Saturday, June 27, 2020

Apple WatchOS 7 Is Having A Significant Software Upgrade And Features

Apple WatchOS 7 is coming with a number of scintiliating features. The software also is going to have a significant upgrade. The same was announced at the WWDC 2020 (Worldwide Developers Conference). Some of the new features include Sleep Monitoring. This is a very useful feature added to Apple's compressive health tracking system. This feature was missing from Apple's trademark watch which was giving an edge to its rivals including Fitbit. But not anymore.

A public beta of this new app is launched this month. The complete version shall be released in September this year. Of course, the battery will have to bear this addtional burden. Addition of sleep tracking in WatchOS 7 will definitely demand a longer battery life to accommodate this new feature smartly. Probably the next Apple Watch Series 6 will be taking care of it.

Kevin Lynch, Vice President - Technology, Apple admits this was a long pending feature that Apple Watch customers were looking for. This is, in fact, one of the most exciting app amongs the new features of WatchOS 7. With it, you can set a goal for a night's sleep. It keeps a track of that. Once that is completed, the Wind Down feature automatically eliminates notifications from your phone when bedtime is close. The feature, that way, he;ps you focus on getting your eyelids closed with the help of meditation software. Subtle alarm to your ears and a refreshing good morning message on the screen will wake you up in the morning.

Apple's health app development manager, Vera Carr says, “Once you're up, you'll see a friendly greeting easing you into the day. [The screen] also shows your battery level, so you can remember to charge in the morning.”

Apple is also working on a new wellness app. Besides tracking progress that already exists, the new app will guide you for appropriate workouts and a number of activities.

Another interesting feature is automatically detecting hand washing and starting a 20-second timer. That is quite an interesting feature in the new Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch will keep an eye on your hand washing process. If it notices you finish washing your hands early, it will alarm you to continue for the full 20 seconds. In addition, Apple Watch will also remind you to wash your hands when you get home and other similar incidences.

Apple WatchOS 7 beta for Apple registered developers is available right now. For the public, the beta version will release next month. The software update will cover all users running an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer. This software update will get released in the coming fall.

Friday, May 08, 2020

What All You Need In A Good Relationship #ProfessionalCounseling

A good relationship is like a bouquet of a variety of flowers. Each flower has its own beauty, charm, fragrance, and design. The same is with the members of a family. Every member of a family craves for contributing the best thus creating the strongest bonding with other members of the family. There are a lot of factors that drive this bonding in a family. These factors include:


These are not all. There are many more. When there is a slightest of the imbalance in a family, there arises a need of correction. Now, not every time you will get to know the correction mechanism so easily. At time, best of the minds get confused in finding out the best possible ways despite knowing what is to be achieved. There stays always a seriousness about saving or improving relationship. There is no harm in seeking professional counseling from a licensed therapist (click here) in the hour of crisis.

Communication is one of the most important factors that all members of a family strive for. Good communication leads to trust. Affection, passion, companionship, and friendship are equally important factors. If all these factors are there in place with a proper balance, it leads to a high level of joy in every individual's life and thus taking the overall level of the family to a new height.

Family counseling is important in finding out the gaps within at a micro level. From top, everything might look good and well in place. A good therapist analyses every factor very minutely and thus easily finds out the amount of risk lying there like a sleeping volcano that might burts out any day. It is always important to control the things well in time before it's too late.

Family Counseling Can Always Add Value To Your Family Bondings

At times, most of the families might reason out not having any need of family counseling. But, there are a number of reasons why families can reap an number of benefits from counseling. Every family is unique in terms of its design and operating values. A family counseling can always add value to your family bondings howsoever strong they might be already. Otherwise, also, it is important to keep a close watch on the indicators of your family bondings and the moment you find some loose threads, it automatically calls for a family counseling. Family counseling is different from couple counseling and group counseling. It is, rather, more complex and requires high level of professionalism and experience for a family counselor to handle all the family members in various counseling sessions. Online counseling has its own benefits. Especially, in today's environment of busy families it is the best option.

There are many reasons why you may need family counseling (click here). Those include disconnected family, lonely family members, conflicts between youth and elders, generation gap, etc. We all know very well the importance of the family and the connection it builds among its members. Such well connected families form a good society that keep evolving for betterment. As the time doesn't remain same, at times, troubles, stress, and conflicts arise in families. In such critical moments of crisis, and otherwise also, it is important to have an ability to understand and identify the needs of the individual members of the family. Only then you will be able to balance those with the well-being of the family unit. That is where family counseling comes into picture. It is a unique kind of therapy that not only finds out reasons and needs but also the ways to address them.

Family counseling is also a very useful way to understand and gain a real-time assessment of the family and its needs. In fact, it can act as a preventive therapy to address the issues that are bound to develop at a later stage.

Free Online Therapy Can Help Save Your Relationship #FreeOnlineTherapy

Unresolved relationship issues are like unwanted weeds developed in the precious crop of life called marriage. These can lead to many negative impacts in life including physical and mental health issues. In such cases, couple therapy is very useful. Individual therapy in isolation will not be of that use in such cases. It is always better to discuss things in open between the two so as to take both person's point of view in consideration for each issue. Relationships are challenging. There is no doubt about it. We all know this. A good relationship helps in prospering while a bad relationship can have a serious toll on mental health. In an hour of crisis, it is always better to come out in open and seek a good counseling from a relationship expert/professional rather than going into a shell and let it spoil the relationship further.

Free online therapy could save your relationship ( That's why in case of unresolved issues in relationships, it is always better to go for it rather than let it aggravate issues further with depression, anxiety, and any other such kind of mental health issues. Basically, once these negative mental health impacts start peeping in your body, these start impacting all areas of your life. It is always better to check and control well in time before it turns into a big disaster. That way, free online therapy can help a lot in saving your relationship. It has many benefits. It's readily available. It is cost saving. It saves time. Above all, it overcomes geographic barriers easily. That means, once you decide to go for free online therapy, you are ready to go beyond your local geographic limits and thus can find out the best.

Online therapy can help improve your relationship. It can act fast. And it can also get you the best of the therapists.

Premarital Counseling: How Useful? When? Why? #PremaritalCounseling

Premarital counseling might have a different meaning for different people. It can happen in many ways. It can serve many purposes. It, actually, always happen but generally goes unnoticed. It happens within the family, among the friends, or among colleagues. But all these are unorganized ways and usually might not serve the purpose. The reason behind that is there is no professional approach in such ways. In fact, these can't be termed a premarital counseling in real sense. Premarital Counseling, in real sense means you are about to get a concrete answer to all your queries, doubts, and expectations. Actually, it is very important for couples who are engaged or planning to get engaged. At that juncture, they, actually, don't know what to expect in marriage. Most of the things go in assumption. For instance, they don't judge the changes going to happen after their marriage.

Mostly, couples who are engaged or are about to be engages assume the things will be the same as they were before marriage. Another critical thinking is about the financial cost of receiving premarital counseling. Usually, couples think that the financial cost they will incur in receiving premarital counseling will not make it worth it in their relationship. So, that way, it is very useful for them to go for it without any doubt. It is always important to go for it before going forward with their relationship into marriage. It is goo to have someone guide you through this whole mechanism that definitely will help in a big way. Actually, planning and counseling go hand in hand. Once you plan to go in for a new relationship turning into marriage, counseling turns out to be of utmost importance. Having it at the right time is critical.

The true premarital counseling cost ( actually nothing in comparison to the benefits it reaps in the life of a couple after marriage. It is a kind of a very small investment that you incur to reap its benefits for many years to come.

5 Ways To Conduct Group Therapy or Group Counselling Session

There is no fixed criteria to conduct a group therapy or group counseling session. It might vary depending on the purpose, audience, reason, or kind. It can be closed door or open door. Group therapy has its own benefits. That, I will discuss in a separate post. In this post, I would like to cover various ways in which a group therapy or group counseling session can be conducted. Actually, the original or generic group therapy started with sitting in a circle and discussing about feelings, queries, doubts, solutions, etc. This method is still quite popular. But over a period of time, a number of other methods and ways evolved that prove to be meaningful and fruitful. The purpose of a session like this is to reap maximum benefits for each participant. It is quite different from one to one session.

Group therapy can be conducted anywhere. Most places where it is conducted doesn't reply on one type of group therapy. Though there can be multiple ways to conduct a group therapy or group counseling session, in this article, I will try to cover 5 ways to conduct group therapy sessions. Those are as below:

1. Special walk or tour session: Special walk or tour can turn out to be a very productive method of conducting a group therapy or group counseling session. It can help a lot on breaking the ice and creating an initial bond among the participants. These kind of group outings can be quite productive and useful.

2. Workshop: A workshop can be very helpful in creating a right kind of atmosphere for a specific kind of session including any particular skill-building.

3. Classes: Classroom and training prove to be quite fruitful ways.

4. Creative Therapy: Expressive and creative therapies like music, dance, painting, writing are very useful and effective.

5. Video Conferencing: In the current COVID19 pandemic situation where social distancing is quite crucial and traveling is a limitation due to lockdown, video conferencing is one of the most effective way.

The top ten benefits of group counseling (click here) are the best way to understand the importance of group therapy or group counseling.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Panga Movie Review #PangaMovie #Panga #MovieReview #Bollywood @hotstartweets #hotstar

The Bollywood movie Panga lacks a number of basic fundamentals of any movie. It lacks rhythm and fuel. The biggest flaw is characterisation of the main character Kangana Ranaut. Weak characterization further weakens with the poor acting by Kangana Ranaut playing the role of Jaya Nigam. The theme of the story is very strong. There is no doubt about that. It could not touch even the double of its budget at the box office. It's a low budget movie. Had it overcome some basic flaws, the revenues could have touched 5 times of its budget without any doubt. Despite having a strong story line, the key role, in my opinion, makes it a weak presentation. Though Kangana Ranaut is well supported by the other actors very well. But she herself could not do complete justice to the role given to her. She was not at her best this time.

Panga movie review

The story of Panga movie goes like this. Jaya Nigam is an ex-star in the world of Indian National Kabaddi. She was one of the most successful Indian Kabaddi captain with a great success in National and international arena during her tenure as a captain. Because of her family constraints after her marriage, she had no other option but to compromise with her rising career that too when she was at the top of it. This, somehow remains as a point of regret in her mind and heart. And then after so many years of her marriage, that hidden desire of continuing her career gets ignited by her son and well supported by her husband. Because of a big gap she is seen in a dilemma initially whether she would be able to get back on the track with the same zeal, momentum, and energy.

Jassie Gill has done a fantastic job as Jaya's husband, Prashant Shirvastava. Richa Chadha, as usual has proved her maturity with her polished acting. Yagya Bhasin as Aditya Nigam, Jaya's son, has also done a marvelous job. Neena Gupta, as Jaya's mother, fits the bill perfectly. It's an overstretched movie just because Kangana Ranaut. She could have done a lot better. It's good that all the other actors played their respective roles magnificently. Otherwise, Panga movie would not have been able to touch even its budget figure at the box office. The story gets out of track at many points. The end could have been a lot better. It's a waste of a superb story because of a poor acting by Kangana Ranaut and a weak direction Ashwiny Iyer.
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