Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ten Negative Impacts of Social Networking

      People hook on to the social networking sites just as a part of the rat race. They don’t identify their basic requirements and needs to join a social networking site and hence do not reap the benefits out of it.

Connecting to unknown persons may invite leakage of lot of your confidential personal life information in wrong hands carrying fake entities on such sites.

Unnecessarily sitting on such sites for playing games, chatting with unknown people, etc., becomes a time wasting activity. An addiction of sitting for long hours on these sites forces an individual to compromise with his real life commitments.

An addiction of social networking sites affects adversely the personal life, professional life and health of an individual.

Your original ideas, information or knowledge posted on such sites may be copied and misused by others without even coming it to your notice.

Releasing your personal information on such sites may lead to a serious misuse.

Strong ideas posted by you on such sites may lead to a disaster in your personal or professional life.

 It keeps you away from your real life friends, neighbours and relatives living around you.

Many cases have come into light where somebody known to a person created a fake identity on a social networking site in that person’s name thereby posting wrong messages for the sake of defamation of that person.

People have been grabbed in wrong hands on such sites in the name of earning money quickly and getting rich but ultimately have lost their hard earned money.

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