Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jat Stir, Jat Reservation, Haryana Quota Protest

Jat Stir, Jat Reservation, Haryana Quota Protest has worsened the situation

Why Narendra Modi is silent over Jat stir, Jat reservation, Haryana quota protest

Why should the goons be declared as terrorists and anti-social elements? Why Haryana Government should not be terminated?

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via / CC BY-NC

Within three days of Jat stir, Jat reservation and Haryana quota protest; Jats have proved that they are much powerful than state and central governments. They are looting, killing and stopping water supply. Why can’t they be declared as terrorists or anti-social elements of severest type? Within three days state and central governments have proved their worth to the country, concern about the life of so many people getting killed, concern about the water crisis in Delhi due to Haryana, concern about so much public and government property getting damaged.

Jat Stir, Jat Reservation, Haryana Quota Protest
Photo credit: Matthias Rhomberg via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Why can’t a permanent security and vigilance mechanism be deployed on all such critical sites with shoot at sight orders? Who is interested in getting the situation to such an extent? What rights a community has to stop drinking water? Are these people any less than terrorists or anti-social goons? There is no water in 7 main supply tanks in Delhi. Haryana is taking Delhi at ransom by stopping water supply to Delhi from Haryana. Are state and central governments so powerless not able to handle such miscreants. It will take 24 hours for water to reach Delhi even after the supply starts. If all this is acceptable to administrative agencies, the days are not far when it will be open killings on the roads. The control mechanism is getting worse in the country. Narendra Modi is far from all the music of Jat stir, Jat reservation, Haryana Quota Protest and the destruction happening due to this. He is busy with his fancy travels, inaugurations and isolation. It seems as if he has nothing to do with all this. Jats are looting non-Jats in Rohtak. Jats are killing non-Jats in Haryana. Jats are at ransom spree. Jats are at destruction spree.

Jat Stir, Jat Reservation, Haryana Quota Protest
Photo credit: Cosmopolita. via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

How can a country allow destructors so openly? If these guys are so mindless that they are ready to kill common men, play with the life of women and children by stopping water supply, then they have no right to survive in this country. If defence forces of India, police and army, can’t control a group of goons in Rohtak who are of mass destruction then it is the government who is to be blamed. Why can’t India be so advanced that the state government is suspended or terminated on such issues when they show their incapability in handling such situations and let them reach to such drastic extent? What benefits Modi’s government is getting to let it spread, to let people die, to let water supply stop? Surprisingly the Modi of pre-elections is not visible these days. It seems he has nothing to do with all this. It seems Modi’s ears are not able to or doesn’t want to listen to the killing music of Jat stir, Jat reservation and Haryana Quota Protest.

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