Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ten Commandants To Protect Woman In Case Of Crisis

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Whether you are in a rural or an urban place - living, working or both, it is important to understand some of the fundamental 'getting smart' action points so as to keep yourself in a proactive state rather than be in a state where you keep inviting problems on a platter. Being a woman, a teenage girl or a female youth, it is necessary for you to become confident at as early stage of your age as possible and be able to protect yourself from any harmful deeds being tried by someone with wrong intentions. 

Whether you are staying at a place for long, or are new to a location, you never know from the face of a person about what bad intentions he carries for you. For that it is important to learn some basic techniques.

Some of the tips might not work for you due to school restrictions, if a are a teen and in a school. But try implementing them as soon as you get a chance.

Following are the ten tips from my side:

1. Tip 1: Keep a smartphone with you having good battery life, GPS enabled and having a useful and life saving application like Smart Suraksha App developed by Dark Matter India. Right now this app is available for Android platform and is capable of sending an instant alert in case you encounter a risk or threat to yourself or someone else around along with your location details. Ensure that your mobile batteries are always charged before you leave your home/ workplace for any destination

2. Tip 2: Believe in yourself and never let your confidence move down. Ensure that you have enough knowledge of the any new place that you are visiting in terms of the type of locality and people living here. Knowing it in advance about a location will keep you alert in case you are visiting at location having medium of high level of security risks.

3. Tip 3: It is better to be fit so that in case of crisis you are able to run faster to a safer nearby place. It is always good to have a routine of daily exercise. Most of the offices have gyms indoor where employees can avail services. Regular exercise definitely keeps you fit and increases your stamina. Note that being fit does not mean being slim. You be in any shape of size can keep your efforts intact to keep yourself fit.

4. Tip 4: Keep your finger nails long and sharp so as to use them in case you are in a crisis or threat. This not only applies to hand nails but also to the toe nails. Both can become handy in case you are in trouble.

5. Tip 5: Wear western (decent and graceful) like pant and shirt or t-shirt to enable you to act faster as compared to if you are wearing a sari. 

6. Tip 6: Prefer to wear a waist belt that can be used if you get into a trouble.

7. Tip 7: Keep a multipurpose nail cutter (medium or large size) which has many blades, filers and sharp articles that can be used under a threat.

8. Tip 8: Keep your parents/ siblings/ spouse/ children and close friends informed about your travel to any new place or regular places of travel.

9.: Tip 9: Share contact numbers of your close friends/ workplace with your parents/ siblings/ spouse/ children so that they can be contacted in case they are not able to contact you.

10. Tip 10: Keep a professional chilli spray handy with you so that it can be used when you are in a trouble. 

I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.
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