Monday, December 14, 2015

Abigail Finds A New Friend Siku At North Pole #prmotion

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You are definitely going to love each of the 42 pages of ABIGAIL and the North Pole Adventure by Tali Carmi. This is the third book of Tali Carmi that I read. I have already read, enjoyed full throttle and reviewed Terry Treetop Finds New Friends and Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin. This book is as interesting and fabulously designed as the earlier two. Abigail finds a new friend Siku at the North Pole. 

The story is about visiting an exotic location. A location that is far off. It has different cultures and is bound to widen your horizons. The story’s main character is a young girl named Abigail. She gets a magical bicycle from her grandparents when they come to her for a visit. She finds this new gift as quite wonderful. The new gift that is a magical cycle has the power to take her to any destination.

This bicycle takes her to a new destination that she had never imagined visiting. The wonderful place she is visiting is the North Pole. There are 15 gleaming illustrations that put life into the story of Abigail. ABIGAIL and the North Pole Adventure by Tali Carmi with a fabulous story and lively illustrations make it a completely interesting, must-read for your young children in the age zone of preschool or beginners in reading.

The new adventure brings a lot of new surprises for Abigail during her travel and at the wonderful destination. Finding seals, an igloo (snow house) and on top of it, a new friend gives her lot of excitement. With her new friend Abigail goes for a rescue operation that makes it more exciting for her. 
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