Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Features Of A Car Music System

5 Features Of A Car Music System

A Car Music System must have certain features.

The top 5 features of a car music system

When we talk about 5 features of car music system what comes to my mind instantly is certain features like Bluetooth audio, easy control like the placement of control buttons on steering, USB port, voice recognition, and NFC authentication. Though there would be many more. Every person would have a separate choice based on the priorities and likings. It would like to explain these features below and also would discuss why I feel them important to have.

NFC Authentication: NFC is nothing but near field communication. NFC feature enables your device to communicate with other devices. An NFC-enabled device can act as a reader. It can also be read by other devices. This handshaking happens in a close proximity. The music system can handshake with my smartphone via NFC to enable communication. NFC can intelligently record an incident. It can also raise an alert or alarm in case of any incident.

Voice Recognition: I would prefer to have a system that recognizes my voice. In fact, at times, I would prefer it to act as my personal assistant (PA). It must talk to me when I am driving alone and don't want to listen to music, it must talk to me. The talk may be on the latest news, current affairs or any other subject of choice. When I want to play music, it must understand through voice and play the directed number. Voice recognition system can act as an authentication system also. There can be an authentication process in the system. In the case of any discrepancy, the system can raise an alert to the pre-defined numbers. It can act as a powerful safety and security tool.

USB Port: The music system in my car must have USB 2,0 and USB 3.0 ports. I must be able to connect my devices with the system to transfer data from any other device to the music system storage or from music system storage to the connected device. I must also be able to play numbers stored in the connected USB device. There are instances when on the move you get some useful music collection from a friend. The port becomes handy in such moments. You can just copy the stuff to your local storage from friend's USB device.

5 Features Of A Car Music System
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Bluetooth Audio: The system must pair with my smartphones automatically. While driving, the calls must come to the system directly and I must be able to communicate via its speakers. An easy pairing process can act as a safety system also. In fact, when I sit in the car and my smartphone does not pair with the system for any reason, it must raise an alert.

Easy Control: The steering must have volume and channel controls so that I can easily and comfortably control my music system. It also enhances safety while driving.

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