Sunday, July 12, 2015

#GenXNano #TheChosenOnes A Lifetime Experience At Sanand Plant

The story begins when you get to know that you are one among #TheChosenOnes to visit Ahmedabad. The purpose is to have a first of its kind visit the award winning Tata Motors Sanand manufacturing plant that is exclusively dedicated to the product of the world class Tata Nano. Not to forget that Tata Nano is not only a unique showcase and case study in Automobile industry but also among Management Institutes worldwide. A few of the lucky GenX Nano buyers from all across the country were part of this trip. So while we were flying from Delhi to join the bandwagon in the Novotel Hotel in Ahmedabad, there were various others who were coming from various cities of India. There were twenty families who got this fantastic opportunity to watch Tata Motors' GenX Nano rollout of this state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. An all-expenses-paid trip airport to airport with a stay at Novotel and on top of it an exclusive visit to the manufacturing facility at Sanand. What a fabulously packaged couple of days.

We were around 15 bloggers chosen from various cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore) for covering the event in our own ways. A warm welcome at Ahmedabad Airport was waiting for us as soon as we landed. The Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport is superbly maintained.

None other than @DesiTraveler to welcome us at #Ahmedabad

Novotel is a great property to stay and this was my second experience at Novotel. The earlier one was at Novotel Hyderabad in November 2014 to receive IDG international ICONIC Award. While Novotel Hyderabad is a complete city in itself, the Ahmedabad property is equally enjoyable stay whenever you plan to visit the city with your family.

Novotel Ahmedabad - Promising for a nice stay

Though the visit to the manufacturing plant was on day two but day one was no less filled with excitement, fun and a lot of interesting & engaging activities. Twenty families meant approximately 60-70 persons ranging from the smallest of one-and-a-half year kid to the elders of grandparents age. Wow! for the both extremes of age to get a chance to witness the most modern and automated Sanand Plant.

#TheChosenOnes #GenXNano 
The event started with puzzles related to Tata Nano where we had various groups. There were five rounds - every round doubling up the excitement and interaction. It was a round of brainstorming, selfies and speed.

Five Puzzles consumed lot of water, selfies and interactions
For each of the blogger, there was a mug with his/her caricature. The families had to pick a mug of their choice and identify the blogger present in the hall. After identification, they had to interact with the blogger to know as much as possible about him/her within a couple of minutes. Veda with her parents identified me and we had a quick interaction to know about each other. She is in primary, having a younger brother and loves her parents a lot.

Each blogger is there on a cup - it took some time to identify who's who
There was a fantastic round of music tendering our vocal cords, hands, body, and soul.

Everyone engaged in the instrument round
The day ended with more networking, knowing about each other and dinner. A must mention for a great show so far by Tata Nano team.

A superb end of the day with sumptuous dinner
Day two started and we were all ready for the visit to Tata Nano plant that was inaugurated in June 2010 by none other than our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It took 350 trucks to bring the material from Tata Motors' earlier plant in West Bengal - around fifty trucks a day. The disassembling and assembling was done in such an expertise manner. The Sanand plant has a manufacturing capacity of around 800 Tata Nano per day, but currently the capacity utilization is around 150 a day.

A warm welcome to #TheChosenOnes families at Tata Sanand Plant

An address by Plant Head, manufacturing head, marketing head along with some presentations were really engrossing and a learning point to know scintillating facts about Sanand, Tata Motors, and the plant spread over around eleven hundred acres (725 acres for Tat Nano's manufacturing facility and 375 acres for their vendor facilities to ensure all critical components and equipment available well within stipulated time with least risks). The major ancillaries are established within the campus. There are a lot of automation with or without robots to streamline the processes and minimize defects. The focus on the quality product at each station during sub-assembly and final assembly is quite visible there.

After the visit, rollout ceremony was there for twenty cars to come one by one for #TheChosenOnes twenty families. It was definitely a proud moment for these families to get their favorite car after witnessing the complete manufacturing process.

A family getting the birth certificate and keys of their favorite Tata Nano GenX
Overall it has been an extremely fabulous and a lifetime experience for visiting the Tata Motors latest world-class manufacturing plant that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The facility comprises of sophisticated robots and world-class, high-speed, and zero-defect production lines. The plant is environment-friendly and is green in many aspects. There is a serious focus on tree plantation, measuring and monitoring of carbon footprints; and water harvesting along with ground water recharging, harnessing solar energy and sustainable water sourcing.

Here is a small video  of our factory visit:

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