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Message In A Bottle On The Beach #BlogchatterBlogHop #discrimination #CauseAChatter

I found a message in a bottle on the beach that is very much opposite to the Queen's Palace in Den Haag. The name of the beach is Scheveningen Beach. Another name for Den Haag is The Hague. The Hague is a calm and beautiful city on the North Sea coast of the western Netherlands. The life stops here after 7.30pm. Its Gothic-style Binnenhof (or Inner Court) complex is the seat of the Dutch parliament. 16th-century Noordeinde Palace here is the king’s workplace. The city is also home to the U.N.’s International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court. I was staying at Tulip Hotel that was quite close by to this beach. You can go by walk or take a tram. It's around 2 kilometers from that hotel. It is very interesting to know why is it called Den Haag.

Message In A Bottle On The Beach #BlogchatterBlogHop #discrimination #CauseAChatter
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The official name Den Haag from Des Graven Hage, which means “the counts' hedge” and refers to the fact that Dutch noblemen once used the land for hunting. Well, that was my first visit to tht beach. A number of people of various ages were sitting in a row on the wall adjacent to the beach with their fishing nets dropped in the sea waters hunting for fish for their dinners. Before getting myself into the waters for a quick swim, I climbed up the huge tower situated on the beach. From the top, it was a great panoramic view of the city. After coming down, I jumped into the sea and while swimming, I found a bottle that was coming towards me. Curiosity sake, I came back on the beach holding that bottle with a tight cork on it.

Inside, I could see a rolled paper and I eagerly pulled out that paper ensuring it doesn't get torn. Unfolding it showed me a wonderful message, "Discrimination due to age is one of the great tragedies of modern life. The desire to work and be useful is what makes life worth living, and to be told your efforts are not needed because you are the wrong age is a crime." - Johnny Ball. That was amazing and so insightful. Life stops only when we stop flowing with its dynamics. It happens only if we surrender or other's discrimination towards it makes it happen when we start aging. That was my golden period of youth and I was there in Netherlands on an official project. This quote just settled smoothly in my heart and mind immediately and that's when I decided I will never let anybody narrate me, or rather dictate me at my later years what I am capable of doing and what I'm not capable of doing.

I promised myself nobody will be able to play with my knowledge or emotions by means of any kind of discrimination. I started planning accordingly to ensure I stay my boss all the time, especially during those later years when age discrimination begins. That's why I can say very confidently whatever you do in your profession, wherever you are in you growth journey, never surrender to any kind of discrimination or similar kind of pressures from others, be it anybody. Don't allow anybody to drift you away from your mainstream life and its charms and challenges. 

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Childhood Discrimination #childhood #discrimination #CauseAChatter

Childhood and discrimination had started to form an unbreakable relationship as soon as I was born. Everything that is taught to us in our childhood, it is not necessary that it should be right and just. Actually, right and wrong is also a debatable issue. We always believe that if one is right then the other must be wrong. Between husband and wife, siblings, friends, neighbors, nations, the same thing has happened and keeps happening. If my point of view tells me one thing is correct, then it is not necessary that others should also look at that thing from the same point of view. He may have a different aspect of his own. Just like this, the basis of my childhood discrimination began as early as I started understanding the things around, or may be much before that.

Childhood Discrimination #childhood #discrimination #CauseAChatter
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This is what it looks like, this is what it doesn't looks like, form a kind of base to start judging people and things. An immature mind always gets biased because of other's biases. For instance, you only have to be friends with boys because you are a boy. Stay away from boys with weaker mind than you in the class, otherwise you will become weak in studies. Don't talk to that boy at all, he doesn't know anything. Every elder in the family has to be given full respect and everyone has to live up to their expectations. Does it lead always to right path? Doesn't it spoil young minds. Many times, it came to my mind that if the mind had not come under all these assumptions and temptations of others since childhood and had learned in a natural way without any pressure, then perhaps I would have become the owner of a much stronger personality later on.

This process goes on continuously in every family. From one generation to the second, second to third, third to fourth, and so on. We realize, but we never stop. There is no end to it. After growing up, I definitely remember these things. Had I not been taught this wrong thing? If only I had been shown its true form.? If that were the case? If that was not the case? But even after realizing all this, do we become right? Do we ever put a full stop to child discrimination? Do we ever seriously think about it and take our first step towards unbiasing the biased minds?

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

LGBT+ Scientists #LGBT #Scientist #Discrimination #Inclusiveness #CauseAChatter

Many campuses across the globe, specifically in the United States and Europe, are fully supporting LGBT+ community by becoming inclusive institutions. The faculty cards issued show that the wearer is a member or ally of the LGBT+ community. For instance, Susan Rosser, a synthetic biologist at the University of Edinburgh, is a lesbian. She is also the director of the Edinburgh Mammalian Synthetic Biology Research Centre. This is a clear example of No Discrimination. Susan Rosser develops tools in synthetic biology and has an expertise in using techniques like genome editing and synthetic transcription factors. She is happy for the changed environment for betterment and inclusiveness. Like her, there are a number of other LGBT+ academics who are living their lives there and progressing well in their careers. This indicates clearly that society there has changed. Policies are well in place for any kind of abuse, bullying, or harassment.

LGBT+ Scientists #LGBT #Scientist #Discrimination #Inclusiveness #CauseAChatter
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Institutions have started taking such incidents more seriously. Nathan Shaner, who is a gay, finds cities like San Diego having improved a lot to become safe havens. Nathan is a flourophore developer in the Department of Neurosciences, University of California. But still one needs to be cautious and careful, he opines. He joined Oberlin College for undergraduation after confirming it was going to be a safe place for him. He ensured there's no discrimination. While many universities highlight inclusivity and no discrimination but yet they're having no clarity towards LGBT+ community. Any potential student, fellow, or faculty applicant would always try to get a realistic sense of a university’s inclusion practices to ensure no discrimination towards LGBT+ community. For that purpose, usually, the best way of to look into the LGBT+ community networks and check for inclusive human policies in that regard. And that's very important too.

Stephen Wallace, a gay, is a senior lecturer at University of Edinburgh holds a UK Research & Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship. This Fellowship is awarded to a select few early-stage researchers for high-risk projects. All this success would not have been possible without getting an inclusive and no-discrimination environment around them. For more insights read this article by Vivien Marx.

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यादें - कविता #hindipoetry #poetry #हिन्दी #हिन्दीकविता

चलो सारा सामान जांच लेते हैं,

 एक और बार,

 सभी बक्सों में से,

 जो सालों से बंद है,

 धूल इकट्ठा करने में मशगूल,

 कोनों में,

 अलमारियों के ऊपर,

 पलंगों के नीचे,

 जहां भी उन्हें रहने या छिपने के लिए जगह मिली।

 कितने छोटे,

 और बड़ी चीजें,

 बक्सों में हैं,

 जो रखी थी,

 यह सोचकर कि जरूरत पड़ने पर,

 उन्हें निकाला जाएगा,

 लेकिन भूल गए,

 समय की अवधि में,

 उनको मौका मिला,

 धूल इकट्ठा करने को, 

 या आसपास मकड़ी के जाले उगाने को।

यादें - कविता #hindipoetry #poetry #हिन्दी #हिन्दीकविता
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 कुछ दवाएं हो सकती हैं,

 कुछ शैंपू,

 या कुछ तेल,

 मसाले आदि

 एक बार खोल कर,

 प्रत्येक की जांच करना आवश्यक है,

 इतने सालों बाद,

 फेंकना भी जरूरी है,

 जो समाप्त हो चुके हैं,

 क्योंकि वे किसी काम के नहीं हैं,

 उन का उपयोग करना,

 अपना नुकसान करने के बराबर हो सकता है।

वैसे इस बहाने,

कुछ खाली जगह बन जाएगी,

जहां हम कुछ उपयोगी सामान रख सकेंगे,

 या उन बेकार बक्सों को फेंक कर,

 वहां पहुंचेगी ताजी हवा,

 और साथ-साथ कुछ खाली जगह बढ़ जाएगी।

 मुझे याद,

 मैंने एक बार कुछ कहा था,

 भावनाओं में इतना तेज,

 जिसने तुम्हें घंटों रुलाया था।

 ऐसी बहुत सी बातें,

 सालों पुरानी,

 मुझे अभी तक याद हैं।

 तुम्हे भी याद होंगी,

 मेरे बारे में ऐसी बहुत सी बातें,

 उनमें से कुछ,

 मन में कहीं दब चुकी होंगी,

 ऐसे ही, बक्सों में सामान की तरह, 

 वर्ष दर वर्ष।

 ये अधूरी पुरानी यादें,

 इतनी जगह घेर चुकी हैं,

 जिन में बहुत ऐसी हैं, जिनका, 

 कुछ करने को नहीं है,

 हमारे आज के जीवन के साथ,

 और हमारी खुशी से।

 फिर भी,

 वो पल पड़े हैं,

 पुरानी यादों से भरे हुए,

 कुछ जगह तो चाहिए होगी,

 याद में आज की मधुर अनुभूति रखने को,


 दिल और दिमाग में जगह बनानी है।

 वो डिब्बे, और,

 उनमें यादें,

 हानिकारक हो सकता है,

 अप्रभावी, या,

 अर्थहीन भी।

 हमें करने दो,

 एक बार फिर,

 उन बक्सों को खोलने का यत्न,

 जो धूल चाट रहे हैं

 हमारे दिलों,

 और दिमाग में,

 सालों से।

 चलो उनको खोलते हैं,

 आकलन करना,

 समाप्ति तिथि,

 उन सभी यादों की।

Saturday, May 14, 2022

THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD #bookreview @theinternetmoguls @askaviarya #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge

What a wonderful book it is 'THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD - HOW THE PLANET'S BEST FOUND THEIR PASSION AND NEVER LOOKED BACK' by Avi Arya, Raya Arya, and Avianna Arya, a Daddy- Daughter Venture. This book is a must for all those who use internet in one way or the other to understand how some top smart people across the globe harnessed its power setting new landmarks. A superb creation by @theinternetmoguls @askaviarya. A thorough research work, I must say. Are you, as a reader, ready to open up the door to brand new knowledge on the subject that has been curated in a very crisp and meaningful manner by the trio bringing together a wide spectrum of varied human emotions, skills, dreams, and passionate zeals. There is abundant knowledge and learning for everyone in this book that will let you succeed in your respective fields. 

THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD #bookreview @theinternetmoguls @askaviarya #pebbleinwaterswrites #tbrchallenge

THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD - HOW THE PLANET'S BEST FOUND THEIR PASSION AND NEVER LOOKED BACK by Avi Arya, Raya Arya, and Avianna Arya is a perfect book for learning newer techniques and skills that will empower its readers to leverage the hidden and/or unexplored powers of the internet in their respective fields of expertise, profession, or perfection. For instance, if you are a writer struggling with your writer's block, or trying to find the right content matching your niche and suiting best to your target audience, just grab this book that will certainly help you cross your barriers and swim flawlessly in the ocean of words, ideas, and imagination. Similarly, if you are into digital marketing or affiliate marketing respectively, there's plenty for you to grab straight from the horse's mouth, the topmost leaders in these fields. It is the MINDSET that makes you succeed in life.

So, you get an exclusive opportunity to learn from JOHN CRESTANI, the world's number one affiliate marketer, how focusing on the mindset, out of the little box thinking, finding your mentor to improve your business, crossing the hurdles of internet being strange and frustrating, is so much important in this line. There are intriguing and thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. Then, there's a page after every chapter to capture your light-bulb moments. What I feel is that THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD - HOW THE PLANET'S BEST FOUND THEIR PASSION AND NEVER LOOKED BACK by Avi Arya, Raya Arya, and Avianna Arya is a very uniquely crafted book. It's full of real inspiration, eye-opening action points, motivation, and finding directions to color your dreams and pains passions to achieve your goals in your own way, successfully.

THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD - HOW THE PLANET'S BEST FOUND THEIR PASSION AND NEVER LOOKED BACK by Avi Arya, Raya Arya, and Avianna Arya is a book of success stories in detail of real people in current era worth acknowledging, reading, and learning from these real-life internet/web heroes of our times. There's a collection of around 62 stories of 62 heroes hailing from different fields of expertise and profession with just one single goal - SUCCESS. Go on, treat yourself with this book as it's a real booster to your goals, achievements, mood, success, and growth. Learn from the masters like Adam Franklin, Bella Vasta, Charlie Grinnell, Dan Lok, Dr. Sharmila Anand, Gaurav Gurbaxani, Tim Schmoyer, and a lot more through this beautiful book.

Just a word of caution from my side. Reading THE INTERNET MOGULS OF THE WORLD - HOW THE PLANET'S BEST FOUND THEIR PASSION AND NEVER LOOKED BACK by Avi Arya, Raya Arya, and Avianna Arya will not create any miracles and make you successful overnight. All these over 60 heroes covered in this book never underweighed their knowledge, conviction, hard work, constant learning, and self-belief. Having all these with you, this book will add extra fuel to your zeal. It will indeed, act as a catalyst to your journey in achieving your targeted goals. 

You can buy this book here on Amazon India
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Childhood #shortstory #BlogchatterA2Z #PebbleInWatersWrites @blogchatter #memoir

Childhood.  What a wonderful days were there in childhood.  I used to have many moments during the day.  And there was no account of those moments.  The whole day used to be mine.  Every moment of the day was mine.  I could spend it however I wanted.  I used to spend hours trying to catch the piece of light coming from the hole of the closed door, mistaking it for a white ball lying on the floor.  Of course it never came in my hand. I was never able to grab it in my hand despite all my efforts.  But even then I was very happy.  That the ball was with me.  That ball never left me.  I was convinced that it was mine and would never leave me.  Then one day very thick clouds came in the sky.  The sun hid behind those clouds.  And I lost my ball. That day it was only dark in the room. No white ball.

Childhood #shortstory #BlogchatterA2Z #PebbleInWatersWrites @blogchatter #memoir

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I kept crying for hours but it didn't come.  Suddenly it started raining heavily.  There was the sound of raindrops falling outside.  Even my tears were not coming to stop.  My ball was lost.  I felt that all those who are on that side of the door have also lost the ball.  And all of them are crying together.  That's why there is the sound of so many drops falling from their eyes.  I fell asleep crying that day.  When I woke up the next day, my ball was back.  I was happy again.  It was a small tragedy.  The great tragedy was yet to come.  Many more days passed by playing with the ball.  But one day a big accident happened.  Someone suddenly opened the closed door.  The darkness inside disappeared.  The floor was clearly visible.  Everything in the room was clearly visible.  But my ball disappeared.  It disappeared in such a way that it was never found again.

Even the childhood that went once was never found again.  When it was childhood, it was dark, there was a closed room, there was a closed door, there was a ball, there was happiness.  The door opened, childhood went, darkness went, light came, the ball went.  Happiness?  I don't know.

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Bella #shortstory #BlogchatterA2Z #PebbleInWatersWrites @blogchatter

Bella.  I could never forget her.  Even after so many years.  Her silky hair was golden brown.  Her hair used to shine like gold in the sun.  She was not ordinary at all.  There was a different kind of vibe in her.  There was a different look on her face all the time, very graceful kind.  As long as she was there with me, I could twirl her silky hair without a hitch.  She probably didn't have a problem with it either.  I could feel her face, her eyes, her hair, her head very precisely with my fingers.  Maybe with her consent.  I also think she liked it all.  So the point was that both of us started having a lot of fun in it.  Every time I encountered her during the day, I used to repeat this process.  Her elegance and slim body were amazing.  As if a sculptor has made his best idol and put life in it.  As if a creator has created a creation full of life.

Bella #shortstory #BlogchatterA2Z #PebbleInWatersWrites @blogchatter

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Bella was not her name when she first came into my life.  She probably didn't even have a name then.  I would have been maybe four or five years old at that time when I met her first.  It was evening time.  I was playing outside the house all alone.  And I found her hanging on a grape arbor/vine in my verandah.  She was frightened badly.  She needed help.  Just helpless in that meek voice.  She was not more than three weeks then at that time.  I didn't know how she had reached the middle of the arbor.  And when I saw her, I found both her back legs hanging in the air.  It was such that she would fall now or fall then.  And before she lost all courage and fell down, I had my eyes on her.  It was not that I had not seen any kitten before that.  But I had never seen such a young one and in such a helpless state.

When I saw her for the first time, I felt like a bond forming with her.  I grabbed her with my little hands, took care of her wihile taking her off from the grapevine, and brought her home.  She didn't even try to go anywhere.  I could comfortably fit her my hands.  After bringing her home, I gave her milk in a bowl, caressed a little and after that my house became her too. I named her Bella because I found her hanging on a vine.  After that Bella and I had a special relationship.  I was 23 years old when she breathed her last in my own hands.  For a long time, I was very depressed and even food had almost stopped.  Then, slowly I calmed down.  Even after so many years, she is still in my mind as she is around somewhere.  Bella is with me even after going for so many years.

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Friday, April 01, 2022

All Is Well #shortstory #BlogchatterA2Z #PebbleInWatersWrites @blogchatter

All is well.  I asked Ramesh how is everything going.  He gave me this answer without bringing any emotion on the flat face.  At first I felt very strange why he spoke in such a rude manner.  Then I thought what should I do and why should I bother.  We were in the same class in school.  And every year we moved together in the same next class.  I took science.  He also took science.  12 years ago we all separated after finishing school education.  After that, even meeting after so many years, he only recognized me.  His face had changed a lot.  I probably hadn't changed much.  We didn't have much friendship in school.

All Is Well #shortstory #BlogchatterA2Z #PebbleInWatersWrites @blogchatter

He was top in studies and I was thoroughly in sports.  I was fine in studies.  Yes, never came first like him always.There are some things about him that I still remember and have never been able to wipe off from my memory.  Till that day I was sure that he had nothing to do with sports.  I always thought he was just a bookworm.  We had reached the final of our region in badminton and our position was also very strong.  We were almost certain to win the trophy.  Two days later it was the final match and one of our great players got sick. I don't know from where our coach brought Ramesh in his place.  We all wondered what had happened to the coach.

No one dared to go and question coach about that.  Now,  none of us thought that we would win in the final.  But there was another surprise for all of us.  We won the trophy and won on the strength of Ramesh.  I asked him then how he did it.  Even then he had the same answer, all is well.  Then I came to know that this person was not only top in studies but also had a hidden talent in many other things.  I remember one more incident about him.   It was our last year in school and final exams were going on.  On the day of the last examination, Ramesh entered the hall after 15 minutes of the commencement of the examination.

He was absolutely calm.  No excitement.  No panic on the face.  Very calmly he started giving the exam.  Yes, on that day, his pen was a little quicker than the other days.  After the examination, his close friends asked him how was the examination.  He had the same answer, all is well. When they asked his he got late he told on his way he found a calf stuck his front legs in an open gutter and was not able to move out. So, Ramesh decided to put his exam on stake that day and save the life of that calf. And he succeeded. In both. The interesting thing is that despite all this, he came first.

He was a unique personality.  Never used to pretend.  He had a calm disposition.  Didn't speak more than required.  He was serious all the time.  One more thing I came to know about him after meeting him today.  How high to keep the level of competence and success is always in our hands.  Even after coming top in IAS, instead of taking any post of royal fun, Ramesh took the responsibility of working for the development of far flung villages by making a special request to the government.  If anyone has the power to stand on the scorching sands of the desert and say all is well, then he will be Ramesh or someone like Ramesh.  And that person will also have enough power to grow roses in the sand.

Ramesh is the owner of a different personality. I termed that personality class as - All is well.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Discrimination #CauseAChatter #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter #discrimination

Discrimination between right and wrong? Discrimination between humans?  Or discrimination between things?  What is appropriate?  What is unfair?  Who is this discriminator?  And who is the one to discriminate?  The people or things that are being judged for this discrimination, who or what are they?  Who will decide what is right and what is wrong?  According to me, proving anything right or wrong is usually done by a person for his personal interest.  And he will do it so cleverly and well that the one who sees or hears it will get so much influenced to have complete faith in him and trust him blindly.  His ingenuity hidden behind him is never visible to anyone.  Historians, politicians, lawyers, doctors, teachers, or parents will show or tell what they want and not what is the reality.  And you will see that thing so true and strong that you will believe it quickly.

Discrimination #CauseAChatter #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter #discrimination

Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi was shown to be great.  It was a great marketing ploy.  Crores of people got caught in this lie and became the devotees of that hypocrite.  People repeatedly fell in his trap, he kept fooling the country again and again, and again.  I wish if Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, etc. had run this country, today we would have been in the first place in the world.  With the greatest strength.  India would have been the biggest storehouse of knowledge.  As much as possible for the duo,  Gandhi and Nehru hollowed out the roots of this country, so much so that even our foreign arch enemies did not cause that much harm. I don't know whose curse was that on our country.

If Gandhi wanted, he could have saved Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru from hanging.  Had Gandhi wanted, Sardar Patel would have been our first Prime Minister.  And the country would not have been ruined all those years after independence under Nehru and his family regime.  We have caught the path of progress only after 70 years of independence. If we had caught it at the time of independence, then today India would have been very different.  All this happened due to discrimination of one person, which changed the fate of this country.  After 70 years, it took the so years to clean the termites spread during those 70 years.  Who is responsible for that?  Gandhi was always engaged in the political wrongdoings of Nehru.

The gap between the two major religions of the country continued to widen.  He kept on weakening his religion and never got tired of doing wrong progress of other religions.  What kind of person was Gandhi?  What kind of humanity was his?  What kind of patriotism was that?  And what kind of country did this become?  So many discriminations?  You cannot go to the temple because you are a low caste, or a woman.  You cannot get good medical treatment because you are poor.  The hospitals became a business.  Education became a business.  Religious division became an election game.  Everyone is busy playing their game.  Some are intoxicated with money, some are intoxicated with their chairs.

Who is juggler?  Who are the objects?  Who is responsible for so much discrimination and so much destruction due to those discrimination situations?  We?  Or someone else?

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Friday, March 25, 2022

Black Hole by Tomichan Matheikal #bookreview @pebbleinwaterswrites #bookchatter @Matheikal #tbrchallenge

Very few book covers are so impressive and so expressive as the one that of Black Hole by Tomichan Matheikal. I looked at it, I looked at it again, and then I kept looking at it for a few moments. It appeared to me as a volcano of thousands of emotions inside that are just about to erupt. The cover page is so silent yet so expressive. It was, as if, a tale in itself. So, the expectations were already set by looking at the cover page itself even before reading a single word from the book. If writing is the choicest means of escape for Tomichen, it has brought one of the most beautiful outcome. For any aspiring author, in whose mind, ideas of writing are sprouting, must read this book to understand the crux of situation building. It's a learning for established authors as well.

Block Hole by Tomichan Matheikal #bookreview @pebbleinwaterswrites #bookchatter @Matheikal #tbrchallenge

So, it's not only about the book cover of Black Hole by Tomichan Matheikal that is so fabulous, it is the flawless and super fluent writing style that is cherry on the cake. If I compare an author with a racing car expert driver and story as a racing car, with very few drivers I have had such an exciting journey with no jerks and no fear. It was like the car is floating in the clouds. I am highly impressed. I think it's more to do with a natural gift for writing so excellently than practice. Basically, it's the author's thought process that gets translated to his stories. And this kind of writing clearly shows his crisp, clear, and undiluted Tomichen's thought process is while writing. No interruptions, no deviations, no hiccups. Everything is so perfect. The book cover and the writing. 

When I look at the book cover, I could feel how well the white space and silence been used to express so well. Similarly, it's the writing that plays the and music. Here, it is the array of words that are made to convey and bind with the reader in a meaningful tone. Black Hole by Tomichan Matheikal is a class in its own. What a superb narrative from the first chapter itself -

Kailashputar fled from his nightmares.  In search of meaning. “Where will you go, my son?” asked his mother. “Where my soul finds peace,” he said. “What is peace?” she wondered. “The absence of conflicts,” he said. “You are a fool,” her eyes penetrated into his.  “A coward.” “Was the Buddha a coward?” “Wasn’t he?”

This 105 pages long story or novella Black Hole by Tomichan Matheikal is absolutely and wonderfully engaging. There are a lot of revelations at various points of the story. Here's an excerpt:

Indira Gandhi was not really deaf.  She could hear the music of the cosmos if she wished.  But she often chose to be deaf.  When she visited the Khasi Hills during the agitation for a separate state for the tribal people, however, she listened to the music of the cosmos.  Shrewd manipulator though she was, there was a flicker of the romantic in her heart.  Her will to power was an alter ego of her romantic libido.  The clouds that kissed the hills strummed on the romantic chords stretched tight beneath her suave exterior.  And she said, like the whimsical and omnipotent God of Genesis, “Let there be Meghalaya.”  And Meghalaya was born.

You can buy the book here.

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Women Empowerment #CauseAChatter #pebbleinwaterswrites

Women empowerment is a problem too, so is the solution.  One thing is true.  Half of the people in the world who speak or write in favor of women empowerment do not actually want to see this happening.  And the other half don't know what it means, or its possible solutions.  In fact, the moment a woman starts thinking that her only real job is to please a man, she takes herself a step down.  On the other hand, the moment a man tries to convince a woman that the woman is always behind or below the man, and a woman accepts it silently, the decline of our society begins there and then only at that very moment.  The society in which women are given a high status and respect, that society progresses on the right path with ten times the strength and momentum.

Women Empowerment #CauseAChatter #pebbleinwaterswritesPhoto credit: angela7dreams on

Woman has that power which no one else in this world has.  It's her strength and power of being a mother. No man can beat that strength and power. The status of mother is considered above even God.  So in such a situation, it would be a big mistake and unwise to wrongly assess the power of a woman, to make her feel inferior, or to consider her weaker.  It is because of a woman, that this world exists.   How would the world progress if there were no women?  In such a situation, if a woman thinks that she has to be equal to a man, then this is also wrong.  Because woman is already above any man right from the beginning, in every respect.  Now if we talk about family, society, and country, then women should be given equal rights in terms of respect, status, and opportunity, in every house.

Actually,  it should start happening in every part of the society. As nothing will happen with empty feelings and showy slogans.  It is put in the mind of the child from the very beginning that the boy has a free hand and all the bonds are there for the girl.  A family loves the boy more, it's less for the girl.  Expensive stuff for the boy, not for the girl.  If this unfortunate discrimination is inculcated in the hearts and minds of both the children from the very beginning, then even if we talk about equality going forward, it will have no meaning.  The good thing is that slowly this awareness has started increasing all over the world.  The families where it was taken care from the very beginning that all rights of girls and boys are equal, children have progressed more in that place.  Girls lacked ability, it was never like this.

But how do girls progress when they are not given equal opportunities? The whole world has witnessed when a girl or woman is given the right opportunity, they demonstrated it by going ahead of the boys and men respectively.  A termite is still there in our society.  Even if girls are given equal opportunities to an extent, they end up coming at one place.  Still nowhere are girls considered worthy of the highest position.  No matter how many times the girl is ahead of the boys in her ability. We have to get rid of this societal curse or evil. 

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this post are personal and for reading purposes only. They’re not medical advice. Each individual’s experience may vary. Please consult a professional if you need help.

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Mental Health #CauseAChatter #pebbleinwaterswrites #mentalhealth

Mental health simply means - a person's state in relation to their psychological and emotional well-being. Good.  Balance of mental and physical health is very important. Excess of one will not compensate for the other.  It is important to have both and to have sufficiently.  Be it sports or business, you have to make your mental health as well as physical health more strong as you move up the stairs of progress. This is the basis on which you can easily face the toughest of difficulties in life and profession.  Otherwise, people get frustrated in difficulties and give up at one stance or the other.  If you have a strong mental health then you can be the owner of strong determination power.  In that case, your morale will always be up. Certainly, You will not lay down arms even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Mental Health #CauseAChatter #pebbleinwaterswrites #mentalhealth
Photo credit: rockindave1 on VisualHunt

A person with good mental health will face the difficulties and difficult situations with courage.  And will easily solve even the most difficult and complex problems.  The final moments,  of the game for the player when victory and defeat are about to be decided, for the doctor to operate a dying patient in the operation theater, those few hours for the student appearing for  high stake exam, for the pilot to control the aircraft in bad weather, or  a similar kind of mental struggle in such a critical situation, are the few examples of situations where one requires a very good mental health.  On the other hand, somewhere around us, we find a few people who are mentally unwell. There can be many reasons for this to happen in their life.  In such a situation, such a person should never be ridiculed.  This problem can happen to anyone at any time.

Such a person should be dealt with full sympathy.  His illness should be properly get assessed from an expert in the field.  And he should be treated under the supervision of a good doctor.  Just as all physical problems can be treated, similarly mental problems can also be solved properly.  We have made a lot of progress in technology and medicine today.  We have come a long way in this direction in the last few decades.  Admittedly, though the complexity of mental illnesses has increased, but at the same time, in proportion to those complexities, we have become very capable of solving those complications.

Today, a doctor sitting in one corner of the world can easily consult with doctors from other countries about his patients suffering from complex diseases in a matter of moments and can also perform complex operations with their help with the help of technology using a good bandwidth and video conferencing.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this post are personal and for reading purposes only. They’re not medical advice. Each individual’s experience may vary. Please consult a professional if you need help.


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Monday, February 28, 2022

What Writing Everyday Taught Me #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

What did writing everyday taught me?  I think many new things have emerged in this one month.  I found it very exciting when Blogchatter announced #WriteAPageADay.  And when I came to know that it is also giving one topic for every day, then it seemed that it is icing on the cake. It was quite easy deal, I thought. You just have to look at the topic of every day and cook a story on it.  This will be a very easy task, it seemed initially.  But, after a few days I soon realized that it was like a mousetrap and I was caught in it like a mouse. Well, when I had jumped in the river, it had to be crossed somehow. There was no point in giving up on between.

What Writing Everyday Taught Me #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter
Photo credit: jean louis mazieres on VisualHunt

Now, the routine was about seeing day's topic in the evening, thinking about it, first in the mind, and then writing the story and then publishing it.  While doing all this, it used to be time to sleep and at times it seemed that some more hard work could have been done in today's subject.  Then, I made a change in it.  I started seeing day's topic in the morning and then thinking about it all over during the day while finishing my other tasks.  In this way, a good story would get cooked in time by the evening.  Now, a new fun and adventure has come in this game.  Although, we had the freedom to write our own without holding on to the suggested topic.  But, what I took it as a challenge accepting the title suggests for each day.

In this way, I found something different in it.  And, with that fun came a new addiction.  An enthusiasm and confidence also came along with it.  I really and thoroughly enjoyed it the whole month. Along with all this, a new discipline was also invented.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Piece Of Advice To My Younger Self #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

A piece of advice to my younger self.  Never get angry with anyone on anything.  Have so much faith in yourself.  Always be ready to handle whatever happens.  But whatever you do, do it with all your heart.  There will be many ways to choose from.  Whatever path you take, take it carefully.  Consultants will meet many, do this, do not do this.  But remember, the path you have chosen for yourself, you yourself have to walk on it.  You have to learn how to solve your own problems.  But one thing is certain.  Don't blame anyone else for your troubles and difficulties.  Because, for your every difficulty, and every trouble, you must have the answer.

A Piece Of Advice To My Younger Self #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

Photo credit: Howard J Duncan on

Whatever decision you take, take it with all your heart and mind. Then, even if it turns out to be a wrong decision later, no one else will be responsible for that. You won't have to point finger on anybody else.  Whatever you did, you did it after deciding on your own.  Whatever it results into, right or wrong, it is yours.  Accept it with full grace. If it is good, it is yours.  And even if it is bad, it is still yours.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

One Thing I Would Change Through Time Travel #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

One thing that I would change through time travel is our journey to freedom. We all have heard a lot about time. For example, one thing that has passed in time does not come back. Time heals every deep wound. The nature of the clock is also strange, it never stops itself, nor does it allow time to stop, and neither does the human being. When there is a slap of time, someone turns from a king to a fakir, and someone from a fakir to a king. There is no one more than time or a stranger, if time is one's own, then everyone is one's own, and if time is in favour, then all becomes alien. Time is never seen but it teaches a lot. I would like to rewind the period between India's slavery and independence, if time permits.

Photo credit: nevil zaveri (away:) on

The British came to do business in the name of the East India Company on the land of India but actually they had very bad intentions towards India.  They divided India into small pieces, divided Indian among themselves, and became the ruler.  They bought whom they could buy, who did not come under their control, got them killed.  But in this period many fearless Indians emerged who refused to kneel before the British.  So when the chariot of time came to me and asked me, would I like to ride on it?  I was told I would be getting this opportunity only once. So, how could I let it go.  It was told that when I sit on that self-propelled chariot, it will take me behind or ahead of time period of my choice.

At first it made my heart go to that point to prevent the Indians from kneeling before the East India Company.  Then I thought why not join Bhagat Singh's team and do something that I prevents all three of them to be hanged.  If Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, and Sukhdev had survived, India was sure to be free with respect, as Akhand Bharat.  Not the independent India of Nehru and Gandhi that was out of sheer bargaining and selfish motives that resulted in half India and half Pakistan.  I have never liked Gandhi. He is an overly publicised personality, in my opinion. I could not understand that if he was of very high character then why he opposed greats like Sardar Patel and Subhash Chandra Bose, and supported a misfit like Jawaharlal Nehru.

Photo credit: Saktishree on Visualhunt

What was such a compulsion that drove him to this path?  Or was there a hidden selfish deal in that as well.  If Gandhi wanted, he would never have allowed this to happen which took India on the path of decline from the very first day of independence.  Gandhi knew every wrongdoings by Nehru, the most shrewd politician.  He is half Hindu.  He did not have any pain towards India and Indians. He was a man full of venom and selfish motives.  So once made my heart that when Gandhi decided to support a wrong man like Nehru, go there at that moment of time and do what Nathu Ram Godse did after so many years.  Had it done earlier, perhaps Sardar Patel would have solved the independence of India very well and would have been the first Prime Minister of independent India.

All this was going on now in the mind and there was the ringing of the phone that distracted the attention.  It is yet to be decided that if I want to go back then where to stop and start a new journey from that insurance which will change the picture of today.

Friday, February 25, 2022

A Must Have On My Desk #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

Before becoming a manager, I had no idea of ​​what should be on my desk.  Whatever and however it was, everything was fine.  But after becoming a manager, I started to feel that there are some things that are very important for me, that is, for a manager, to have on the desk.  Always.  The time of patience was over.  It is very important to have an atmosphere of eagerness at a manager's desk.  And it is very important to seen this very clearly by my team.  The work that I have to give tomorrow for my team, it should have been completed today.  There should be a lot of eagerness for this.  At first, my team members found this very surprising.

But after some time they probably started to understand it slowly.  Once a member tried to argue a bit by saying that Sir it is all a matter of time.  I had to say in response that if you do not play together at the same speed in this game, then your game is going to be over, very soon.  He probably understood the point quite instantly and therefore never tried to argue with me again thereafter.  But I had exactly the opposite of this towards my manager.  If my manager used to give me some work which only I have to do, I would reply that there is no greater wealth than patience.

A Must Have On My Desk #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter
Photo credit: Andy Morffew on VisualHunt

Now, if we keep the jokes aside, then I believe that there is really no wealth actually greater than patience.  Due to being impatient, the work also starts getting worse.  If the work is done at the right speed, then its result will also be right.  It cannot happen that we apply ODI techniques in Test matches and bat like we do in Test matches in ODIs.  What do you think?

Thursday, February 24, 2022

One Little Thing I Do That Brightens My Day #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

One little thing that I do that brightens up my day.  What could it be?  Can you guess?  I had read somewhere in childhood, or had probably heard from some elders in the house.  That, what we keep trying to find outside throughout our ages, and rarely anyone is able to find it, it actually is inside us.  And, we try not to find it there.  So, since then, I have assumed that this immense energy of the universe, through which the whole universe is governed, a small part of it is present in me as well. And, in fact, in every human being. Just that day and today, I bow down to myself every day, with all due respect I try to touch that part of the energy with my conscious mind, and thank it for being with me.

One Little Thing I Do That Brightens My Day #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter
Photo credit: Daniel Arrhakis on Visualhunt

Whenever I am alone, and I am battling with the darkness, I remember that energy, and everything becomes fine all of a sudden.  One little thing that I do that brightens up my day, is this. This energy is very strong. This energy very initially guided me with a very important lesson of life. It guided me to take all my decision on my own listening to my heart and mind. If that happens, then I won't be able to blame anybody if that decision later goes wrong. That's perfectly a great lesson and I followed it right at a very early stage. One little thing that I do that brightens up my day is to salute myself too to follow certain great things in life. I also believe in a fact that whatever happens in life, happens for a reason.

There is always a big motive of this universe behind every small thing that happens. There have been moments in my life when that small unit of energy within connects with the larger part of it present in the universe. That awareness happens very rarely though these energy units all across the universe stay connected all the time. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

My First Crush #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

I might not even remember my first crush.  Maybe no one remembers.  Because to be in love, to understand things, to start speaking, to have the ability to express oneself, and to have the courage to tell the world;  these are all different stages that arise in a child at different periods.  Now, to be in love, it is not necessary for you that you should also know the meaning of love.  Neither it needs you to speak about it.  Because, love has its own language and love is not at all dependant on words.  Apart from words, love can be expressed in many other ways and through many mediums.  Like, eyes are more than enough to declare that you have fallen in love with a person.

My First Crush #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter
Photo credit: Squirmelia on

Actually, love is a game of hormones.  It's only hormones that do all this magic.  As far as I remember as a child, I fell in love many times with girls older than me, or should I say, women.  When I was in first or second grade, there lived a very beautiful lady in our neighborhood next to a couple of houses. She lived with her husband. So, when someone in the family or locality asked me who I would marry when I grew up, I used to point towards that woman and say, I will marry her.  When I was told that she is already married, I used to say, no problem.  Her husband also used to laugh a lot after hearing this.  A few years later, in my childhood itself, I had an operation in the hospital.

So, a few days before that operation, and a few days after, I was in a room in that hospital. Although all the staff and doctors were very good there, but there was a nurse whom I used to wait for everyday while lying on the bed.  She used to come, ask me about my condition, and I used to like it very much. Her coming and asking used to make my day, everyday. I remember this thing even today, even after so many years have passed.  Why?  I do not know this myself.  Although I do not remember those two faces today.  But both those instances are still included in my memories.

Remembering any of those two most beautiful ladies, and having a smile on my face, both go hand in hand.  People say love hurts.  But my first love has always brought a smile to my face.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A Recipe I Inherited From My Grandmother #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

 A recipe that I inherited from my grandmother.

If you want a method, it is important to know this first.

That it is a priceless recipe.

Whoever gets it once, then understand that life has become like a very tasty dish.

Its sweet fragrance will make every moment pleasant.

The one who tastes it once, it will be as if intoxicated.

So know that recipe.

A Recipe I Inherited From My Grandmother #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter
Photo credit: Karon Elliott Edleson on Visualhunt

You can give any name to that recipe.

Add as many of these as you want.

The words should come from the heart of the speaker and touch the heart of the listener. 

A smile that has the power to convert anger into love. 

Such magic in hand that can make every dish unmatched.

Have so much faith on life that even if the death comes, then first it bows down and salute.

These ingredients keep my mind very clear.

And live life in such a way that there remains no element of jealousy.

I call it the recipe of life prescribed by my grandmother.

Monday, February 21, 2022

A Sunrise To Remember #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter

A sunrise to remember.  This is the sunrise that I see and I think I am still alive.  One day more.  One more sunrise.  I'm fine one more day. I also retained my heat.  My energy is ready to finish the day's work.  Every day starts with sunrise.  There is no day when there is no sunrise.  It is the rule of the sun to rise and give continuous light.  Sometimes the clouds come in front of the Sun during the day, then the light can definitely decrease, but no power in this universe can stop the Sun from rising.  This is the law of nature and it is unchallenged.  Ever since the earth came into existence.  And it will remain so as long as there exists earth.  This is a great lesson for life.

A Sunrise To Remember #WriteAPageADay #pebbleinwaterswrites @blogchatter
Photo credit: cirkel der natuur on

The rule provides immutability.  Even if there is a sunset, there is a hope that there will be sunrise after the dark night.  Sunrise signifies a new hope, new vigor, new energy, and new life.  The emergence of the sun after every night shows that no matter how dark the night is, it will not be able to stop the light from coming.  Botanical life begins with the sunrise.  Plants are able to build their food with the help of sunlight.  Sunlight starts many processes in our body. In fact, in all living beings. The sun never rests.  Even after sunset, the sun transmits its light to us through the moon. 

Here's my collection of some beautiful quotes on Sunrise:

Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth. - Roman Payne

I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you. That every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written. - Juansen Dizon

A Sunrise is God's way of saying, "Let's start again. - Todd Stocker

Life. This morning the sun made me adore it. It had, behind the dripping pine trees, the oriental brightness, orange and crimson, of a living being, a rose and an apple, in the physical and ideal fusion of a true and daily paradise. - Juan Ramón Jiménez

Sunrise looks spectacular in the nature; sunrise looks spectacular in the photos; sunrise looks spectacular in our dreams; sunrise looks spectacular in the paintings, because it really is spectacular! - Mehmet Murat ildan

As I woke up this morning, and I opened my eyes,

I am very grateful to see another sunrise

- Charmaine J Forde

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