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Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller by Ward Larsen - Hijack Or Crash

Passenger 19 A Jammer Davis Thriller by Ward Larsen: Book Review

Book Review - Passenger 19 A Jammer Davis Thriller by Ward Larsen

A Jammer Davis Thriller series by Ward Larsen. Passenger 19 - Book Review.

Passenger 19 by Ward Larsen is book 3 of 3 in the Jammer Davis Thriller series. The first in the series was Fly By Wire and second was Fly By NightJammer Davis is an expert investigator in aircraft accidents. A national aircraft vanishes over Colombia state. The tragedy is serious as the jet has disappeared in the dense jungles. For others, it could be just regular news. But for Davis, it is terribly shocking information because his younger daughter is one of the passengers in the list. The debris recovered proves it to be among the severest crashes. Chances are bleak that anyone could have been able to survive. The investigation reveals altogether different facts. It was not merely an accident. It was a well-planned hijacking. Three persons were shot just before the crash. Two among those were the pilots of the jet. Davis could not connect the threads about his daughter; hijacking and crash till his investigation reached a new level. He finds a deep-rooted conspiracy behind this disaster.

Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller by Ward Larsen - Hijack Or Crash

I liked the beginning. Right since you read the first line you are gripped and get ready to absorb that something serious is about to happen. The first paragraph, in fact, prepares you well for a disastrous crash that is going to happen. The story goes flawlessly in a natural manner. You are prepared to become part of it slowly and swiftly. Even the initial discussion between Larry Green (Davis’ ex-boss) and Davis gives a hint of maturity and expertise Davis carries in his job as an investigator. The ARJ-35 crashes in southern Colombia. It just vanished from the radar near the mountains and then it never reached the destination. The worst part is that Jennifer Davis was one of the passengers. Four hours of intense search leads to nothing. Understanding the gravity of the matter, Larry organizes everything fast to send Davis to the accident location. All these sequences make it a well-knitted story. A moment comes when Davis becomes hopeful of finding his daughter, unharmed and safe. I liked the role of technology in the story. When Colombian and the U.S. administrations denied helping Davis on the investigation, he is left with nothing but a drone and few associates. Larsen has been able to create a lot of suspense and curiosity in the story. Among the dead, two bodies are missing and one of them is Jennifer.

There is nothing that I could point out as disliked in the novel Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller by Ward Larsen. I would rate it as 5 on a scale of 5. The story is engaging, engrossing and thrilling. There is a lot to uncover as you go along the pages. The accident is not merely an accident. Who all are involved behind this will be interesting to reveal. Also, would be interesting to know if Jennifer survived. 
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