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Tea Mocktails by Typhoo - 5 Tea Mocktails Recipes

Tea Mocktails by Typhoo – Read below for recipes

Tea Mocktails by Typhoo – here are the 5 Mocktails recipes

If you need some innovative ideas on Tea Mocktails read below

Tea Mocktails by Typhoo  - 5 Tea Mocktails Recipes
Tea Mocktails evolved based on personal experience, innovation and individual tastes. If you don’t have the idea how to prepare these Mocktails read below the recipes of 5 most popular tea Mocktails. These recipes are presented by Typhoo. Typhoo Tea is the UK based international brand. It was incepted in 1903. These Mocktails are Typhoo signature recipes. The tea Mocktails are made with fruit and herb-based fruit infusion range. Typhoo is the first choice of tea lovers across the globe. It presents a refined tea-drinking experience. The company has more than 400 products. It has 12 brands. The business is spread in more than 50 countries. The tea enthusiasts enjoy its products in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, India and many more countries. It is the third largest tea brand from the UK. The Mocktails are produced from its variety of high-quality speciality teas and 100% natural fruit infusions. Here are the 5 top refreshing Tea Mocktails Recipes below:

Blackcurrant Fruit Infusion: Take 90 ml of Typhoo blackcurrant brew. Add 10 ml of lime juice to it. Add 10 ml of sugar syrup. If you prefer non-sugar tea Mocktails you can skip sugar syrup. Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice according to your requirement. Shake it well. Strain the contents into the glass. If you love chilled Tea Mocktails then fill cocktail shaker to the top with ice. You can double strain if required. Enjoy your chilled blackcurrant fruit infusion healthy drink.

Tea Mocktails by Typhoo  - 5 Tea Mocktails Recipes

Orange Spicer Fruit Infusion:  Take 90 ml of Typhoo Orange brew. Take 10 ml of Lime juice. Add them to a cocktail shaker. Add sugar syrup 10ml. If you prefer to keep your drink light in sugar, then add 5 ml of sugar syrup. If you want it totally non-sweet then there is no need to add any sugar syrup. Fill the cocktail shaker up with ice to make it super cool and chilled. Shake it for some 2-3 minutes. Double strain it into the chilled glass. Your Orange Spicer fruit infusion is ready. Enjoy it to refresh your body and mind.

Green Tea Moroccan Mint: Clean your cocktail shaker. Put 90 ml of Typhoo Green tea brew in it. Take Mint leaves around 4-5 leaves. Muddle them well and add them to the shaker. Add 5 ml Lime juice. Add 5 ml sugar syrup. If you want it purely non-sugar drink then skip sugar syrup. Fill shaker with ice to the top. Shake it for 3-4 minutes. Pour the ready drink into glass. Add ice as per your requirement. (I would add 4 cubes).

Lemon & Lime Zest Fruit Infusion: Take cocktail shaker. Pour 90 ml of Typhoo lemon brew in it. Add 10 ml lime juice to it. If you need a non-sugar drink then don’t add any sugar syrup else add 10 ml. Fill it up with ice and shake it for 2-3 minutes. Double strain it into the chilled glass.

Black Tea Classic Assam: Muddle 2-3 pieces of Cardamom in a cocktail shaker. Pour 60 ml of Typhoo Assam tea brew. Add 30 ml Orange juice. Add 5 ml sugar syrup if you need a sugary drink. Add 5 ml lime juice in it. Shake it well for 2-3 minutes. Double strain your drink into chilled glass.

Tea Mocktails by Typhoo  - 5 Tea Mocktails Recipes

I hope you will enjoy the above tea Mocktails with the help of explained tea Mocktails recipes. These fantastico recipes are for Tea Mocktails by Typhoo.

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