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TED 2016: Uber and AirBnB Play Same Music

Uber and AirBnB emphasized on goodness of sharing at TED 2016

Both Uber and AirBnB take advantage of disruptive business ideology: TED 2016

Uber and AirBnB, most talked about technology businesses, defend Sharing Economy at TED 2016

At TED 2016, two different business verticals Uber and AirBnB talked about the same philosophy of Sharing. Both played the same music on the goodness of sharing. Both have taken a good amount of advantage of disruptive business conditions. The bosses of both the companies emphasized on defending sharing economy model at TED conference Talks. Many governments in the countries where these two companies are operative are scrutinizing their operating model. The concern is about understanding their operating mechanism, business model, and profit model. Head or AirBnB, Joe Gebbia is confident about his understanding of benefits of the disruptive models of business and commerce. The same is the case with Travis Kalanick, head of Uber.

TED 2016: Uber and AirBnB Play Same Music
Photo credit: Adam Tinworth via Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

It is all a mind game. The business world is like a chessboard. It all depends on how well you play your turns. How do you strategize and how far you are able to strategize in advance? The risk is not jumping into turbulent waters. The risk is in not knowing it is turbulent. And the risk is in knowing but not equipping well before jumping. It is important to have clarity in various business situations that might arise at a later stage and how do you plan to cope up. While Uber is in sharing cars, AirBnB is in sharing homes. Both the business gurus emphasized on passing on the maximum benefit to end consumer makes it a winning the game situation. The more communities get benefitted, the more you prosper. The more you benefit the communities, the better are the chances to connect with more communities. Now replace the word communities with customers. And that is the crux of any business to prosper. This philosophy works well even in worst kind of economic conditions.

TED 2016: Uber and AirBnB Play Same Music
Photo credit: TED Conference via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC

Joe Gebbia when launched AirBnB started it as an online service to enable traveling community to offer private homes for rent rather than opting to stay in hotels. He explained the first time fear for a customer to rent his home to a stranger is like unlocking your mobile phone and handing it over to the person sitting next to you. But when you build an atmosphere of Trust, everything is possible. Though he himself had a drastic first-hand experience as a first-time host under this business model, gradually the trust factor built up in the business model. He feared that night when he had a stranger sleeping on an airbed in his room, that the stranger might kidnap him.

Uber is an app-only based cab booking service. It provides private and hire cars. It is among the most controversial companies on the earth. Overall, both the companies emphasized at TED 2016 that sharing of economies is the best business model. Both Uber and AirBnB were seen singing the same song and playing the same music.

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