Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tee20 Launches Unique Online Boutique Shopping Experience for Men

Tee20 launched online boutique for men

A unique spin on men’s online boutique shopping by Tee20

Tee20 online boutique offers live fashion experts to help

Tee20 Launches Unique Online Boutique Shopping Experience for Men

Tee20 launches a unique and innovative online boutique shopping experience for men. Live fashion experts are available on the portal to provide personalized advice and expert opinions. This spin on men’s experience in buying clothes online in such a unique manner is going to revolutionize by bringing a new definition for online boutique shopping concept for men. Now buying clothes online for men is going to be fun with personalized shopping service available to them all the time, whenever required. The first and only shopping service for men have been launched officially.

Tee20 Launches Unique Online Boutique Shopping Experience for Men

Tee20 promises to join the two corners in a smooth manner, one corner being the convenience on e-commerce, and the other corner is the confidence of customary retail shopping. The credit goes to the digital arena where the internet is the boost for deploying such innovative ideas thus benefitting of boutique shopping to the masses across the nation.

Tee20 Launches Unique Online Boutique Shopping Experience for Men

You can take help of fashion experts that are available live to determine your clothing needs. Based on your personal preferences filled at the time of signup on the portal, Tee20 automatically selects the best possible hand-picked items closely matching with certain factors like profession, budget, personality, and lifestyle.

The unique set of services like expert’s advice, delivery at your doorstep, pick up of returns on merchandise from your doorstep etc. are 100% free. There is no shipping cost of any other hidden charges. You are bound to pay only for what you like to keep and use. The online boutique shopping experience on Tee20 is simple to use. You need to choose a plan and pick a package after filling a short survey. The system will inform super stylists in real-time the moment you finish your registration activities on the portal. The moment super stylists get an alert that you are onboard, they start matching the items available with your looks, style, and personality. The selected bunch of perfect match is then displayed in your personalized account. The moment you finalize those shirts/ tees/ and other merchandise, the system takes care of the shipping.

You are definitely going to fall in love with this hassle-free, personalized, customized, professional, one-on-one experience at 

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