Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mitt Romney loses track Obama holds middle class

With the war of words going intensive and objectively drawing out the clear cut intentions of the two contestants for President post in the US, it is clearer now that Obama is getting more ears and eyes as compared to his rival Romney.

Obama declared that the growth of some high class people only can not account for the overall growth of the US. It is the middle class whose growth is more important for adding a higher chunk of this factor in overall growth of the country.

Obama also attacked Romney on his earlier statement that all US citizens should be tax payers irrespective of whichever class of society they belong to, on which Obama took a note that it is not possible to pay tax by all in the country. On the lighter but satirical note he said - may be I can pay a little more tax and Romney much more than me. This was a clear indication of his intentions of putting no extra load on middle or lower segment.

Obama appeals to middle class, jabs at Romney in weekend of furious campaigning - Fox News shared via

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