavy metal stress, temperature fluctuations, mechanical stress, submergence, biotic stress, mineral nutrients, radiation stress, heat, and light stress.

These are just two of the fabulous posts from THE SECRET OF PLANTS IN THE ENVIRONMENT by Rishikesh Upadhyay. There're a lot more. One each at the beginning of the 17 chapters.hui

This plant represents what’s happening inside of you. The world, like the soil, is cold and dark - layered with a history of destruction and death. You were planted in this world to rise above it. Do you not see? The very existence of this darkness gives you the opportunity to become a light to the world.
– Seth Adam Smith, 
“Rip Van Winkle and the Pumpkin Lantern”

All human affairs follow nature’s greata nalogue, the growth of vegetation. There are three periods of growth in every plant. The first, and slowest, is the invisible growth by the root; the second and much accelerated is the visible growth by the stem; but when root and stem have gathered their forces, there comes the third period, in which the plant quickly flashes into blossom and rushes into fruit. The beginnings of moral enterprises in this world are never to be measured by any apparent growth... At length comes the sudden ripeness and the full success, and he who is called in at the final moment deems this success his own. He is but the reaper and not the labourer. Other men sowed and tilled and he but enters into their labours.

— Henry Ward Beecher, “Life Thoughts”

Here’s an excerpt from the book :

Temperature fluctuations strongly influence plant growth and biomass formation. In nature, the upper part of the plant is exposed to the temperature of the air, while the root underground is exposed to a very different temperature. A sudden variation in temperature often acts as an excitatory shock to plants, which gives rise to sudden fluctuations in growth. It changes or amends the plasma membrane, ultimately changing its structural and functional aspects and the expression of genes. A deviation from average temperature conditions causes a destabilization of the metabolic processes of plant species. When exposed to stresses caused by various factors, including heavy metals, temperature or high salt levels, the balance is altered, leading to a series of changes in metabolic processes related to stress acclimation, development, or programmed cell death. 

 Here's another excerpt:

Plant responses to increased UV radiation may vary. However, many plants have developed protective mechanisms, such as molecular UV filters, free radical quenchers, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and DNA repair systems, to cope with excess UV stress (Caldwell et al. 2003).

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BARKING at the MOON by @tracybeckerman #bookreview #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge #books #bookchatter @blogchatter

BARKING at the MOON: A Story of Life, Love, and Kibble by Tracy Beckerman is a book that you will never regret reading irrespective of being a dog-lover, dog-hater, or somewhere in between. The book is a journey that I enjoyed thoroughly, every instance of it. Once finished, now, whenever I send some time with a family having a dog, it instantly reminds me one or the other moment of Riley that Tracy has pictured so beautifully in the book. There's a word of caution though, if you don't own a dog. This book might prompt you to adopt one. If you own one (or more) already, you will be easily and to relate many of the incidents of yours with Riley. One thing is very sure. Dogs are sensitive, emotional, and moody at the same time. Whatever is the case, this book will make you laugh, smile, think, and connect quite easily.

BARKING at the MOON by @tracybeckerman #bookreview #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge #books #bookchatter @blogchatter

BARKING at the MOON: A Story of Life, Love, and Kibble by Tracy Beckerman is the book that will make you understand very well how couples owning a dog love it like their own kids. I haven't adopted a dog ever, it for that sake any pet, for a reason. I remember, recently, we visited a family owning one and there were dog furs almost everywhere, on the sofa, bed, and where not. Well, the writing style is fabulous. The author is a world-acclaimed, well-known, award-winning author, and a humour columnist. Her popular syndicated column 'LOST IN SUBURBIA' is quite popular that runs in over 400 newspapers across the United States. This is her third book. Her earlier books 'Lost In Suburbia: A Memoir' and 'Rebel Without A Minivan: Observations on Life in the 'Burbs' have been a big hit.

Tracy Beckerman has kept a prefect balance of fun and emotions in her book BARKING at the MOON: A Story of Life, Love, and Kibble. I wonder how well she kept the moments so lively, touching, and heartwarming in such a perfect manner. Her numerous honors for writing include the prestigious Writer’s Guild of America award, a CLIO, and a New York Emmy®. The evolution of this book began when Tracy Beckerman quit her job in television and shifted her home from the city to the suburbs to get enough time to raise her two young children. That's where she and her husband added a crazy dog, Riley, in the family to add more fun to the upbringing of their two toddlers. 

Riley joined the family with a bouquet of a lot of surprises for Tracy Beckerman that she had never imagined while adopting the dog. It was something beyond her expectations in every manner. The real motive of the book BARKING at the MOON: A Story of Life, Love, and Kibble by Tracy Beckerman is to give a message that there's a lot to learn in life from a dog especially 'how to stop and enjoy the ride', and the book serves it's purpose very well in that regard.

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Daryaganj Restaurant Pacific Mall Review #PebbleInWatersWrites @Daryaganj

 Daryaganj Restaurant is one of my all-time favorite places to dine-in. Everything in terms of ambiance is perfect here. Nice set up, prompt service, decent staff, excellent theme & decor to match exactly with the theme of the restaurant. Old-time memoirs and photographs including that of some very popular celebrities creatures a different kind of atmosphere to get delved into it. I have been to its three different locations in New Delhi - Aerocity, Connaught Place, and Pacific Mall. Interestingly, the theme, decor, ambience, food quality, and hospitality; all are almost the same at these locations, more or less.

Daryaganj Restaurant Pacific Mall Review #PebbleInWatersWrites @Daryaganj

The best part is the connection that it establishes with any new customer that walks in at any of the Daryaganj Restaurants. I have observed, families, elderly, and kids enjoy here the most. That makes Daryaganj a must-visit restaurant not only for all these reasons but also if you want authentic dishes and that too from the originator, of some of those classic dishes, itself. I found that every time I visit any of its locations, my bonding with it become stronger. And of course, I never forget to order those classic, original, authentic dishes every time I visit.

Daryaganj Restaurant Pacific Mall Review #PebbleInWatersWrites @Daryaganj

Coming to food at Daryaganj Restaurant, it's like the cherry on the cake on top of all the above factors. There's a unique kind of taste, flavor, and aroma in all the dishes I have tried so far. A few of the dishes that I would never want to miss, whenever I visit here are:

  • Kulfi Faluda, Gulab Jamun, and Rasmalai in deserts.
  • Jaljeera and Chach in drinks.
  • Veg Biryani with Raita.
  • Khasta Roti, Lachcha Parantha & Hari Mirch Parantha in breads.
  • And, definitely, both their signature dishes of Paneer and Daal in the main course.
  • In starters, Kurkure Mushroom is a real treat. The other two excellingly compelling starters are Dahi ke Kebab and Paneer Tikka.

Like an engrossing movie that impacts on mind and I remember it for a long time, it is the delightful taste and uniquely prepared sumptuous food at Daryaganj Restaurant that is promisingly perfect to stay there in memories.

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#bookreview The Fixer by Suman Dubey #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge #books #bookchatter @Fixerthebook @sumandubey

The Fixer by Suman Dubey is a crime thriller that kept my mind manipulating and racing towards various guesses about the flow of the story and the action points of each of the key characters. Unfortunately, most of my guesses failed and kept challenging me at the end of every sequence. The story is really engrossing. Chapters are short and crisp. Every chapter has a well connected thread backward as well as forward. So, that makes it a very tightly woven storyline. I am sure, this is a right kind of Bollywood material that could be picked by a producer sooner or later. A constant fight between good and bad, within and outside, is always there since ages. And in every story of such a nature, we always expect the good to win at the end to produce a happy ending. How about in real life?

#bookreview The Fixer by Suman Dubey #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge #books #bookchatter  @Fixerthebook @sumandubey

The good guy in The Fixer by Suman Dubey is Neil Upadhyay. Neil, despite belonging to the great business empire of Upadhyay family got fascinated towards cricket at a very early age and because of his seriousness and dedication in the game, he was all set to become the next Kapil Dev of the Indian cricket. But fortune had something different in store for him. Despite his outstanding performence, he was never able to build a successful career in cricket. That failure in international cricket kept haunting him always. What he could not achieve himself, he decided to achieve by coaching a team and taking it to extreme heights with the help of his knowledge, experience, and wisdom in the game. There is something called politics that has a very little of fairness in it. As we all know, politics and sports do not go hand in hand. 

When politics enters into the game of cricket, which is supposed to be the game of fairness and honesty, it is bound to kill its fairness by overpowering it with corruption and ill motives.  It is interesting to know, how badly Neil Upadhyay, in the crime thriller, The Fixer by Suman Dubey, gets trapped into the evil net of bad politics, and then whether he surrenders to it and let his ICCL team get fixed, or accumulates all his energies and cleverly makes fairness win over it. So, if you love reading a fiction curated with the elements of cricket, thriller, crime, and politics, then this book is definitely for you to grab. 

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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Evergrande, China, and World #pebbleinwaterswrites #economy #China #Evergrande

I wanted to explore how Evergrande in China is putting a direct impact on global economy. That was my sole purpose of finding it through various sources and then sharing it with my readers. Evergrande is perhaps the biggest and most powerful real estate giant in China. Of course, its business is not limited to real estate only. Now, this giant is very close to a huge collapse and thus might become a story of the past. After a couple of years, management institutions would be discussing its case study to build some management lessons from it to be learned by the future business tycoons to come. Right now, it is important to understand how this collapse of an internal business tycoon of China is going to put some critical global implications impacting many other businesses and stock markets within China and in the outside world.
Evergrande, China, and World #pebbleinwaterswrites #economy #China #Evergrande

September 20, 2021, was a significant day for stock markets of many top countries across the globe. Over 1% each was the drop noticed in the Indian benchmark indices that day. It was, definitely, one of the worst days in Indian stock markets. The US S&P 500 and Nasdaq also faced a similar kind of jolt the same day by facing a drop of 1.7% and 2.2% respectively. That was, in fact, their worst single-day drop since May. There are more shocks in this story. Hong Kong's stock market Hang Seng had a worst of all drop of 4% that day. Luckily, the stock markets in China, South Korea, and Japan were closed for trade on that day. We all know how stock markets twist on the basis of speculations, fears, and financial news of enterprises, commodities, etc., and turbulences across the globe.
Evidently, the same was the reason here too. All this happened because of the confirmation of collapse from Evergrande. Evergrande, as I said above, is one of China's largest real estate developer. This disclosure of collapse by the giant itself was more than sufficient to send an alarming signal to put global markets into a panic. It is important to understand how far China is from a doomsday scenario? As I said above, Evergrande is a conglomerate in China. It is into many businesses like electric vehicles, financial services, healthcare services, entertainment parks, media businesses, pig farms, movie production, music festivals and a large share of bottled-water production. It also owns a football team named Guangzhou F.C. or Guangzhou Football Club. Evergrande has a share of 56.71% in it. Alibaba is another major shareholder in this club with 37.81% stake in it.
A few of the stupid business decisions by Evergrande were to build a crab shaped artificial island costing more than $15 billion and the world's largest stadium at the cost of around $2 billion, that too when the overall league was facing survival issues. You might ask, how all this is impacting other countries across the globe? Here lies the reason. In order to fulfill such kind of fancy dreams, Evergrande needed a huge backup of money to fund these projects. To build that backup, Evergrande started borrowing money from various resources across the globe. Since, it was one of the global 500 companies, it managed to borrow a huge amount and thus accumulating a debt of more than $300 billion. This was just a little before the beginning of the pandemic. Evergrande, by then, had become the most indebted developer of China. And then the pandemic arrived.
This debt and all of a sudden crisis started impacting Evergrande badly. Its cash flow from profit making business arms started drying up. New government rules in China restricted Evergrande to borrow further. That was the time when Evergrande started selling its assets. So, once China's top-property-seller became China's largest-ever defaulter while struggling with more than $300 billion of debt. Evergrande was trying to raise around $5 billion by selling its major stake in its property management business. While Evergrande was not able to gain further borrowings due to new rules imposed in China, and there was no significant inflow of cash, it was left with no other option but to sell its properties and assets. Initially, it was successful in selling a few of its top ones, but then buyers became hesitant in buying its assets to avoid any legal implications later.

Evergrande was left with no money on hand. Thus, all its development projects came to a halt. Almost 1500 property development projects got impacted severely. Evergrande had no money to pay salaries to its employees. The biggest blow came when it announced it was not in a position to make payments of around $150 million to its creditors, that was due in the last week of September. That was sufficient to create panic among its creditors. Evergrande was at the verge of becoming a defaulter, probably one of the biggest defaulters in the history of China. There were millions of people who had already paid for their properties, which were under progress. Firms across the globe had no other option than to write-off loans amounting to around $300 billion. Major bondholders of Evergrande included investors like Fidelity, HSBC Holdings, Amundi, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, UBS Asset Management, and so on.
This one failure of Evergrande might slow down the business of real estate industry across the globe. That will cause a recurring negative impact on the demand for commodities like metals, and other construction material. There was an immediate drop of 9.5% in the share price of Tata Steel in India as soon as the Evergrande declared their inability to pay global debts. But Indian steel stocks bounced back strongly in no time, as the world has now started looking for alternatives in the global markets to lower their dependencies on China. China's infrastructure building projects within the country and in several other countries are getting impacted quite seriously. China is in a real bad shape and is not far from getting caught in a debt trap that might result into a death trap of its economy.
The central Bank of China is in no good condition to step in and help Evergrande pay its debts. It tried injecting $17 billion into the system to help Evergrande not to default on its global loans. That helped Evergrande resolving one of its due payments but not all. On September 23, Evergrande failed to pay more than 80 million of loan and had a 30-day grace period to clear the payment before it gets declared a defaulter.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

Gender Dysphoria #pebbleinwaterswrites #myfriendalexa #causeachatter #gendertalk

Before I jump to this very important topic of Gender Dysphoria, let me give you some gender statistics. It is very interesting to note how significantly different ways are adopted by men and women to be productive. Women are much capable of running productive meetings. If they keep a meeting of 60 minutes, they are not only successful in finishing it in time but also finish it on a conclusive note and with a crisp agreement of the next steps. Men, on the other hand, are quite capable of finding the most important messages in a high message volume despite looking less at their emails. They have a natural calibre of bypassing messages of low value.

Let's talk a little about Gender Stereotypes before coming to Gender Dysphoria. We all are well aware that weight training is very important for strengthening our body muscles and this has nothing to do with gender. Now, women produce less testosterone in comparison to men do on average, and hence testosterone has a crucial role in determining the strength of muscle. Fine, now, let's come to the main topic. What is Gender Dysphoria? A slightly higher age boy in my neighbourhood during school days had a strange passion of playing old Bollywood female dance songs, wrap a cloth around his body and head, and dance. It was never taken seriously by his family at that time. 

Gender Dysphoria #pebbleinwaterswrites #myfriendalexa #causeachatter #gendertalk

Photo credit: tedeytan on Visualhunt

If a male experiences a feeling of distress because of a mismatch between his biological sex and gender identity, then he is facing with Gender Dysphoria. The same is applicable to a female. Therefore, it's very important to notice it at the earliest and find out the best possible solution. We would see below the possible solutions below. This is generally also termed as transgender. Now, once this distress develops in a person because he or she is suffering from Gender Dysphoria, it can further deteriorate when he or she gets misgendered, isolated, and stigmatized. The best kind of treatment in such cases is transitioning and proper therapy. This is a kind of Mental disorder. It's diagnosis is well defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

One of the most important part of treatment in Gender Dysphoria is Gender Transitioning. In Gender Transitioning, a transgender undergoes to align with its gender identity. There are multiple dimensions to Gender Transitioning. First is Social Transition that is about changing their gender expressions. Second is Medical Transition that involves changing their body. Medical Transitioning further involved two therapies. One, Hormone Therapy. Two, Gender Affirmation Surgery.

Education, Respect, and Acceptance /Validation is important in society for giving a right place to people suffering from Gender Dysphoria.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Those Moments #MyFriendAlexa #pebbleinwaterswrites #poetry

Many years ago,
during our childhood,
we met for the first time.
I don't know what flashed in your mind,
in the foggy face of the evening,
what did you feel, that
you secretly held my hand
very innocently
and we sat down in a corner, on the terrace boundary,
without any effort of listening or understanding
the silence between us,
and within.

Someone came and asked you
"What's going on?"
you answered innocently
"Oh! I thought it was him."
I still remember that long time,
which, in a few moments,
said a lot, so silently,
and then vanished in a void.

Do you remember that till now?

If yes, call me
from your window sill
shake the branch of stuck flowers.

Another memory of yours
same childhood,
me and you,
outside a room,
stuck to
the window bars
in the back lane
holding with innocent hands
peeping inside with
utter silence, and astonishing eyes
soaked in the aquarium kept in the room,
having different colors
of little fish
dancing in a rhythm.
How long we stood there,
mesmerized, I do not remember,
when my eyes turned away from the fish
and got stuck on your face.
Life became finer in those moments.
I could see
colorful fish
on your face, in your eyes,
wavy and glittery.

Do you remember?
That was our second
and the last meeting.
If you also still remember,
go to your window
having flowers outside,
just shake the twigs lightly
and the flowers that have fallen on the ground,
place them in a corner,
by the wall,
and let
those flowers dry,
I will wait
to meet you,
or lose.

All three of us together,
at our respective places,
will wait.

I neither remember your face,
nor your name.
But I still remember those little caring
hands and that innocent touch.
That silence and those colorful fish
on your face.

Photo credit: pedrosimoes7 on VisualHunt

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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Reading Challenge vs Reading Goals #MyFriendAlexa #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge

We all know about this never ending bonding between any challenge and any goals associated with that challenge. If we look in a context which came first, hen or egg, then, probably this combination also is as confusing as that hen and egg one. Do we set our goals first in life and then look for / create challenges for ourselves to achieve our goals? Our it's vice versa? That we accept a challenge and accordingly set out our goals? Well, as far as my opinion goes, it's the former that looks more valid to me, at least, in my case. Wait. I am getting a little confused. I am thinking, what happened in case of blogchatter reading challenge. In that case, I think, I first accepted the challenge and then set my goal to 100 books to finish in the year 2021. It was the challenge that kept me on my toes to read as many books as possible.

Reading Challenge vs Reading Goals #MyFriendAlexa #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge

Photo credit: kevin dooley on VisualHunt

It was something like day wise, week wise, month wise targets that became sub components of my main goal of 100. For first 6-7 months, I was ranked first in the table on blogchatter. What I feel is there is a third dimension to be added in a two dimensional challenge versus goals relationship. That third dimension is community. What it means its that if I have taken a challenge in open, among a number of people who are also participating in that challenge, then I am prone to double up my speed, stay more aggressive, and keep that fire in the belly intact, all the time, to stay ahead. I had that zeal for almost 8 months during which I was the fastest and thus nearest to my goal. But then what happened? I was dropped to the third place, where I am still, in the 10th month, and am not sure if I will be jumping back to number one position or not.

What made me get dropped to number three position. It's it the pace of reading that is lost? Is it that long streak of staying at number one position for around 75% of the period of that challenge that have me a hangover and I lost my track? Did I become overconfident? Or, have I lost interest in it? So, what I think, there has to be a fourth dimension to it. We have challenge, goals, community /participants, as three dimensions. It's the push /fire /zeal /urge that I would like to add as fourth dimension to it. That means, if I accept a challenge, associate goals to it, become a part of a community where equally strong contenders are there to bypass my first position any moment of time, then that extra push that stays on top of my head all the time till I achieve my goals, until the challenge is over, till I am declared as the ultimate winner. 

How does that happen? It's simple but not that simple. Do I need to live in fear - what if I lose my number one position? Or do I keep myself so strong and confident to ensure I stay in the track throughout and keep my pace intact without losing my peace of mind, and that top place on the table? Is staying on number one position so important. If it's crucial for me, then what about 132 other contenders? Obviously, every participant can't stay on top of the table. It's, kind of, survival of the fittest. Err, survival of the fastest. Or survival of the strongest? What if I don't stay on number one position but still am able to achieve my goals and win the competition? May be, all competitions do not demand you to be at number one position to declare you as winner. It's like, all those who participated in the competion, set their own goals and achieved those goals are winners.

In those cases, probably, the biggest goals will be set as a benchmark for every other participant. 

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Nutrition and Exercise Strengthen Muscles Well #MyFriendAlexa #PebbleInWatersWrites #EnsureStrongerInsideOut

Health is of utmost importance in life. Without a good health, everything else in life is colorless, tasteless, and useless. If you are healthy in all aspects, you will feel a unique kind of calmness in your mind, and an internal happiness all the time. You will enjoy doing everything you do. A sound mind and body keeps us fit and keeps us away from fatigue, sadness, depression, frustration, etc. So, if health is so important, what do we do to keep ourselves fit. Health is a beautiful unending journey that is covered with the help of a good, healthy, and nutritious diet; and regular exercise for mind and body. That makes nutrition an essential part of our daily diet. A balanced nutritional diet has a great potential of strengthening our muscles and bones. That is why, it becomes important to check muscle age on regular intervals.

Nutrition and Exercise Strengthen Muscles Well #MyFriendAlexa #PebbleInWatersWrites #EnsureStrongerInsideOut
                                    Source: https://www.muscleagetest.in/

Muscle age test not only tells about the fitness status of our muscles, but it also is a good way to find if our muscles are aging faster. It might happen that our muscles are aging faster in comparison to my age. That is a very risky preposition. We can come to know about it only if we perform this test at an early age and keep performing it on a regular interval, say, every 6 months or so. So stronger muscles have a very deep connection with stronger body. If we think a little further, it clearly states that health can only be maintained well with the help of nutrition and exercise. To #EnsureStrongerInsideOut, it is important to build a perfect balance between intake of nutritional diet and exercising on a regular basis. Both go hand in hand.

Obviously, only nutrition will become a burden on the body to digest and deliver to every cell of the body. It is only exercising that can help in benefitting from a good intake of nutrition. Now, on the other hand, only exercise without nutritional diet is not possible. It can happen once or twice, but it is like pushing an engine without proper fuel. So, unless and until our body has proper fuel, how can we keep exercising on a regular basis. I am talking about daily intake of nutrition and daily exercising.

Taking the muscle age test is quite simple. You just need to find a suitable chair that is around 43 cm or 1.4 ft in height. That is the first step, and it's quite simple. The next step is also as simple as this. Keep a stop watch handy. These days, every smartphone or feature phone has that. So, what you need to do is, fold your arms like you see in my video below in which I am performing my muscle age test. Start the stopwatch and go sit-to-stand 5 times. Note down the time you took to perform it. Take the muscle age test here. You will need to enter the time you noted to get your muscle age. So, my muscle age test revealed that my muscle age is almost 10 years more than my age. That is something serious.

I am going to relook into my nutrition intake very seriously and plan my exercising schedule and pattern accordingly. May be, a right dietician for a counselling session is the right call!

Check your muscle age here https://bit.ly/MuscleAgeTest


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