Sunday, February 14, 2016

4 Windows Apps To Explore Your Valentine Day Indoors

Spend your Valentine Day indoors with these 4 Windows Apps.

If you and your beloved are indoor birds, enjoy this Valentine’s Day with these 4 Windows Apps.

Not everyone loves to fly in the air. Some stay on the ground. 4 fabulous Windows apps to make your Valentine’s day memorable with indoor activities.

If you are a pair of birds who want to stay indoors this Valentine’s Day and create your own dream world then you must explore these 4 Windows apps. Spending Valentine’s Day indoor is not a bad idea. You and your beloved will be on your own. You have plenty of quality time to spend together, just two of you. There is no hustle bustle of going places, reaching for a movie in time, finding a right place to dine out. Order food of your beloved’s choice online and enjoy it indoors, in a completely relaxed manner. Play some fabulous romantic movie to melt down the memory lane. Play some interesting quizzes meant for couples like you only. Check out a calculator that tells your love rating against each other. Let us start to explore these 4 Windows apps.

4 Windows Apps To Explore Your Valentine Day Indoors

The first one is to order your food online. Download Zomato, if it is not there on your phone already. Explore nearby restaurants within your area’s vicinity. Find out the restaurants that delivers food of your beloved’s choice. Check their ratings, delivery time, menus, customer’s feedbacks and then order accordingly with complete satisfaction. While ordering, you can add any specific requirements or make some relevant comments. In case you need your food to be a little spicier, put it in comments. If you need some paper plates, napkins etc. mention it there. Get the food delivered at your doorstep within the stipulated time period and enjoy it together.
4 Windows Apps To Explore Your Valentine Day Indoors

Find out one of the most romantic movies of your choice to enjoy some special moments together. Netflix has a vast choice of romantic movies. If you smartphone supports, connect it with your television set and enjoy the movies on a bigger screen. If it does not support there are certain third party devices like Teewe that can help you in that matter. There is nothing like spending some quality time together with a romantic movie of your choice and enjoying it.

4 Windows Apps To Explore Your Valentine Day Indoors

Quiz4couples is ideally meant for those who have something different in mind to do this Valentine’s Day. This is the game that you must encourage your beloved to put hands on. The quiz game will be a fun time for both of you as there will be a lot of fun questions there for each one of you. Playing is learning is very true here. The more you play this quiz game, the more it will allow you to learn and discover your partner in a different way. There are multiple levels to unlock after completing initial levels. As you advance, you will find fun quizzes on multiple topics.

4 Windows Apps To Explore Your Valentine Day Indoors

Last but not the least is to try Your Love Test Calculator app. This game will assess your true love in terms of the level of trust, happiness and respect between the two of you.

Hope you enjoy these 4 Valentine’s Day Windows Apps to make your moments this Valentine Day Indoors memorable and peppy.

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