Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pre-Marital Sex: Yes, No, Maybe, Don't Know: What Is Your Call?

 Instance 1:
“Hey sweety I am in a hurry. Can we have this child in 6 months instead of regular 9, the way we had our first one?” The husband asked the wife. “Actually after that I have to go on a long project overseas from the company and that is for a period of 1 year. So I want to see my child’s face before I start my journey.”
“Are you mad?”, said wife, “how is that possible? That is against nature and might be dangerous for our child and even my health. Are you okay to take that risk?”
“No! Never!”, replied husband. “I was just joking”. “Even it was practically possible, I would have never gone against nature’s laws.”
“Like even pre-marital sex was existing in society, my heart and mind never allowed me to go for it”, said husband.
“I second your values in life”, whispered wife.

Instance 2:
“Hey sweetheart, would you mind if I have a taste of pre-marital sex before we marry next month?” asked fiancĂ© to his about-to-be-wife with a teasing smile on his face.
“Not at all, but I hope you also will not mind if I try the same with my half a dozen friends who are all tall, smart and handsome and are better than you in all aspects in terms of enjoyment” the reply came.

The smile vanished, the color of face changed – “Oh sweetheart, that was just a joke!”

These are just 2 instances out of many real life social scenarios. I have certain points for the people who are in favor of having pre-marital sex in life and have no objection. If they are fairly open for this stand with solid and convincing viewpoint then probably they might be right too. But usually people who are in favor of this, have dual standards of life – having different level of transparency for themselves and different for others.

On the other hand people having their stand against having pre-marital sex but have no solid reasons behind this, are prone to deviate from it. Probably they need to build and create more convincing points in favor of their stand so as to act that as a stable and solid foundation for their support.

I am totally against it and had been firm and clear about this stand during my college days and post college days till I got married. My foundation of not being in favor of having pre-marital sex is based on following points:

  • If I am convinced with the idea of having it, I must be open for the same for the other side too. That is the biggest reason. Marriage is a sweet relationship and its sweetness should stay intact throughout. A small violation could lead to a big disaster.
  • Does it not break the code of conduct of nature? If it was allowed by nature, probably the human mind would have adopted it without any hiccup. Anything that your conscious opposes has a force induced from nature too.
  • Does it go against my culture and family tradition?

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