Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sports Medicine, Neck Pain, Physiotherapy and more - Manipal Hospitals

Sports Medicine, Neck Pain, and Physiotherapy are very important for Sports Persons

People in sports have high risk of neck pain or physiotherapy requirements

Sports medicine, neck pain, physiotherapy are some of the key attention areas for sportspersons. Manipal Hospitals is a frontrunner in such similar aspects. In fact, it has established its expertise in areas like Organ Donation, Diabetics, General Surgery, Breast Cancer, Cardiac Surgery, Lasik Eye Surgery, Sports Medicine, and Joint Replacement Surgery. The branches of Manipal Hospitals are spread well across major cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Goa, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Salem, and Jaipur in India and Klang, the royal city in Malaysia. The health check packages in Manipal Hospitals are categorized well in terms of cost, requirement and age so as to suit best to the need of its customers.

Sports Medicine, Neck Pain, Physiotherapy and more - Manipal Hospitals

Sports Medicine or Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) is an exclusive division of medicine focusing mainly on the physical fitness of persons seriously engaged in sports. It covers preventive and post-injury checks and treatment for them. It is an essential requirement for the whole sports community who need to stay active and fit all the time instead of limiting such service to the elite group of athletes or sportspersons. That is where Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine at Manipal Hospitals plays a major role. It ensures to provide best possible services in physiotherapy and bone care. The treatment of neck pain, backache, and muscle or ligament damage is taken care of in a customized manner.

Definitely to arrive at any conclusion there is a certain process involving scientific approach. It involves patient’s history, symptoms diagnosis, musculoskeletal examination and expert’s advice to ascertain what kind of therapy would be most effective and suitable. Neck Pain is the most frequent problem in sportspersons and athletes. Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine might be the requirement but the prime concern is to provide and enhance strength in the spinal muscle that helps in restoration of muscular balance and optimization of spinal movements. A well-trained staff is there to facilitate and provide precise assistance.

Sports Medicine, Neck Pain, Physiotherapy and more - Manipal Hospitals

Sportspersons and athletes need to take care of nutritional and balanced food to stay fit and alert. They can’t afford to compromise with their performance because of obesity, malnutrition, poor health or other fitness related issues. Every person has a unique requirement of food or supplement. It can’t be generalized for all even if in the same sports or athletic activity. There is a systematic approach to ascertain the regular body requirement of micro and macro nutrients. Body composition analysis and resting metabolic rate are some of the ways on the basis of which personalized individual diet chart is formulated. Generally as a food supplement, Magnesium helps in muscle contraction and relaxation. It also protects from neck pain and backache. 

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