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Samsung Galaxy Iris Tab with Iris Recognition Technology for Digital India

Samsung introduced its new baby in Galaxy Tab family with superior features to make it more advanced, secure and reliable that goes in line with an integrated biometric solution for Aadhaar authentication aligned with the vision of Digital India envisaged by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris is equipped with iris-recognition technology and is well suited for government, enterprises, corporate, and professionals. The feature-rich Galaxy Tab Iris empower merchants, traders and individuals to enjoy cashless and paperless services in various applications such as eGovernance services like passport, education, healthcare, and taxation; and in banking.

Samsung Galaxy Iris Tab with Iris Recognition Technology for Digital India

The biometric technology that is easy-to-use has been deployed in the Galaxy Tab Iris to help India spearhead its Digital India vision by the provision of technology to assure that every citizen of the country has access to financial inclusion benefits. The solution aims to act as a catalyst in government benefit programs enabling banks and financial institutions to enhance the process of an individual authentication, irrespective of language and literacy hinderances. The complete process promises to go seamlessly that will also enhance the quality of service in a defect-free manner.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris is Aadhaar-compliant and STQC-certified. This is yet another innovative Make for India product launched by Samsung. The advanced iris-recognition technology is embedded in a secure device to provide an enhanced integrated solution to help to solve the hurdles of using multiple devices for biometric identification.
Samsung Galaxy Iris Tab with Iris Recognition Technology for Digital India

Dr. Aloknath De, Corporate Vice President & CTO, Samsung India R&D is excited while offering this biometric-based service to the billion plus population of India enrolled in Aadhaar. With this launch, the Samsung India R&D team entered into a significant zone of technology with substantial investments in biometric technology research and thus have designed Samsung Galaxy Iris leveraging their knowledge in hardware design, security for a high-speed scan, high reliability, greater accuracy, and biometrics.

For application developers, an identity SDK comes along with the device that can help them to build financial inclusion, authentication, and payment solutions. This SDK will definitely enhance country's startup ecosystem to quickly build and launch relevant apps and services. Dr. De believes this overall offering will in turn, enhance government programs like Jan-Dhan Yojana and e-Citizen services launched under the Digital India initiative.

Sukesh Jain, Vice President, Samsung India Electronics, while announcing the launch explained this as another brilliant example of Samsung's pursuit for meaningful and purposeful innovations. Iris-technology solution has a great potential to be used as a means of directly facilitating greater inclusion in the Digital India program. The biometric authentication is a good measure in facilitating integration of financial services with the Aadhaar drive. The Galaxy Tab Iris will be able to address many such issues across platforms like finance, education, citizen services, and banking by means of improvized versatility, reliability, and usability all through a single device.

Samsung has entered the contactless technology arena with the launch of its embedded iris technology in Galaxy Tab Iris. The technology ensures unbeatable security for authentication. Aadhaar has become a prominent database for most of the government projects like Pradhan Mantri jan-Dhan Yojna (PMJDY), eHospital program, DigiLocker, National Health Mission (NHM), and many more under the unbrella of Digital India initiative to provide welfare services to citizens. In addition to this, banks, enterprises, financial institutions, educational institutions and alike are seriously adopting Aadhaar authentication in acessing public-centric services.

To access services remotely by embedding Aadhaar iris-biometric authentication capabilities, Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris will become a prominent tool. The provision will ensure a highly secure authentication and verification method and help the country transition away from orthodox authentication methods that are prone to be insecure. With the help of this tab e-KYC can now be carried out in seconds unlike the traditional KYC process that takes around a week, or more.

The Galaxy Tab Iris is UIDAI compliant and therefore can be used for child enrolment program where biometrics of the parent is taken to authenticate children for Aadhaar application. The tablet will nullify the use of multiple devices and instruments by providing an integrated, single device solution for the child enrolment process.

Biometrics technology has become a major component in the banking sector for security enhancements. The Galaxy Tab Iris is capable enough to perform as an authentication device thereby enabling banks and financial institutions to easily validate an individual's credentials for account integration with their Aadhaar numbers and also provide a supplementary level of security for banking services such as FDs (Fixed Deposits) Locker Access, etc. This iris-identification technology will also enable to reduce the time consuming paperwork, thus enabling people to enrol for banking and financial services in a paperless and secured mode. As majority of these processes can be digitized with the help of the Galaxy Tab Iris, language and literacy hurdles will no longer exist thus enabling a larger chunk of the society to avail these services while promoting inclusion and financial security.

The citizen services like e-PDS (Electronic Public Distribution System), pension schemes, MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) payments, entitlements distribution, and certain subsidy programs can be well accessed through the Galaxy Tab Iris. In the same manner, multiple citizen services like income tax filing, car registration, railway/airport passenger validation, passport issuance/renewal, property registration etc. can be performed paperless with the help of the Aadhaar based Iris technology.

All points mentioned above prove the new Galaxy Tab Iris a versatile product with a more powerful technology embarked in it. The device is quite sleek and compact with a robust design and latest technology. The dual-eye scanner enables a contactless scan and enhanced security. The 7-inch display ensures a good screen experience with a precision. The rear camera is 5-megapixel, and auto focus to click brighter pictures and scan documents. True to its commitments, it is just 327 grams in weight and 9.7 mm in width. Thus it is extremely light and slim. The features like USB OTG, Bluetooth 4.1, support for 14 local languages, 8 GB memory that is expandable upto 200 GB, 3600 mAh battery, 1.2 GHz Quad Core, and 1.5 GB RAM make it an unbeatable device. On top of it, it is available for Rs. 13,499.

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