Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mumbai Pune Six-Lane Expressway #madeofgreat

Mumbai is the finance capital of India. It is said that Mumbai has a big heart to accommodate anyone coming from any part of India in aspiration of a job and earning. Mumbai has a great scope for anyone and everyone. Another well-known fact about Mumbai is that this is the city that never sleeps. The night in Mumbai is as busier as the day. Mumbai local connects Mumbai and Navi Mumbai well. Mumbai local transport service BEST is also well organized and a substantial connecting factor. Traffic in Mumbai snarls but people here are known not to lose their patience. Traffic discipline is a salient feature of Mumbai. There is no random and frequent lane change in Mumbai as it is in the northern part of the country. Delhi is the worst in this regard.
Design: If we talk of design, Mumbai has some of the best architectural structure that are standing tall and making Mumbai proud.  Gateway of India was built during the British ruled our country.  It is around 25 meters high and is in south Mumbai. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus is another example of design. Life is at its peak here at any hour of the day. It is the life of commuters – local or those travelling out of Mumbai. Haji Ali Dargah welcomes people of all religions. It is situated very aesthetically, focal to the Arabian Sea. It was designed in the early 19th century for Pir Haji Ali Shah. Sri Siddhivinayak Temple built in 1801 and is the first and foremost thought which comes to mind at the mention of Mumbai city.

Drive: Although roads from Mumbai lead to the most frequented hill stations – Lonavala and Khandala, one could also prefer to continue to picturesque Pune instead of taking a midway diversion to the quaint but now commercialized twin towns. Known on stat sheets as the NH4, Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a 6-lane expressway. No 2-wheelers are allowed on this expressway. The road has beautiful scenic views on both the sides. The road passes through Sahyadri ranges. Mumbai-Pune Expressway is India’s first 6-lane, high speed, concrete highway on which the access is controlled with toll booths on both the ends. A slightly less than 100 kilometres of length, the road has come as a boon to frequent commuters between Pune and Mumbai.
Connect: Mumbai is a well-connected and decently organized city. Despite it getting over-choked in terms of population, infrastructure and traffic; it does its best to maintain and sustain all the three by providing or delivering the best possible. Mumbai is better in discipline as compared to Delhi. Auto-rickshaws and rickshaws are not allowed on the road in several areas in Mumbai. The whole south of Mumbai is free from this chaos. Only taxis are allowed in those areas. BEST and local trains are two most utilized transport systems in Mumbai that connect well all the remotest parts of the city and to the Navi Mumbai that has come up recently as an extended arm of Mumbai to accommodate its population.
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