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Vishu Rita Krocha A Fantastico Journalist and Writer

Vishu Rita Krocha is a journalist by profession

Vishu Rita Krocha began her career by writing a weekly column

Vishu Rita Krocha is the author of A Bucket of Rain and co-author of 3 books

Vishu Rita Krocha A Fantastico Journalist and Writer

Vishü Rita Krocha is a journalist by profession. She began her career by writing a weekly newspaper column in 2006 and eventually worked as a correspondent for one of the English dailies in Nagaland for five consecutive years. Her most recent venture is a home-based publication house called the “PenThrill Publication House” which was formally opened in the last week of November 2013. She is the author of ‘A Bucket of Rain’ and co-author of ‘Echoes of Spring’, ‘Four Shades’ and ‘The Chakhesangs, a window to Phek district’. One of her poems is included in the school curriculum and is studied by the students of class 7.

Your real name and pen name?
Vishü Rita Krocha but most of my friends call me Ritz or Rita.

Please share some of the best memories of your childhood
My best childhood memories are made of Easter Picnics, Tiffins for extra classes or for a day out and a lot of outdoor activities. I also remember going Cicada hunting after school with my neighbor friend, who was also my classmate and childhood best friend. We grew up amidst the beauty of abundant trees, surrounded by nature at its best, and even though I didn’t realize it then, I think a lot of my inspiration for writing has been unconsciously drawn from the fact that my association with nature had already started then. I also enjoyed visiting my grandparents every passing summer and going to the fields with them, where I also learned much about my own culture and way of life through them.

Vishu Rita Krocha A Fantastico Journalist and Writer

About your education
I studied English Literature at University of Calcutta before pursuing a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

What career did you plan during your education days?
I wanted to be a Nun my whole high school life. However, that fascination died after I got admitted to a B.A course in Kolkata, after which writing took over and I totally got hooked on it.

What languages you can speak and write?

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life
My roots, because it defines me in ways more than one.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?
The Biggest challenge, if you’re asking me, would be following my ultimate dream, because the society I come from, writing has barely been considered a profession. But I wrote and wrote, for years together. Sometimes, I wrote for free, other times, I wrote for whatever little they could offer me, and I think it is finally starting to pay off.

Vishu Rita Krocha A Fantastico Journalist and Writer

When did you start writing? What is the purpose of your writing?
I started writing at the age of 22, and I write because I know no other way of expressing myself better. But the higher goal, of course, is to touch people’s lives and make a difference somewhere.

Which of your work has been published so far? Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?
“Echoes of Spring” (2008), ( which I co-authored with my sister Agnes. This is our first publication that actually came about as a result of the North East Zone Council Centre’s kind initiative to sponsor part of the publication and we were also very fortunate to have one of India’s most prolific writers- Ruskin Bond to write the foreword for us.
 “A Bucket of Rain” published during November 2011 is my second collection of poetry with a foreword by Easterine Kire, one of Nagaland’s best writers!
“The Chakhesangs, a window to Phek district” (2013), would be my third publication, which I co-authored with Rekha Rose Dukru. As the title suggests, this book focuses on tourism with highlights on Culture tourism, Agritourism, and Ecotourism, and gives a glimpse of Phek, which is one of the districts in Nagaland and is mostly occupied by the Chakhesang tribe. Essentially, it also carries a brief history of the tribe and the district.
“Four Shades” (2013) is my most recent publication. The book consists of 60 poems and is written with three other friends, namely, Robert Seiboi, Aboli Chishi and Temjenrenba Anichar.

Vishu Rita Krocha A Fantastico Journalist and Writer

What are your forthcoming writings?
I am currently working on a collection of folk tales, narrated to me by my grandparents apart from a joint collaboration for a collection of contemporary short stories.

What are your future plans?
To write as many books as I can and to travel to as many places I can.

Your dream destination on Earth?
            I’ve got too many places I equally want to see and it wouldn’t be fair to name only one.            

Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed.
I was born in Zhavame, a remote village in Nagaland, Northeast India. I haven’t visited many places around the globe but I did get an opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom (London & Northern Ireland) and Thailand (Bangkok).

What best things you liked in these countries around the globe?
What I love about Bangkok is that feeling of safety. I could take a taxi after midnight all by myself and still feel safe, something I wouldn’t even dare do in my own hometown while I think Northern Ireland is an absolute paradise for writers.

Vishu Rita Krocha A Fantastico Journalist and Writer

Your favorite time of the day?
It depends on, really.

Your zodiac/ sun sign?

Your favorite book and why?
I have more than one favorite book but I thoroughly enjoyed “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey. I love how thoughts and feelings are so well expressed in the book.

Some quickies:
Sun or Moon: Moon
Laughter or Smile: Both
Morning or Evening: Both
Coffee or Tea: Both
Mountain or Sea: Mountain
Long Drive or Short Drive: Long drive
Silence or Conversation: Depends
Water or Fire: Water
Air or Earth: Air
Mars or Jupiter: Jupiter
Tulip or Rose: Rose
Red or Blue: Red
Left or Right: Right
Glance or Stare: Glance
Vishu Rita Krocha A Fantastico Journalist and Writer

State your signature line/ tagline/ best quote
            Follow your heart, do your thing no matter what they say. There’s only one life to live after all, and it’s too short to forgo a dream.

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