Sunday, September 23, 2012

Young man 25 jumps from 17 feet in Tigers den in Bronx zoo

This young man in the news was travelling over the zoo in the train without any doors for the visitors of Bronx Zoo to enjoy this ride with an excellent view of animals from the top. The young man jumped from the running train to land into the den of a Tiger. With already getting some bruises from the trees and bushes on the way before landing into the royal den. The Tiger attacked in the man and gave him some further bites on his chest, shoulders, face, and arms. Finally the man was removed from the Tiger's den, taken to the hospital and was declared by doctors there as 'out of danger', though he would require some days to get back to his regular routine as fully recovered.

Zoo authorities clearly said it will not be taking any action on the Tiger as the man intentionally jumped into the den knowing about the repercussions and risks of doing it.

The authorities said that this man had no intentions of suicide but was more inclined to do some kind of adventure and spend some time with tiger in his den. But probably the tiger of Bronx zoo did not like at all this uninvited guest in his house.

Man Mauled by Tiger at Bronx Zoo Charged With Trespassing - ABC News shared via

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