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Fan Movie Review A Psychic Thriller - Good Theme But Poor Presentation

Fan movie is a mix of good stuff and lousy stuff

Fan movie has a poor storyline

The poor storyline of Fan movie impacts the good direction

Fan movie is a story of two guys - Aryan Khanna - a superstar and top actor in Bollywood movies, and Gaurav Chandna - a small time local resident of some DDA colony in Delhi and a super fan of the former. The latter is so lunatic in his obsession towards Aryan Khanna that he could go to any extent of madness and psychic extremes. The movie was released on April 15 and probably is done with the theaters. Now a days movies come and go in a short period of one week to three weeks and in between there are some media news about box office collections that sometimes appear fake and extrapolated.

Fan movie is directed by Maneesh Sharma. Direction is fine but a lot depends on the story. Whatever best you do with direction, if story is not of that level, the movie and audience have to suffer.

Fan Movie Review A Psychic Thriller - Good Theme But Poor Presentation

Editor is Namrata Rao and the movie is produced under the banner of YRF - Yash Raj Films. Music directors are Andrea Guerra, and duo Vishal-Shekar. But where is the music, you will keep wondering after finishing the movie. What these three guys did on music front is suspense as on screen there were no songs or music.

Though Gaurav Chandna is a dumb, not too educated kind of character belonging to a low-middle class family but he has been shown as a super intelligent guy stalking a Bollywood super star of Aryan Khanna with so much intelligence that is unbelievable. If the guy was so intelligent, he would have built his career for the sake of his old parents. And if he was so obsessive he would have already fallen into troubles. The guy has a passport and reaches London without his parents knowing about his whereabouts. There are many such gaps in the story.

A solo spot in the movie that impressed me and created some unique moments was -
When Senior goes to meet junior in the police station to advice him to leave Mumbai and stop doing crazy things in life. The moment when he looks at him and tells him why should he spare even five minutes of his life for him, was excellent.

Rest, the complete movie was unimpressive with typical acting by Shah Rukh Khan and there was nothing so creative in acting and delivery. The movie can be seen with family as there is no obscene stuff throughout. If you are okay with some fight, some beautiful scenic views, and SRK, and feel this is just you would expect in a movie spending Rs 300, then go for it. Otherwise, there is nothing so special to highlight, or like, in the movie.

The theme of Fan is powerful but the way it has been molded in a story is totally indigestible. Even the kids will raise questions about the illogical sequences in the story and its presentation.

I would say Fan movie is a waste of talent in three sections - direction, acting, and music just because of poor storyline. I would rate it 2 on a scale of 5. Watch a better movie in case you plan to watch on theater. Otherwise you will feel like me after the movie - waste of time and money.

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