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Tea by Typhoo and Talk on benefits hosted by Sharmila Chand

A talk over tea by Typhoo hosted with Sharmila Chand

Tea by Typhoo and a talk on tea and its benefits told by Sharmila Chand

Sharmila Chand, Dr Neelanjana Singh and Subrata Mukerjee talk about Tea by Typhoo

Tea by Typhoo and Talk on benefits hosted by Sharmila Chand

Typhoo Tea is brought by Typhoo UK. It is the finest tea brand. The brand hosted a talk on tea and its benefits. It was chaired by the veteran journalist and writer Sharmila Chand. Tea has a specific value in our daily life. Having a cup of tea gives a perfect start for our day. Sharmila Chand has authored Cheers: 365 Cocktails and Mocktails. Well-known dietician Dr Neelanjana Singh was also there. Subrata Mukerjee, Typhoo India Production Head was present at the talk. The detailed informative talk was held at Cha Bar. The trio discussed the holistic advantages of tea on our mind and body. Tea by Typhoo also presented varieties of tea and Mocktails after the discussion.

Tea by Typhoo and Talk on benefits hosted by Sharmila Chand

Subrata Mukerjee who heads Typhoo India operations presented his opinion on how Typhoo teas various innovative brews are beneficial for us. People these days are quite mindful about knowing the benefits of what they consume and relate it well to their well-being. Although lifestyle has changed to a larger extent but most of us are not aware of the value and benefits of tea in our life. Subrata revealed the benefits of a new range of caffeine free organic range produced and marketed by Typhoo Tea India. The new range of caffeine free organic range includes peppermint and chamomile variants.

Tea by Typhoo and Talk on benefits hosted by Sharmila Chand

Dr Neelanjana Singh added a lot of value by sharing her profound knowledge on how Tea benefits us in various ways. The significance of tea is an important matter to learn. Many people treat tea as a necessity without knowing its actual significance. There are many alternative ideas available in the market. Some of these ideas are totally superficial and misleading. We must learn the right ways of tea brewing and its intake. The high content of flavonoids and anti-oxidants have a tremendous impact in increasing metabolism. Tea has a power of inducing our metabolism by 5%. It also helps in reducing stress and thus bringing calmness. Tea is more beneficial when taken without milk. The right way to brew tea is to boil the water. Don’t put tea leaves in boiling water. Put it in your cup. Pour hot water into the cup. Leave it for few seconds to mix and then enjoy your brewed tea. Putting tea leaves in hot water and boiling it further decreases the impact of tea by killing many of its healthy and beneficial constituents.

Tea by Typhoo and Talk on benefits hosted by Sharmila Chand

Writer and journalist Sharmila Chand is an expert over the subject. She has done an extensive research on teas, methods of brewing and preparing various cocktails and Mocktails with Tea by Typhoo as a basic ingredient. She moderated the talk quite expertly. The guests were served selective Tea Mocktails from her book.

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