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5 Essential Features In A Smart Truck

Essential features in a smart truck and their advantages to the trucker for making it smart trucking

5 Essential features in a smart truck. What advantages they give the trucker to make it smart trucking

Smart trucking can be achieved with some great features making it a smart truck

Pebble In the Still Waters

Water is life. Water can create disasters too. Fire is a necessity of life but it too can be devastating if goes uncontrolled. The same goes for anything. Life and nature give us a lot of privileges. We are supposed to use these privileges wisely, intelligently and efficiently. Desires and expectations must be balanced well with responsibilities. It is valid for means of transport too. A truck is being driven by a skilled or unskilled driver makes a lot of difference. When a skilled driver gets some essential features in a smart truck, he will definitely get benefitted. Let us see what are the 5 essential features in a smart truck and what advantages they give the trucker to make it smart trucking.

5 Essential Features In A Smart Truck

The features go in the order of importance. I am starting with the most important one.

A truck with highest safety measures: A jerk, collision or a fall are the biggest risks for a truck. Definitely, the severity and intensity will matter. A smart truck must have features to make it preventive and proactive. The smart factor must be able to control things going out of specified guidelines. The control mechanism must be such that it not only alerts the driver but also sends a signal to a nearest control room. The control factors could be speed, heat, load, the overall health of the truck, safety belts, Airbags etc.. There should be an automated check or audit system that is performed in a regular frequency. There should be an auto-alert system.

Advanced Technology: The advancement in technology can take care of a lot of things in a smart truck. There can be a system that adjusts automatically depending on the road and traffic condition to provide the best mileage. It can be technically made suitable for providing best performance by adjusting accordingly in a hilly, plain or desert areas. Technology can make it smart enough to reduce its maintenance cost. There can be advanced features built to indicate which area of the truck needs repair well in advance before it breaks down. It can also be made modular in design thereby bringing in a lot of flexibility in terms of adjustment of space within the cabin or at the back. In fact, this modular design technology can help in creating a kitchen, washroom, study table, navigation screen, refrigeration and cooking top etc.

Best ruggedness for rough/ off-road terrains: A smart truck must be advantageous enough to make its driver a smart trucker. The truck must get extra power in its axles on demand when it goes to off-road or rough terrains. The mileage, fuel consumption, speed limits, air pressures must be able to adjust accordingly to optimize according to the conditions.
Truck with modern, futuristic style and design: What if a smart truck gives you an alert about the broken patch on the road ahead? What if it alerts you about a serious accident ahead that has created traffic jams? Not only this, what if it also suggests you a couple of alternative routes with the best suggestion? What if a parachute opens automatically if a truck falls from a hill? What if it falls into a river or an ocean? Can it convert automatically into a ship? What if every truck has a black box? What if a truck refuses to start if it finds its driver drunk? What if a truck turns into an ambulance or a mini emergency ward in case of a crisis? What if it is able to convert into a war tank with the help of some encrypted codes?

5 Essential Features In A Smart Truck

A truck suitable for a wide variety of applications: A smart truck can assist its driver with the help of a variety of applications. It can play smart by informing about the vehicles at the back on the road. It can tell about other vehicles’ speeding information, driving pattern and any irregularities regarding indiscipline or deviations. And in fact, there would be a lot of other applications in place to cater to the other features mentioned above.

Overall, if we are able to build these 5 essential features in a smart truck, the human factor always remains on the top. What advantages they give the trucker to make it smart trucking will depend a lot on driver’s capabilities, adaptability, and intelligence.

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