Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Zika Virus – A Fantastico Opportunity For Medical Science For Deadly Virus

Zika Virus has opened a fantastico opportunity for medical sciece

Zika virus is most dangerous and deadly virus with no vaccine so far

WHO has declared the deadly Zika virus as a global public health emergency

Zika virus has proven a deadly virus. It is spreading at a phenomenal speed. The results are shocking and disturbing. It has put a big challenge to medical science. There is no vaccine for this deadly virus so far. World Health Organization has declared it as a global public health emergency. That itself speaks a lot. There is an urgent need to mitigate this global threat in a collaborative manner. The most painful point is that the virus is spreading at a high speed that is not matching with the speed of finding a vaccine for it. Medical experts are worried about this large-scale danger and are united to find out an immunity against it. The vulnerability level of this virus is too high. It is one of the biggest threat for humankind.

Zika Virus – A Fantastico Opportunity For Medical Science For Deadly Virus
Photo credit: DFID - UK Department for International Development via Visual Hunt / CC BY
The worst part about the infection spread by this virus is that it attacks pregnant women in their early stage. At that juncture, even the pregnancy would not be even confirmed. The Zika virus gets into the brain of the child and attacks it. The immediate deadly effect is that the brain stops growing any further. That causes the babies being born with this disorder of underdeveloped brains. The WHO has placed Zika in the same segment of a threat as that of Ebola. It is a severest of the alerts and is a prominent category of international concern. There is a high alert raised on this. A lot of momentum is gained in research and aid to tackle this highly threatening infection. Margaret Chan, WHO director general has reported Zika an unexpected concern and prompted all relevant stakeholders to put all their energies together in a collaborated manner to generate a powerful response against it. That is the call of the day. There has to be a fantastico solution to tackle the grave situation. The recent neurological disorders that have been reported in Latin America are being connected with the similar set of threats arose in French Polynesia during 2014. This has generated a public health emergency of a high gravity mounting to international concern.

Zika Virus – A Fantastico Opportunity For Medical Science For Deadly Virus
Photo credit: kambodza via Visualhunt / CC BY

The top priority on the agenda is to save pregnant women and the babies from this disaster caused by the Zika virus. Controlling the mosquitoes that are spreading the virus and finding a vaccine at the earliest are very important. As there is no medicine or vaccine discovered so far to stop Zika, it has become a prime concern for everyone. Precautionary measure is to save yourself from getting bitten by the dangerous Aedes mosquito that is repsonbile for transmitting the harm. It is highly risky for the unborn babies. Worst part is there are no prominent symptoms once you are caught by this infection. It is one of the biggest challenge right now for medical science to find a vaccine against this deadly virus.

Zika Virus – A Fantastico Opportunity For Medical Science For Deadly Virus
Photo credit: Sanofi Pasteur via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND
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