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Can HR Become a CEO? Global ACT Mega HR Leadership Conclave 2016

I recently attented the Mega HR Leadership Conclave that largest in the history. The event was entitled Can HR Become a CEO? Global ACT – Global Academy for Consulting and Training is a pioneer organization in offering business focused solutions to various corporates. The event conducted by Global ACT aimed to transform Human Resource management practices in changing dynamics in the organizations. The special guest was none other than Dr. Kiran Bedi. It was good to meet Dr. Bedi for the second time this month. Few days back she was there at an event to falicitate women architects of India. The keynote address was quite enlightening to spark the momentum that was needed for such a huge gathering of almost 800 HR heads from various organizations.

Can HR Become a CEO? Global ACT Mega HR Leadership Conclave 2016

It was also the launch of Dr. Kiran Bedi's book titled Creating Leadership. She addressed the keypoints critical for HR role that explained how can HR become a CEO. She gave five reasons why great companies have happy workers. These are -
  1. Practice Communication and Trust
  2. Carrier Path
  3. Unique Benefits
  4. Conflict Resolutio
  5. Celebrate
The conclave was steered & hosted by Vivek Bindra, Founder & CEO Global ACT. Vivek Bindra is a well-known name in international fraternity as a motivational speaker, CEO coach, and Leadership consultant. He picked up from where Dr. Kiran Bedi left and continued the spark with his motivational and inspiring session. Some of the key points touched by him are:
  • What do you think more important: Doing the right things or doing the things rightly?
  • Scheduling the priority or priortizing the schedule?
  • No matter how great your idea is if you can't execute it, you are not different from someone without an idea.
  • Identify your money making model – for your organization, for your department, for yourself.
  • A laser is capable of drilling a hole in hardest substance like a diamond, or wipe out cancer. If you do the same for your company you can get similar results. Think laser sharp. Make your actions laser sharp.
  • Differntiate between effort score and result score. Make your scoreboards.
  • Learn about Blue Ocean Strategy and Red Ocean Strategy – Blue Ocean Startegy is you have a product having no competition in the market. Red Ocean Strategy is where you eat some share of market segment of your competitor in the same product category.
  • Learn the mantra - I am Successful. Believe. Create. I am Winner.
  • When you give you more than what you get, soon you get more than what you give is a great lesson from Bhagwat Gita.
  • 70% CEOs fail because not of bad strategy but because of poor execution.
  • Change the pattern.
  • When no goal is set in life we start going gole-gole and don't reach anywhere.
  • Change the pattern – and start this change from yourself.
  • Employer must ignite fire in the heart of employees and not at base.
  • Set a target for everyone in the organization as everyone wants to win.
  • Build a concept of concentration like Arjuna in Mahabharata.
  • The problem about problem is thinking that it is a problem.
  • Bring the impact at grassroot level.
  • Idea if not implemented or executed is as good as no idea.
  • It is all in the mind that makes you loose or win.
  • 3 R's of HR – Recruit, Retain, Reward.
  • Where are you now and where do you want to go?
  • Develop laser sharp focus in life. Laser is a weak energy but when focused can cut a diamond or cure cancer.

HR professionals are facing a number of challenges these days like employee attrition, shortage of right human capital strategy, manpower cost getting higher and higher, losing trends in trust on both the sides, uptrending number of disengaged employees, and the list goes endless raising expectations from HR fraternity exponentially higher. At times, HR professionals feel at dead-end while fighting with these situations and thus the speed of execution comes to a halt in the whole organization. All the top CEOs including Fortune companies around the globe that have been fired is not because of lack of strategy but because of lack of execution. The other prominent reason of their failure is not impacting the direct bottom line of cash flows.

Many of the organizations struggle to improve their annual sales number and componding annual growth rate while having top level focus on growth. On analysis they find reasons like employees working in silos, culture of negativity, disloyality, and employees not taking enough responsibility, initiative and owneship.

Global ACT has created a bouquet of solutions to curb these major pain areas to help organizations to mitigate the risks arising out of it. The crisp and customized solutions are there to handle these issues.

Vivek Bindra talked about some solutions carved with precision to improve the customer satisfaction index of an organization without losing a sight of cost, quality and productivity of the organization.

In current situatuons, one of the major role that HR has to perform is to focus on building and mapping the competencies without missing to create impact on cash flow statement. Instead HR starts focusing on gauging the employees instead of focusing on engaging competencies.

There is a critical need of developing laser sharp focus in HR towards developing the strategic VISION of aligning each and every activity with 'The Goal Statement' and should start creating an ROI.

This was the Largets Training for HR gathering under one roof as witnessed and vetted by representatives from Golden Book of World Record and Limca Book of Records.

Global ACT is a pioneer in training and consulting in South Asia. The organizaiton strives as a business enabler and a 360 degree peak performance partner to its corporate clients offering its unique solution of Manpower deployment and cost effective implementation support. The solutions provided help their corporate clients to achieve all their business goals. Global ACT has a strong pool of more than 3000 certified and experienced training partners across the country from various industry verticals. The company claims to reduce the training cost by 20% and increasing training effectiveness by 500%. The client list includes TAFE, Amul, ICAI, Bayer, Airtel, Honda, M&M, Maruti Suzuki, NTPC, NHPC, Kohler, Fevicol, NEC, Escorts, Liberty, Eicher, Canon, Fortis, Haier, PayU, and so on.

Overall it was a grand gathering of HR professionals at this motivational event. Let us see how many of them carry the spark to become a CEO in their organizations.

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