Saturday, March 23, 2013

Higher Levels of Arsenic in Drinking Water Cause Major Health Problems

Arsenic is a metal with no taste or smell and is naturally found in ground water because of its availability in soil and rocks. It is also used in synthetic fertilizers, paints, dyes and some preservatives to protect wood. If the drinking water contains high level of Arsenic, it exposes human body to the higher risks of cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes on prolonged usage. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) allows permissible level of Arsenic in drinking water to a maximum of 10 parts per billion to avoid such health problems.

Most of the drinking water used in United States of America has been found to contain 2 parts per billion level of Arsenic in it which is quite safe for the purpose. A fresh research in this matter regarding high level of Arsenic in drinking water and its association with various diseases has established that it can lead to strokes due to increase in high blood pressure and diabetes. Though it does not happen it
taken for a shorter period but countries who do not take much caution about these standards for drinking water have more chances of getting affected by its prolonged usage.

Governments of all countries need to ensure to keep the level of Arsenic in drinking water being supplied to its citizens be within the permissible limits, the lower the better. A consistent intake of water containing higher level of Arsenic can cause stroke, heart failure and heart attack besides cancer, high BP, diabetes, eye problems and some skin diseases.
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