Monday, October 21, 2013

I Am A Common Man Of Delhi And I Have All Rights To Define My Delhi Manifesto

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I am a common man of Delhi. As a common man I have witnessed the era before English invaded India and ruled over this country for years. After Britishers were thrown out of this country I witnessed post Independence era. For all these years I am taking birth in a common man's house, growing up as a common man and dying as a common man. This is a cyclic process.

When I try to differentiate between pre-Independence and post-Independence eras, I get into a deep depression as I practically see no difference between the two. Earlier we were enslaved by British and afterwards by our own weaknesses and shortfalls. The rate at which the United States grew in their first 50 years post Independence is 25 times as compared to the rate as which we grew. We could have retrieved our original condition of one of the strongest nations of the world but we just ended up in top list of cities with a tag of 'Corrupt', 'Unsafe to live in', 'Poor', 'Weak economy', 'Least growth' and so on. Nobody else is to be blamed for this except we, ourselves - each one of us.

After 67 years of long sleep, I decided to write my Delhi Manifesto which goes as below:

1. No minister will allocate time of 1 hour per day for people to come to his/her office to get their concerns addressed. Instead the minister will be required to visit his constituency on a regular basis and meet people. He should behave as an employee of common men of Delhi rather than behaving as a big shot. After all whatever they get in life is not because of their talent, it is only because of the common men providing them this privilege.

2. Each day spending of routine of a minister be published and made public.

3. Any case against an influential person/ minister/ or a higher administrator shall be straightaway in the highest court instead of starting from the lowest of the courts and thereby taking years to settle. A wrongdoing by a minister should be treated as a breach of trust of common men and shall be punished severely. A decision going in their favor should be scrutinized by an independent agency.

4. No peeing or spitting on the roadside by anyone. There should be paid utility places every 3 kilometers throughout the city. If someone is not able to pay, he should assist in cleaning and upkeep of the place.

5. Any crime against children, women and old citizens should be severely punishable.

6. No serious crime should debar underage for a benefit. If a child can do a serious crime, he should be given severest of the punishment by all means.

7. No single driving of a four wheeler. People offering their vehicles for pooling should get additional benefits for making city greener.

8. Tobacco and Cigarette shops should be totally banned in the city. Let us try making it totally tobacco free.

9. No parking charges from public. Let it be sponsored by malls and big businesses.

10. Hindi to be official language in all the places.

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