Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Features Of A Peppy Car

5 features of a peppy car

A peppy car has to have certain features to stay apart from others.

A peppy car has to be a class apart from others in the market.

I am discussing features of a peppy car. A peppy car has to be a class apart from other variants in the market so as to stay apart and keep its presence felt. Whether a car needs to be trendy, classy, stylish or it needs to be high-tech, nerd and intelligent. meaning and expectations may vary from person to person. Some might require it to be having the features mentioned formerly. Others might expect the latter. And on top of it, there would a set of people who would demand both sides. For them, a peppy car has not only to be trendy, classic and stylish but it also needs to be high-tech, nerd and intelligent. Let me tell you what 5 features of a peppy car I would anticipate it to possess.

Ding Dong O Baby Sing a Song: The car has to be super intelligent. It must be able to read my mood and play songs accordingly. If it is a rainy day and I am sad, it must play some ghazals. I would also love to have a peppy car if it is able to suggest singers and numbers. Can there be an alignment between a car and its owner of such sort?

Jahan Teri Ye Nazar Hai Meri Jaan Mujhe Khabar Hai: If my car is able to know me to such an extent that it reads my mind about the destination. Not only that, if it is able to know whether I am clear about the route or I need some assistance. Even if I am clear about the route and there is some trouble on the route, it must alarm me. It must proactively indicate the traffic chaos en route.

Jab Jab Bahar Aayi Aur Phool Muskuraye, Mujhe Tum Yaad Aaye: My intelligent car has to remember the important dates of my friends and family members. It must tell me in advance about upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. Not only that, it must be able to suggest which friend would like what kind of gift.
5 Features Of A Peppy Car
Photo credit: Paul Stevenson via / CC BY

Yamma Yamma Yamma Yamma Ye Khubsoorat Samman: My super intelligent peppy car needs to remember my important meeting dates and must act as my personal assistant. It must tell me my day's schedule in the morning, Once I accept it, it must ensure that I adhere to the planned meetings and other schedules.

Rote Rote Hasna Seekho, Rote Rote Hasna, Jitni Chaabi Bhari Ram Ne Utna Chale Khilona: My smart baby must take care of my health. It must help me in consuming and burining right amount of calories, If intake of calories is going beyond the permissible levels, it must give a strict warning to me in this regard. Similarly, it should act accordingly in case of the calories burnt.

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