Tuesday, February 02, 2016

So We Said Goodbye – A Contemporary Romance Novel With Peppy Twists

Book Review So We Said Goodbye By Rama Marinov-Cohen

So We Said Goodbye - A Contemporary Romance Novel With Peppy Twists written by Rama Marinov-Cohen

So We Said Goodbye - A love story with a twist and unexpected ending

So We Said Goodbye by Rama Marinov-Cohen is a contemporary romance novel with peppy twists.  This is a different kind of love story and has an unexpected ending. The book is about the first love that never dies. The young love that calls back at a later stage of life. The moment young love reunites after a long gap, it brings in passionate memories. That becomes a life-changing factor. It is like fighting your present with your bitter past that tries to become sweet. The story is about Yaron and his childhood sweetheart Aya. It reflects that you never forget your childhood love even when you turn fifty. Probably childhood memories are so deep rooted that they stay forever till the end. Yaron’s love story with his childhood girlfriend Aya ends when he turns twenty. He was betrayed when Aya walked out of his life and their love story comes to an end. But that was probably not the end. That was a pause that lasted for thirty years.  When Yaron turns fifty, he gets a call from Aya. A call that he had never expected in his life once his heart got broken almost thirty years back. Both are married by now. Then why Aya calls Yaron? Why Yaron drifted away back to his memory lane? Why couldn't he refuse when she asked for a meeting?

So We Said Goodbye – A Contemporary Romance Novel With Peppy Twists

So We Said Goodbye by Rama Marinov-Cohen is a mindboggling love story. It stirs Yaron’s present with his past. I liked the way Yaron is forced to unwind his memories with Aya. Even after a long time after their love shattered, he was never able to forget her. Probably it just got buried under a pile of years. Some memories that faded away got uncluttered and revived back in the spur of a moment. There were many questions that came to my mind while reading this love story. Is it really compelling to forget your past love, especially the first one? Are you never able to shred off your past? Although both of them have their individual life and are spending a married life for betterment but still it seems there is a gap in their life that they are not able to fill. Otherwise, the unsuccessful love of past would never try to peep in so vigorously. I liked the way story ends in such a fabulous and unexpected manner.

You will have to digest the story to understand the crux and move to its end. It reflects that each moment spent in the youth writes the moment of your future. The story has a thrill imbibed in it in a classical manner. The story of So We Said Goodbye by Rama Marinov-Cohen is in a way about wisdom that you acquire with each passing year. It talks about undying love. It talks about the urge to keep your hopes alive in life. I would rate this book as 4 on a scale of 5.

If you really love emotional, touchy, contemporary love stories, then you must read this book. You will definitely find the peppy twists in the story that touch your heart so deeply. 

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