Review Policy

Review Policy

Product and Service Review Policy

What do we expect from you to review your product/ service?


We have a very simple review policy for reviewing your product or services. It could be a paid review as per our final decision based on the following points:

Review Policy
Photo credit: Velo abzug via / CC BY-ND

  1. We want your product/ service to talk to us instead of ppt, brochure or just a meeting.
  2. It is important for us to taste the pudding to express the reality in words or pics. That is why point no. 1 above is very important.
  3. It is important to tell the world in our language instead of yours. You might have already explained your product/ service on your website etc.
  4. We might decide to charge for reviewing some services/ products depending on certain factors.
  5. Even if it is a paid review, we don't promise to be goodie-goodie. Charges are for delivery not for content.

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