Saturday, March 23, 2013

Orgasm Does Not Require Physical Contact

A new research related to the study of orgasm has concluded that one can have orgasm even without any physical contact. The study in this regard had started to understand if orgasm is possible by creating thoughts and pictures in mind alone. In fact the research has also revealed that orgasm is even possible through other parts of the body too like nose, knee, ear, elbow etc.
As we all know that orgasm during sleep, through dreams is a well known phenomena and almost everyone would have experienced it. That also hints towards the fact that orgasm has a big connection with the mind than body. Orgasm is possible even for paralyzed people too, that is what has been found out by researchers thereby indicating a deep connection between mind and orgasm and not in body and orgasm.
The study was conducted by professor Beverly Whipple retired from Rutgers University in association with the university. The study was conducted on a woman whose spinal cord was totally injured and found out that orgasm path in her body totally bypassed her spine and was not at all affected by her injured spine.
It was also found out that that same brain cells get active in the orgasm whether it is the actual genital one or the imagery one delivering the same amount of pleasure in both the cases.
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