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Impact of Parenting on Child Development

Impact of parenting on child development is phenomenal

Impact of parenting on child development is measurable

Impact of parenting on child development is irreversible and deep-rooted

Impact of Parenting on Child Development
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The impact of parenting on child development is like writing on a blank slate. When a child is born his mind is far away from the difference between logical and illogical. He doesn’t understand the difference between good and bad. Initially, he is just a very limited doer and keen observer. He starts observing the surroundings keenly. Each word, action, activity, and the person starts impacting on the changes that take place in his traits, personality and thought process. Initially, a child might get frightened with a face, laughter or even some words. But gradually he learns to pay attention to what you say or demand. He starts differentiating between a laughter and shout, good mood and bad mood etc. He learns when to smile, when not to smile. He learns what to speak and gradually starts communicating. We are talking of impact of parenting on child development right since the birth of a child.

Impact of Parenting on Child Development
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Since parents are the one who spend most of the time with a child at this early stage. A bonding develops automatically between the parents and child. A child feels relaxed and happy when finds parents around. He might feel lonely and sad when they are not around. It is good to spend as much time with your child as possible. The time will never come back. It is important to take it as your top most priority. It is important to understand the when you are spending most of your time around your child, your behaviour, words and actions are getting recorded in a powerful video recording device that is your child. He starts observing your words, communications, actions, body language, patterns etc. quite keenly. The blank device, his mind, starts capturing data. This data initially is in a random form but gradually gets sorted depending on how frequently you use the same words, perform the same actions, meet the same people etc. Your time patterns get recorded like when you go out when you come back etc. You might notice that if you work in an office and your return time is 6 pm, your child will start knowing it before even he starts walking. And at times when you are late by an hour or two, he might create trouble by getting restless, crying or in some other way.

Impact of Parenting on Child Development
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Similarly, when in the early stage of pre-schooling or schooling, your child gets connected to the outer world for the first time. He starts differentiating between the environment at home and school. He starts differentiating between his mother and teachers at school. He starts differentiating between peers in the class and siblings at home. The new world opens new avenues of learning
. I remember an incident when my child was in the first standard and we were driving for an excursion. All of a sudden, a car passed too closely, and rashly. Involuntarily I scolded the driver in a harsh tone and so much loud to be heard by my wife and child in the car. In a similar kind of incident a few days after, it was my child who repeated the same words in the same tone. That is the   impact of parenting on child development. 

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