Sunday, October 20, 2013

My First Encounter At Zobli Island With Loblina And Her Super Mission

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It was a year back when I was posted in Zobli Island for a period of 3 months by the agency I was working for as a senior editor to cover an inside story of severe conflicts between the tribal communities who were inhabited there for more over a century and the government agencies who in the name of uplifting those tribes was heard to be invading in their possessions and properties.

Although tribal communities are not as advanced as the communities living in rural or urban areas of states, there were few who had inclination towards knowledge, learning and education. These tribes have no formal education and earning system. Their day to day chores included fishing, hunting and stealing something or the other from other tribes. My secret mission was to find out the reality behind what was being claimed by government agencies and the hidden stories being heard about the brutalities happening on tribes.

I had been given a special flag and there was a strict instruction from my agency to tuck it always on top of my shirt so that it should be clearly visible from a reasonable distance to anyone coming towards me. This flag was wearing a symbol that was well recognized by government agencies as the bearer of this flag has some extra powers imbibed with it and whatever is required genuinely must be provided to the flag bearer. On the other hand tribes also were aware about this special flag and were supposed to consider the bearer of this flag as a friend.

It was here that I met Loblina, 16, a brave and outwardly confident girl whose main mission in life was to build confidence in young girls to fight against any kind of tortures against them. She belonged to one of the better off tribe that was quite serious about the progress and upliftment of their community. She had formed a quite large group of young girls and ladies of her community ranging from 10 to 30 years of age. Everyday she used to spend 2 hours with each group to teach them basic norms of life, educate them, train them in martial arts and so on. She herself had excelled in life due to her willpower, determination and clarity of direction in life.

Loblina was quite inquisitive about technology and had thousands of questions once we got friendly and after I made her aware about my motive. She told me that out of the 200 women in her tribe almost 75% had been raped and tortured by either their community people or the government agencies' staff deputed here. She also gave me many insights about the wrongdoing happening around.

I wished I could help Loblina by installing some useful application on my android so as to help her in case of such crisis. I discussed with her about such possibilities and we decided that if there is such thing possible that any of the girl of her group gets caught by young devils trying to rape her, and if she is able to inform instantly to nearest police station and some other useful persons, she would provide everyone with such phone, having best possible economic deal. I assured her that if such thing works out, I would organize a special fund from some NGO to fund it.

Luckily the local police here was not that bad as compared to the one in our cities and the other agencies' officials deputed there. I was in a praying mode to God to get me some solution like this by saying - I wish I had Smart Suraksha with me - a solution that could be handed over to Loblina right away to help her group of 200 women.

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