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World Mental Health Day, Pandemic, and World #wmhday #mentalhelth @blogchatter @enablingworld

Every year, on 10th of October we observe World Mental Health Day. The purpose of it is to increase awareness and streamline efforts in support of mental health across the globe. We live in an unequal world in various aspects. According to World Health Organization (WHO) the ratio of people suffering from mental health issues is more than 1:10. This pandemic had made situations tougher for those suffering from mental health. Because of lack of physical contact (with other family members, friends, & colleagues), the new reality of working from home, and a sort of complete isolation in many cases has not only impacted seriously the existing cases but has developed new cases exponentially. There is a serious need of highly engaging interactive curative/counseling sessions with Wellness specialists, spiritual/mental health healers, emotional Intelligence/meditation/yoga experts. Facilitators, mediators, initiators, and specialists need to collaborate & synchronize their energies.

World Mental Health Day, Pandemic, and World #wmhday #mentalhelth @blogchatter @enablingworld
“Good mental health is critical to the functioning of society at the best of times… The mental health and wellbeing of whole societies have been severely impacted by this crisis and are a priority to be addressed urgently.” United Nations Policy Brief: COVID-19 and the Need for Action on Mental Health, May 2020.
So, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2021, I got an invite from Enabling World to join them on a campaign to build a fairer, healthier workspace and encourage #mentalhealththatwork. It's a kind of way to realise one's #mentalhelth status and find out the best way possible to move ahead with a best condition of mental health. Somehow, I found this bouquet of well-curated program is a right fit for inner assessment and gain of inner strength. These topics given below are rightly suited for current situation:

Coping With Grief & Trauma

Adopting Healthy Habits

Managing Fatigue & Burnout

Befriending Stress

Emotional Balance

Work From Home Fatigue

Happiness - A Frame Of Mind 

Unplugging The Smart World

Conscious Self Care

Mindful Resiliency

Living Well With Stress

Embracing Life 

Managing Anxiety

Psychological First Aid

Positive Mindset

Mind Traps 

Stress Relaxation Techniques

Healing Through Sounds

Mind Body Connection

Restful Sleep

Inner Critic

The detail of each module is given there on their website of which the link is given above. I found these topics quite relevant designed thoughtfully. 

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Telos - From Theory To Practice by Ayelet Segal #BookReview #Books @PebbleInWaters

Telos - From Theory To Practice: A Voyage On The Way To Ascension by Ayelet Segal is a book about a journey. A journey that Ayelet presents in a perfect and powerful tone. In fact, it will help you to introspect to a deeper level and connect to inner self. The fluency in the presentation is so well that it will move you from one page to another flawlessly. There is a constant flow of energy, light, and joy that pours in automatically while moving from one word to another. The long journey is well worth going for, for the sake of your escalation to another level of understanding life in a very sensitive way. At times, you may have to stop in between while reading this book to buy in some time to absorb what it offers. It is all about some extraordinary creation.

In fact, Telos - From Theory To Practice: A Voyage On The Way To Ascension by Ayelet Segal offers something that your mind would have been craving for. It is a book that makes you feel good about self and inner feelings. As a matter of fact, it is a must-read book for all generations, especially children. Adama, the lead character, shares a phenomenal journey of realization, awakening, and action. Adama is a High Priest in Telos. It talks about a network that connects people with a goal. A goal of attaining peace in the Middle East and gradually in the whole world. This network of light, love, and energy lies below the earth. It has an aim to create a global spectrum of energy, thus providing love and peace to everyone. The book is beyond any religion or belief mechanism, thus ensuring a true enjoyment.

Telos - From Theory To Practice by Ayelet Segal talks about absolute faith that results in a true bonding. In fact, it results in a heart-to-heart connection that never fails or fades. It is a journey of faith, love, and awakening. As a matter of fact, is a journey of self-discovery.


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Charm & Survival by Ilana Cohen #BookReview #books

Charm & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 3) by Ilana Cohen was an excellent read after reading Mystery & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 2) by the same author. We continue with Edith and Alex, the leading characters of the series From Siberia with Love. We see a conflict between their ideologies and perception about love in the previous book. While Edith believes in the love that travels through ages, Alex thinks love as a passing adventure. Edith finds Alex and both fall in love, but Alex vanishes immediately after their first date. For the period Edith craves for Alex but could not find his whereabouts, it becomes difficult for Edith to forget Alex. And then one day she finds him at her door and both land up in her bedroom. A lot more happens in Book 2. Let's move to the Book 3 now.


Charm & Survival by Ilana Cohen #BookReview #books

Charm & Survival (From Siberia with Love Book 3) by Ilana Cohen brings back Alex to Edith but not in a happy note. Alex meets with a severe accident while his romantic & adventurous rendezvous with another woman after he leaves Edith once again. A serious car crash forces him for a long stay in the hospital, living there with bandages and injuries. All this time, Edith was still craving for Alex. And finally she finds him after his accident, but as an ugly man with scars on his faces. For the third time, Alex and Edith are together having fun and enjoyment. The book touches some extent of erotica when Alex shares his unending stories of his sex adventures in Siberia. For him, it was just another adventure that he was having all his life in forests, villages, mines and elsewhere in Siberia.

For Edith, living with Alex is her topmost priority. While virtually Alex takes her to his Adventure land in Siberia, she finds their steamy love-nest in Israel the best.


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Another's Child by Einat Danon #BookReview #Books #BookChatter #TBRChallenge

 Another's Child by Einat Danon is an intriguing story. The central character of the story is Noa, a 10-year-old girl whose life passes through a major turmoil when her real parents in Toronto, Canada decide something very indifferent than what any usual parents would do with their child. This is something quite unusual and indifferent because no parents would hand over their daughter to someone at a far off place for her upbringing. The inheritance of Noa transfers to Yael and Arif Katz in Israel. All of a sudden, one fine day, the Israeli couple finds Noa at their doorstep. It happens quite unexpectedly and unalarming. And then they remember that Noa is the daughter of their friends in Canada. In fact, they had to recall their memory about a will-exchange agreement they had made a long time back with Noa's parents.

Another's Child by Einat Danon starts with a big surprise for Noa as well as Yael and Arif. Many questions will arise in reader's mind because of this. Why would any parents send their daughter to grow up with someone quite unfamiliar to her, rather than family? Moreover, how a couple unknown to Noa would be able to raise her, not even knowing her at all. And, in fact, that start of the story creates a big amount of curiosity in the mind of its readers right in the beginning. Rather it becomes a mystery, in a way, to solve. Hence, an immediate connect establishes with Noa and readers of the story. What is the secret behind this, is all anybody would like to understand. The book, in a way, is a good learning point about parenting, relationship, and minute intricacies of life.

The young girl Noa, on the other hand, is not able to adjust herself in Israel. Therefore, Yael decides to take her back to Toronto in order to find a better home for Noa. And that is where you start coming across a series of questions to understand the crux of the matter. In fact, Yael, while trying to understand it, faces many truths that she was not aware of at all. In fact, something comes to the surface about her own partner that she would think of in her life. There are a number of serious turns and twists in the story of Another's Child by Einat Danon that would keep you intact right until the last page of the book.

Another's Child by Einat Danon #BookReview #Books #BookChatter #TBRChallenge


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The Secret Red Book of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh #BookReview #Books #TBRChallenge @DrAwdheshSingh

The Secret Red Book Of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh is a befitting read for all project managers and in the making. There is a strong stint of leadership required in a project manager that does magical effect in project drive and timely closures. There is a lot of practical understanding about leadership. It is an interesting read that has been sliced into 5 portions. Part 1 talks about the need for leadership. Why do we require leaders? Who can be a leader? Why one must strive to become a leader? How you can transform yourself into a leader? And why a dual or two-way leader-follower relationship exists in reality in the life of every leader. This all is covered in the first section of this book and in a very interestingly manner.

The Secret Red Book Of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh says that a leader is like an iceberg, and he must stay like that only, never revealing himself completely. He must not carry on with a standard, predictable pattern; rather it should be changing even under similar kind of situations. Leadership is an art as per Awdhesh Singh, and not science. There is no fixed rule book, or guidelines to be a leader. A leader as per the book is not born, rather a leader can be built. A leader has to be a good actor. He must stay happy even if he is sad. He should not open up with everyone, so often.

In my opinion, overall the book The Secret Red Book Of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh is really an interesting read carrying different kind of stuff on leadership and in a continuous flow that keeps staying tuned to what the writer wants to convey through this book. The sequence of parts (slices), titles and the chapters within a part are well thoughtfully woven. Though I don’t agree to everything what has been said in the book. But to most of it, I agree. A must-read for all managers, project managers and anyone interested in knowing about leadership in real action. The book has been published by Wisdom Tree.

The Secret Red Book of Leadership by Awdhesh Singh #BookReview #Books #TBRChallenge @DrAwdheshSingh


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Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma #tbrchallenge #bookreview #books #bookchatter #blogchatterebook @wigglingpen

The cover of Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma indicates it is a monthly publication. So, after grabbing May 2021 edition, I am now waiting for the next editions. Wondering why the June 2021 edition is not yes out? Well, this book is an altogether different from the regular kind of stuff like fiction, non-fiction, romance, action, suspense, and so on. It's something quite exclusive for bloggers, first. Secondly, it gives good insights of the tools and techniques a blogger would need to enhance his her presence and readability online. So, it talks about content, content creation, content publishing, content promotion, etc. in a very organized manner. Overall, there are 26 lessons for bloggers from bloggers life itself. There are very important tips, tools and techniques explained in this book that will be helpful for any blogger of any kind and bringing to any category.

Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma #tbrchallenge #bookreview #books #bookchatter #blogchatterebook @wigglingpen

Effectively, these lessons in Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma are based on the successful achievements of Bloggers in this cutthroat market of content where despite creating best of the content, some bloggers are never able to climb up the ladder of success. It means creating good content is important, but it's not everything in terms of skills you have. There's a lot more that is ought to be for a blogger that this book has a power to deliver. There are a lot of misconceptions about bloggers in the society. Similarly, there are different categories of Bloggers. There are bloggers who create their content just for fun with no intentions of gaining popularity/fame, barter, money, or fans/followers/readers. Shelf life of such bloggers might be very short usually as they don't have any growth plans, aspirations, or goals.

Blogging is a kind of art and any artist would always want fans, fame, popularity, following, demand, and a handsome gratification in kind or cash. If you as a passionate blogger believe in this, then Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma is definitely for you. This book will tell you why 'About Me' section is very important, and it guides you to create the right chords to gain an instant connect with your readers. That helps in connecting you with right kind of readers and collaborate with peer bloggers having same niche.
We always promise each other to help and grow together, but there comes a situation when community members are stuck in some legal bonds and not able to share the collaboration details, it doesn’t mean we don’t trust each other. But, there are people like in every industry, who love to grab all opportunities for sharing theirs.
Blogging is not just having your own website, as mentioned it’s really important t have great content on your blog, equally important is its marketing. Being in a digital world, marketing needs to be digitally on social media platforms.
So, in case you are a blogger wanting to know about blogging in a holistic and wholesome manner, then this useful book is Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma is good to go for without any delay. 

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Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe #bookchatter #bookreview #books @AdisJournal #tbrchallenge

India is incredible. There's no doubt about that. If I start preparing my bucket list for my incredible India, it would never end. The reason is each place is so unique and beautiful that even after visiting there, it agains jumps back into my bucket list. That's what incredible India is. And then there are so many places that I have not yet visited. Thanks to Aditya Sathe for bringing out this fabulous book Incredible India Bucket List which is in fact a book that has found permanent place in my digital library. It is something that I can read any number of times and every time it brings a different set of memories of the place is visited already or a new set of wishes for the places not yet visited. The author has compiled 26 places to visit in this list.

Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe #bookchatter #bookreview #books @AdisJournal

I am sure it would have been quite difficult to zero down on just 26 out of thousands of fabulous places to visit in India. Reading this book during the pandemic was a good thing to re-energize and cheer up. There was a high level of curiosity while starting the book to see how many places would I have already visited that are covered in this book Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe. Frankly speaking, this book has given me a lot of new information about the places I have never visited or even never heard of. Sometimes, I feel pity on myself for not knowing my own country so well. Despite calling myself a travel enthusiast. Well, that's where such books become handy to enhance your knowledge about various places in incredible India. For instance, I never knew about Airavatesvara Temple, Darasuram, Thanjavur, Karnatak.

The best part of this book Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe I liked is it not only is telling about a place but also the rich history behind it. That's not found generally in many of the travel books I have read. This makes it more interesting and worth reading. But the way, who knows about 'singing steps' at this beautifully crafted Airavatesvara Temple? I have been to the Cellular Jail and visited it thoroughly. It was good to see it getting a place in this book. It's a must visit place, indeed. In fact, every place covered in this book is fascinating. Dharur Fort in Latur district of Maharashtra is again something I never knew about. One more interesting thing I have found in this book is its versatility in covering various places. From forts to caves, from caves to temples, and to jail and church.

Finally, I would admit that Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe has good amount of information about 26 excellingly great places to visit and it's a kind of complete coverage that makes it very interesting and engrossing. I found it quite useful, good, and worth reading. I would recommend it to all travel enthusiasts to visit each place virtually and get refreshing breathe about incredible India. 

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LGBTI - 5 Real Life Stories #causeachatter #gendertalk

Story 1: How many people in Istanbul would have been familiar with a transgender woman, Hande Kader, living there during august 2016. Probably, a very few. Especially, when Turkey was quite conservative on LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex) issues. But when the news of her murder was published on 16th of August in the year 2016, it caused a stir in the air of Istanbul. There was an outcry not only in Istanbul and Turkey but in many corners of the world. So much so that it activists in Istanbul staged a rare protest that was covered by a large number of international journalists including Rengin Arslan of BBC Turkish. Hande Kader's burned body was found in a forest in Istanbul. She was stabbed and beaten badly before that. Hande was an active sex worker and trans community supporter.

Turkish society had never bothered about trans community until then. But for the first time, in that protest, a good number of famous figures in Turkey had joined.

image captppic source:
"Hande was one of the nicest people in the world. She was very calm normally but also hyperactive. She always went to the LGBTI marches. She pursued a cause that she felt right until the end." Davut Dengiler, Hande's flatmate.
Story 2: Transgender women in Indonesia are known as Waria. Mama Yuli is a known figure as a leader and protector of Indonesia's transgender women. The pace with which Islamic roots have increased in Indonesia over a period of last two decades is directly proportional to the prosecution of Waria. This is a big contradicting situating to the fact that on some of the Indonesia's islands Waria are a revered community. Mama Yuli has been having a really tough time in saving Waria community from prosecution. Yulianus Rettoblaut is her full name. At the age of 11, Mama Yuli realized she wasn't straight. It was not until the age of 18, when she moved to Jakarta and realized she wasn't the only one in this world. She started building up a strong community there and became their leader.


As she wasn't pretty enough to take prostitution as a career, she became their protector. She is the first among the Waria in her country to acquire a master's degree in law. She had set up Indonesia's first elderly transgender people care home who usually get disowned by their families at a very early age. For more than a decade now she is running the annual Miss Waria beauty pageants in Indonesia. For initial few years it was happening in open but she had to change it to a secret event after raids of the vigilantes.

Story 3: This story belongs to India Intimate Fashion Week that took place at The Leela Mumbai on Sunday, 22 April 2018. This IIFW had a special show dedicated to plus-size lingerie for which Dr. Mona Veronica Campbell, India's first plus-size transgender model was to walk the ramp as a showstopper for Melons India Show. She is a TedX speaker too. She was titled Miss Transgender 2015. She is a noted celebrity makeup artist and had been declared as one of the best makeup and stylist under the label Varonica Makeup Artistry.

Source: twitter
“When I was in Canada working with MAC cosmetics, I was directly approached by fashion agencies as they love my personality. After returning to India, I heard about Lakmé auditions on social networks and I went it for it and auditioned and cracked it. I opened the show being the show stopper for ace designer Wendell Rodricks."
“Talking about good, I opened the shows for two seasons of Lakmé Fashion Week and for Wendell. He was the best part of my journey and he stood behind me, supported and fought for me to get me on the runway as a show opener. I got lot of lime light all over the globe like Ted x, BBC, Facebook, We the Women, New York Radio, Buzzfeed, Tinder, so many of them. Talking about bad experiences, few brands and designers are very insecure/ conservative and biased, thinking I will grab all the attention with my walk and attitude and personality, and dominate their respective brands and labels by being the ambassador/ show stopper after becoming India’s first plus size super model. This was one of the reasons I did not walk for Lakmé this season."
Story 4: This is about Miss TransQueenIndia Season 2 held on 7th October, 2018 at The LaLiT Mumbai, Sahar Airport Rd, Navpada, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Out of around hundred contestants in the preliminary rounds, 20 on the top reached the finals. These finalists were from various states on India including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kolkata, Karnataka, and other to compete and win the title Miss TransQueenIndia 2018. Mrs Reena Rai, Founder and Chairperson of Miss TransQueen India, was the brainchild behind this event series as she had a firm belief that acceptance and inclusiveness of LGTB community can only happen by treating them an equal part of our society with the respect and dignity they deserve. The competition involved various activities including sports, cultural, and several other rounds.

Source : News18

The winner was to represent India at Miss International Queen Pageant in Thailand. Garnet & Gold was the official media partner for the event. Olmec was beauty and treatment partner, Santachef was NGO partner, and Pageant Vote was the online voting partner for Miss TransQueen India 2018.

Story 5: This 13.12 minutes TEDWomen 2018 talk is worth watching and understanding the grace of parenting and relationship so well done by Paula Stone Williams. She knew at a very young age that she was transgender. But the whole world became altogether different as she became a parent.

It's very important to understand how she crossed the hurdle of fear that coming out would mean losing everything. This is quite a moving, deeply personal talk that Paula and her son Jonathan Williams share what Paula's transition meant for their family.

Source : Deadline
"I cannot ask my father to be anything other than her true self." - Jonathan.
Here is the video.

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दो सवाल - हिन्दी लघु कविता #hindipoetry #poetry #हिन्दी #कविता #hindi

जब हवा चली, 
तुमने तभी महसूसा उसकी गन्ध को।
इसका ये तो नहीं मतलब, 
उसके पहले फूल गंधहीन, 
या फिर, 
अपरिपक्व थे? 

तुमने बताया था, 
सागर में विलीन होकर, 
तृप्त हो जाती है। 
ये तो हुई समागम स्थल की बात।
इससे पहले से लेकर, 
उद्गम स्थल तक, 
उसे अतृप्त, आतुर ही पाओगे। 
तो अंत कहाँ हुआ? 
तुम ही बताओ। 

दो सवाल - हिन्दी लघु कविता #hindipoetry #poetry #हिन्दी #कविता #hindi
Photo credit: NathalieSt on VisualHunt

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मुस्कुराते रहिए - #ghazal #ग़ज़ल #हिन्दी

खुश रहिए ना रहिए, मुस्कुराते रहिए।
किसी भी हाल में रहिए, मुस्कुराते रहिए।।

क्या कहा, हाल यहाँ हो गया बेहाल आपका?
यकीं करे ना करे कोई, मुस्कुराते रहिए।।

कत्ल करने का शौक़ रखते हैं अगर आप।
खंजर की नहीं ज़रूरत, मुस्कुराते रहिए।।

अटका था कोई अश्क पुराना जो बह गया।
मकाँ हो गया फ़िर खाली, मुस्कुराते रहिए।।

खामोशी हुआ तकाज़ा, जो रिश्ते हुए कमज़ोर।
ये वक़्त की है मार, मुस्कुराते रहिए।।

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कौन आवाज़ उठाएगा यहां? #ghazal #ग़ज़ल

कहां कहां नहीं हुए हैं।
हादसे ज़ुबां ज़ुबाँ हुए हैं।।

ग़मों में नींद तो गई सो गई।
आँख से ख़्वाब भी काफूर हुए हैं।

उसकी बातों में शोखियां इक तो।
उसपे कहना के हम बिगड़े हुए हैं।।

किसको है रंज दूर जाने का।
पास के रंग सब धुंधले हुए हैं।।

कौन आवाज़ उठाएगा यहां?
सब तो इक उम्र से सहमे हुए हैं।।

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Friday, June 04, 2021

The Misters Kuru By @thetrishadas #bookchatter #bookreview #books

The Misters Kuru By Trisha Das is a nicely done Literary & Contemporary Fiction in a very subtle manner. The story's beginning is quite exotic, exciting, and erotic manner. After reading first two pages twice, I paused. That compelled me to check two things. I checked the genre mentioned and it was Literary & Contemporary Fiction wondered why not Erotica? Then I checked about author and found out she is a multifaceted personality at such a young age. She has not only four books to get credit (all equally exciting, I suppose after young through their names) but she is also an award winning documentary film maker with more than forty documentary films under her sleeves. In the world of literature and art she is a known personality. Well to confirm the genre, I unpaused reading it and found it is in the right genre.

The Misters Kuru By @thetrishadas #bookchatter #bookreview #books

Trisha Das is Vir Das's sister and as usual the story of The Misters Kuru By Trisha Das is witty, crispy, and is having an air of freshness in it. The modern story takes back to the Indian epical period of Mahabharata in a 21st century fancied way. We meet the modernized-fictionalized Pandavas in Indraprastha, now New Delhi. The story brings out the real emotional bends of various characters in a very interesting manner. It depicts a real love attraction between Arjuna and Draupadi with an equal amount of fire for each other. That's when Draupadi decides to live an exclusive life with Arjuna instead of staying divided among five Pandava brothers and take a big leap to future, that's the era of now, the Kaliyuga.

Least did Pandavas realize at the time of getting a lease of few days to land on earth and gain a new experience in Kaliyuga without any botheration of war with Kaurvas that those few days in modern era will be more cumbersome and complex than their actual period. I think, The Misters Kuru By Trisha Das is a unique blend of imagination, wits, and fun of a very different level that everybody would enjoy.

You can buy the book from Amazon here.

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Monday, May 31, 2021

Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview

Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath is a very steady collection of some wonderful thoughts on 26 words chosen  in an alphabetical order as a part of BlogchatterA2Z 2021 challenge in April. Suppose, I was given a word 'Ability' to express my thoughts on it, I would have not been able to express it so well as I found it in this book. I was wondering if there is any mechanism to measure the gap between the actual ability a person posses within himself or herself and ability he is she is able to show to this world. I think it happens with everybody with the gap remaining always positive which means most of the persons are not able to attain according to their abilities. The day a person is able to identify his exact inventory of abilities, sky would be the limit for that person.

Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview

These 26 words have been chosen in a very aimed manner. Each topic has been closed in a very systematic way. "Each of us has our own unique strengths and abilities. These are to be developed and strengthened. Administering the wrong tests can undermine the confidence and create self doubts in people. Giving a test to know the ability of Virat Kohli to play the Veena or one to test the cricketing skills of his actor wife may sound stupid. Yet we tend to do just that giving some general tests like IQ across the board. We now know these tests focus on some types of intelligence (Logical mathematical, linguistic) and leave out others like interpersonal , intra-personal,  musical, spatial etc." What a fantastic closure of his article on 'Ability'! Being an HR person from the corporate world some topics are very close to his profession.

Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview

Writing a book like Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath is a real art. It's a work of a lot of concentration and passion. Though all articles are quite interesting, some of the topics like 'Death', 'Ego Talk', 'Motherhood', and 'Love' are very special. In many of the articles, you will find beautiful poetry that is another expertise of the author. Some of the titles are such that a complete book can be written on each one of them. 'Tribute To A Legend' is another classical article. I gained a good amount of knowledge from the article 'Utopia'. For his excellent pieces of poetry, you need to read these articles - specifically - 'Wedding', 'Tribute To A Legend', 'Social Media', 'Pet', 'News', 'Love', 'Jokes - Fun, Laughter', 'India - My Country', 'Fast Food', and 'Death'.

Two things are quite significant that I noticed in this book. One, Author's passion and expertise in poetry writing. Two, the versatility of titles chosen and each piece written so beautifully. So, don't wait, grab the book and enjoy reading it. It's very different from the regular ones and thus more enjoyable to read. This non - fiction can easily find a place in your library as you can pick the book and read any of its topic randomly. That's of the beauty of Random Thoughts on Random Words By Rajeev Moothedath. 

You can download the book here.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Life: 24 Essays by Tomichan Matheikal #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books

Life: 24 Essays by Tomichan Matheikal is a collection of 24 essays focusing on meaning and purpose of life. The first essay 'Absurdity' is quite intriguing and it literally drove me thinking about various aspects of life like - How much of it do I really live? Do I really decide how shall I live my life or just let it go as it is? Do I make my lifestyle to make me more comfortable or to make it more active and meaningful? How much do we really challenge ourselves? The most important question is - Do I live my life to its fullest? "Your soul is your property and your destiny. It is your burden and your joy. That is the ultimate absurdity of life. Face that absurdity. Take over its challenges. Work with those challenges with unconditional integrity. In spite of your frailty which is humanity’s frailty itself."

Life: 24 Essays by Tomichan Matheikal #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books

Each essay of Life: 24 Essays by Tomichan Matheikal is a gem. So, basically, the book presents 24 precious gems to me for enriching my life, lifestyle, and soul. According to the second essay 'Rebel', anybody who loves life is a rebel. I was wondering after reading this line and going further to read the rest that does it really holds good? But when I started reading further, it became crystal clear. An excellent aspect of this book is that it can be read any number of times. Each essay is an independent entity. Everytime I read the same essay again, it gives me a different perspective and a new approach to think about life. The book talks about 'me' and 'my life'. It intends to bring a change within and once that happens, the entire world will become more colourful and meaningful. That's it's beauty.

Life: 24 Essays by Tomichan Matheikal is a thinker's paradise on one hand and a practical world for doers. Each essay is thought provoking and at the same time gives ample scope to find out action points to improve life. I find this book quite motivation, inspiring, and connecting to spirituality. It brings in positivity in thoughts and actions. In fact, it keeps giving a number of checkpoints to see if I am responsible for the pains and shortfalls in life or it is because of somebody else. A good amount of energy and research work has gone in this book. Each essay contains some quotes from well known philosophers and researchers to bring in more relevance to the respective topic. The author of this book tried to touch life through all important angles viz philosophy, literature, and religion. It's an open ended book.

Life: 24 Essays by Tomichan Matheikal #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books

Why I call Life: 24 Essays by Tomichan Matheikal an open ended book is because it doesn't impose anything on the reader. Still, it gives a lot of points for introspection. Each essay gives different perspective to look at life in a very positive manner. It's a kind of book that is good to be a part of every personal or public library. 

You can download the book here

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Xanadu by Harshita Nanda #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books @ashnhash

Xanadu by Harshita Nanda is very well crafted story that is superbly curated into a story with a flawless flow that binds the reader word by word, line by line, and page by page right from the beginning till the end. The character building has been taken care of very well and I could feel the crispness and strength in each of the character as the story begins with Ms. Anita, then moving on to Bhoomi, and finally Harish landing into their lives. Characterization of each of the three protagonists is developed in such an impacting and impressive manner that each of the character becomes the rightful driver of the story. I could really imagine the real personalities of the characters the way those are developed and described as the story moves on like growing of the cheerful child Anita to lonely Ms. Anita. 

Xanadu by Harshita Nanda #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books @ashnhash

At the juncture when Ms. Anita and loneliness become synonym to each other, it was interesting to see how Bhoomi breaks it and there grows a strong bonding between the two. The pain in each one's life is evident when Ms. Anita loses her father, when little Bhoomi & her mother Shalini lose their father and husband respectively, and the compromise Shalini had to make by living on the terms of her parents (including her brother and his wife) in lieu of shelter and good education for Bhoomi. Bhoomi and Shalini had no other choice than to move to the town after the sudden accidental demise of Ram Singh. It was painful for both leaving the village and its natural beauty at that moment as Ram Singh was gone and their small wooden house got destroyed completely. "Bhoomi watched the forest and the mountains  passing by with diminishing excitement."

Xanadu by Harshita Nanda rightfully deserves to be adopted by theatre as a play or a short movie / movie. The story is quite powerful. It can actually be turned into a classic movie. Coming back to the story, the only enjoyment factor in seven years old Bhoomi was Ms. Anita and her orchard. "Bhoomi, who had  always loved trees, was curious about the orchard next door. She used to see the trees and a house half-hidden behind them from the window of the room allotted to Shalini and Bhoomi. She wanted to go and explore the grounds. However, unsure about her place in this new world, Bhoomi kept quiet. One day, when she could no longer hold her curiosity, she 
deliberately threw her ball into the orchard." Ms. Anita and Bhoomi had developed a special bonding and spending time together was a big relief for both of them.

Xanadu by Harshita Nanda #BlogchatterEbook #bookchatter #bookreview #books @ashnhash

"Anita knew that Bhoomi was not her daughter, not even related to her, but she still couldn’t help falling 
in love with Bhoomi." While Bhoomi became the only factor in Ms. Anita's life to throw away her loneliness, Ms. Anita's love was good enough to heal wounds on Bhoomi's heart caused by the bitterness of her maternal grandmother. Then comes Harish, all of a sudden, in a very dramatic manner, in the calm and soothing relation of Bhoomi and Ms. Anita. If you love reading fiction, strongly curated story, and unexpected turns, this book is surely for you to grab. I am sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I did. 

 "A large, filthy dog, came running into the orchard, screeching to a halt in front of Bhoomi. Bhoomi shrieked as the dog caught her doll in his mouth, giving it a vigorous shake. An equally filthy boy came running behind, skidding to a halt in front 
of Bhoomi. He tried to pull out the doll from the dog’s mouth, falling on his behind as the dog suddenly let go. Bhoomi and Anita stared as the boy 
sprawled on the ground, laughed madly. Harish had entered their lives."

Thursday, May 27, 2021

A2Z Of Common Diseases by Surbhi Prapanna #bookreview #books #bookchatter @rituprapanna

A2Z Of Common Diseases & Their Homoeopathic Treatment by Surbhi Prapanna is a very well written book. It's useful for all those who have a belief in homeopathy and intend to gain an in depth insights on the common Diseases we keep facing from time to time, their cause, symptoms, and cure. I belive in homeopathy as much as I belive in existence of a supreme Power that governs the whole universe. Homeopathy works on similar versus similar. What that means is that if a snake bites me, in homeopathy the medicine for its treatment is made up of snake venom itself. It is the same cause that becomes the cure. An interesting fact that I know about homeopathic medicines is that if I don't have symptoms against which a particular homeopathic medicine works and I take a dose of that medicine, it will create those symptoms in my body.

A2Z Of Common Diseases by Surbhi Prapanna #bookreview #books #bookchatter @rituprapanna

After that if I take a dose of the same medicine, it will cure me or get me relieved from those symptoms. I rarely take any allopathic medicines for most of the common issues. She is the case with my family members. I find homeopathy has the simplest mechanism for curing from ailments and diseases. Allopathic medicines have their own side effects. Ayurvedic medicines administering is a complicated mechanism, that's what I feel. Some need to be taken with milk, some with honey, etc. Most important thing in homeopathy is the doctor understanding your symptoms very well and prescribing the right medicine with right potency. Also important is to understand that there is a friend and enemy relationship among homeopathic medicines. Some work well with others while some lose their effectiveness if given with a wrong combination.

If all this interests you then this excellent book A2Z Of Common Diseases & Their Homoeopathic Treatment by Surbhi Prapanna becomes a must for you as well. Best part about homeopathic medicines is they are harmless and have no side effects. For instance, instead of taking a dose of 4 tablets is I gulp the whole bottle, it will give my body an impact of a single dose only. Another beauty is that homeopathic medicines are suitable for all ages right from a toddler to a very old person. This book has been written very well after a thorough research in the subject. The author is a homeopathic practitioner herself and hence the book carries a superb combination of knowledge and experience. 20. That's why out of 50 ebooks published in 2021 by Blogchatter, this was my first choice to download and gain some knowledge instantly out of it.

Without a doubt, A2Z Of Common Diseases & Their Homoeopathic Treatment by Surbhi Prapanna has helped me a lot in acquiring a good amount of knowledge of common Diseases, their causes, reasons, and possible cures with the help of most suitable medicines. The book is so well written that I wished it had covered more diseases and cures. I would like to read more similar work from the author especially some interesting case studies, some not to common homeopathic medicines, and about some specialized medicines. Over a period of time so much has changed in homeopathic medicines and treatments as a result of many researches carried out in various part of the world. So, finally, the book is good for all those -
  1. Who believe in the power of homeopathy. This book will give more learning.
  2. Who don't believe in homeopathy to learn how beautifully it works without causing any harm to the body.
  3. Who are neutral in their belief but have never tried it.

Loved reading it. It's definitely not merely a one - time read. It has become my reference book to check for relevant diseases covered in this book, as and when required. Very well written with thorough insights. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Personal Commitment To The Environment #CauseAChatter #environmenttalk

Last week I bought one of my favorite artist's new album. The album was launched that very day. It was a global online launch at the same time in all the countries. Before the launch, I was talking about this artist and her new album everywhere. At home, with friends online, and on the social media. That was the amount of craziness and craving I had for that one particular album. That's not all. On the very first day it got delivered, I played it all day almost in an auto - repeat mode. Surprisingly, without any extra effort, by the time the album played for the eighth time, I was singing every song alongwith flawlessly. Every word I was reciting was well in sync with the artist's. Am I compassionate about environment with the same zeal and energy? If we all just tune ourselves into an introspective mode for a while and ask ourselves what are we towards our personal commitment to the environment?

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Am I just in the talk mode showing a lot of concern about the environment, nature, and global warming? Just talking about the concerns about environment with my family, friends, and on social media, off and on merely will not suffice any purpose. Not even to the extent of creating any awareness. Because there are no action points in those infrequent talks. We need to show the world our personal commitment to the environment by means of our environment pledge. How much we love it and what all we give back to it in lieu of what we get. At a grass root level we can start implementing simple ideas. Actions speak louder than words. If each one of us become a drop thinking and doing its not of action towards goodness of environment, we can create an ocean in this direction. Limiting greenhouse has emission is a major concern for all of us.

Together we are the solution to environment crisis. COP is an abbreviation for Conference Of The Parties. It's a United Nations initiative of uniting the world under a single umbrella putting all their energies to halt global warming. COP25 Live is going to happen during December 2-13 in Madrid. During this global event the leaders will be finalizing points and rules to the so called rulebook of the Paris Agreement. In the nutshell, COP25 is like do - or - die situation for the environment and for us. Anybody who is really concerned about the environment is seriously waiting to settle the rules and bend the curve of emission. There is only 8 years of carbon budget left to live within safe operating space for humanity. Let's hope there will be a success in COP25. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Madrid hosts and the Chilean chair delivers on that.

If everything goes well at COP25, this will be the final frontier of the Paris Agreement into practice. The sole purpose of the coming steps is to unify humanity in order to beat the environment crisis. For this, everybody's voice is needed that can be raised online,on the streets, and at the negotiations. Participation to COP25 is free and open for all. I have reserved my seat. What is your plan? Join here

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Monday, May 10, 2021

Vaccines Save Lives For Sure #KnowYourVaccine #PreventWhatCanBePrevented

As of current scenario, it is a setback for Sputnik, Covaxin and Sinovac as these are still not recognised internationally. That means vaccine passport with any of these vaccines may not be valid. Good thing is, Covaxin has sent its phase 3 data to The Lancet. Hopefully, it will be recognised soon. If we go a year back there was a breaking news about stocks in US going sharply high due to first trial of vaccine by Moderna pharmaceutical on 45 patients all recovered within days. This was in May 2020. Here's the link to that news. As far as I know, vaccine doesn't cure from Covid. It builds immunity in the body to fight against any further attack of Corona. It's very important to examine the person thoroughly who is seeking vaccine. If the person has any existing traces of Corona virus in the body, taking vaccine at that moment of time might go deadly against that person.

Vaccines Save Lives For Sure #KnowYourVaccine #PreventWhatCanBePrevented
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A Covid vaccine is very important for everybody as it develops antibodies similar to antibodies in a recovered Corona patient. In the first week of May 2021, Sputnik has launched single - shot vaccine with 80% efficacy. Otherwise, in most of the vaccines, we require a course of 2-3 doses at different intervals to build a considerate immunity in our body. So generally, the first dose builds an amount of antibodies that are able to create 30-40% immunity in the body if the virus attacks after a week of the dose. It is after the second dose of the vaccine that is to be injected after a few weeks to build further antibodies and thus create an immunity of day 60-80%. With that kind of immunity built in the body you are well equipped to defeat Covid.

One thing is pretty sure that if I have taken two doses of vaccine well in time with prescribed timeframe and correct gap between the first and the second dose of vaccine, a Corona attack after that will not be that serious to cause any severe damage to my body. It will always be a mild attack that can be managed staying at home taking appropriate precautions and medications.

Saturday, May 08, 2021

MY UNSPOKEN REFLECTIONS By Meenal Mathur Sonal Mathur #bookreview @AuraofThoughts #bookchatter #books

MY UNSPOKEN REFLECTIONS Open door to discover collection of micro
stories By Meenal Mathur and Sonal Mathur is a collection of stories that are sweet, sharp, crisp, and thought provoking. One story, one page makes it an interesting go. These are written in a lighter tone fit for any age to enjoy. Each story carries a unique massage. I found these stories heart - touching and heart - warming. Ending of each story wanted me to pause and think for a while about the unique message it conveys. The message from each story is crystal clear. I loved reading these stories. Beauty of this book is that it can be read any number of times randomly opening any page and the story will be as fresh and touching as it was in the previous go. The mixed drivers of these stories are emotions, time, human touch, thoughtfulness, shock, courage, and distinct personalities.

MY UNSPOKEN  REFLECTIONS By Meenal Mathur Sonal Mathur #bookreview @AuraofThoughts #bookchatter #books

MY UNSPOKEN REFLECTIONS Open door to discover collection of micro
stories By Meenal Mathur and Sonal Mathur is a good collection of 18 beautiful stories. The stories are prompt, intriguing, and soulful. A great lesson, that, for instance, from the first story comes is  "A moment's fun can turn dangerous for life term". In the second story, an eight year girl finds out a great solution to curb riots by becoming a 'Peace Ambassador' like her father who lost his life in making such efforts. Story number three gives a shock of his life to Keshav who becomes a small time robber after losing his job in one of the biggest layoffs in the country. Time and again he kept realising about his lost connection with his inner self after losing his job and going bankrupt. Each story, for that sake, has a unique flavor and dusting message.

MY UNSPOKEN REFLECTIONS Open door to discover collection of micro
stories By Meenal Mathur and Sonal Mathur is a wonderful effort by the duo with a superb collection of very meaningful stories. It's an all - time any - age read.

Friday, May 07, 2021

Dread by Aseem Rastogi #bookreview #bookchatter #books @aseemrastogi2

Dread - Short Stories by Aseem Rastogi is a collection of five stories which he dedicates to the resilience of the human mind to overcome fear and adversity. Unfortunately, I didn't find any of the five stories meeting that criteria. All the five stories are incidental, consequential, and 'spur of a moment' driven. All stories move from 'happy-go-life situation' to 'adversities' conditions. They start with a hope and end up with hopelessness. In my opinion, these are there is nothing like creating hope and overcoming fear and adversity. Rather, I found there are no substantial takeaways from these stories. These are depressing stories moving from brighter side of life to the darker side of the life. Though, some go on that direction in a very harsh manner and others in a milder tone.

Dread by Aseem Rastogi #bookreview #bookchatter #books

In my opinion, every story of Dread - Short Stories by Aseem Rastogi had a better scope of ending. But, then, it all depends on the author how he or she wants to craft those. I also feel that the story, storytelling, and its presentation/plot reflect the author's priorities of what stuff he wants to present to his readers. That brings a point to ponder what exactly should be the motive of a story? Do I, as a writer or a storyteller want to stun my readers? Or I would like them to be comfortable while reading my stories. But on the other hand, the stories are very well written. These are crisp, running at good pace, easy to understand, and hand sharp turns. The character building is strong and stories are well moulded. I think, in a frame of short stories, these are near to perfection in terms of selection of words and the flow of the story.

If I summarize Dread - Short Stories by Aseem Rastogi, the stories are worth reading because the author carries a unique style of writing /narrating his stories. It's a kind of passionate writing. I am sure, this author has a natural art of writing, creativity, and a good potential to create some excellent work. And finally if I look at the genre to which these stories belong to, it's a perfect match. 
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