Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why Do People Judge Others Based On Their Looks And Appearance

Judging others on the basis of their looks and appearance has a deep impact.

Soceity is to be blamed for causing long term negative impact by judging others on what they look like

The biassed judgement of women is more based on their looks rather than their work

Have you ever wondered if we had a judgement free society it would have created more powerful personalities. It is more about the judgement of women based on their looks that impact them heavily in their life and career. When people judge others based on their looks and appearance, it becomes a different ball game altogether. It becomes a chain reaction. Right from childhood when you have to adjust yourself on the basis of others judgement on your looks and appearance, it starts a very painful journey. It is no surprise that the whole society can be divided into two main sections. One section comprises of people who treat it as their birthright to judge others based on their looks and appearance. The other section comprises of more intellectual people who understand the gravity of matter thus avoid judging others based on their looks. It is better if you are judged by others based on what you do rather than what you wear.

Why Do People Judge Others Based On Their Looks And Apperance
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A child’s mind get totally diverted when someone in the family or society starts taunting on the basis of how he looks. The whole focus of the life gets changed. It becomes the first priority of your life to justify other’s judgement. You get diverted from the realistic goals of your life while doing this. And when it is a girl, the situation worsens. Then she starts focusing and worrying about her looks, appearance and presentability rather than the bigger goals of her life like education and career. Her style, choice of clothes and appearance gets centric towards a singular goal which is to get a good judgement from others on how she looks like. This is a process that is inherited generation to generation. When you get tortured in your childhood because of this, you develop a personality to do the same with others when you grow. That starts a chain reaction and the whole society gets impacted due to this. What if a girl worries more on how will she be perceived on the basis of her looks rather than her talent and knowledge in the school? This appearance and looks become her priority number one and this starts impacting her focus on learning. The learning curve starts getting deteriorated. This, in turn, impacts her whole life. Is judging others on their looks and appearance, not a disease? Is it not some kind of bullying?

Why Do People Judge Others Based On Their Looks And Apperance
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The pressure it builds can cause many harmful results. Why have you to worry about your looks just to please others? Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable survey brings out some startling results. The survey was conducted by Nielsen India on their behalf. The survey was conducted on men and women to find out these results. Only less than 30% women disagree that working women have to pass through more volume of judgements on their looks or what they wear. It definitely becomes quite challenging for them to focus on pleasing their colleagues rather than taking work as a top most priority. This starts causing a negative impact on their work, freedom and lifestyle.

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