Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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The Bollywood movie Panga lacks a number of basic fundamentals of any movie. It lacks rhythm and fuel. The biggest flaw is characterisation of the main character Kangana Ranaut. Weak characterization further weakens with the poor acting by Kangana Ranaut playing the role of Jaya Nigam. The theme of the story is very strong. There is no doubt about that. It could not touch even the double of its budget at the box office. It's a low budget movie. Had it overcome some basic flaws, the revenues could have touched 5 times of its budget without any doubt. Despite having a strong story line, the key role, in my opinion, makes it a weak presentation. Though Kangana Ranaut is well supported by the other actors very well. But she herself could not do complete justice to the role given to her. She was not at her best this time.

Panga movie review

The story of Panga movie goes like this. Jaya Nigam is an ex-star in the world of Indian National Kabaddi. She was one of the most successful Indian Kabaddi captain with a great success in National and international arena during her tenure as a captain. Because of her family constraints after her marriage, she had no other option but to compromise with her rising career that too when she was at the top of it. This, somehow remains as a point of regret in her mind and heart. And then after so many years of her marriage, that hidden desire of continuing her career gets ignited by her son and well supported by her husband. Because of a big gap she is seen in a dilemma initially whether she would be able to get back on the track with the same zeal, momentum, and energy.

Jassie Gill has done a fantastic job as Jaya's husband, Prashant Shirvastava. Richa Chadha, as usual has proved her maturity with her polished acting. Yagya Bhasin as Aditya Nigam, Jaya's son, has also done a marvelous job. Neena Gupta, as Jaya's mother, fits the bill perfectly. It's an overstretched movie just because Kangana Ranaut. She could have done a lot better. It's good that all the other actors played their respective roles magnificently. Otherwise, Panga movie would not have been able to touch even its budget figure at the box office. The story gets out of track at many points. The end could have been a lot better. It's a waste of a superb story because of a poor acting by Kangana Ranaut and a weak direction Ashwiny Iyer.

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