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Killer Pursuit: An Allison McNeil Thriller - A Classic Thriller

Killer Pursuit: An Allison McNeil Thriller – Book Review

Killer Pursuit: An Allison McNeil Thriller is a classic thriller written by Jeff Gunhus. I read his earlier book The Torment of Rachel Ames. With that, I became a big fan Gunhus’ writing style. The psychological thriller is about a novelist Rachel Ames. Rachel had an adventurous stride of her life while finding her peace of mind. You can read the review here. The book grabbed several top 10 category lists on Amazon. That made Jeff Gunhus’ book next to those by Dean Koontz, Lee Child, and Stephen King. Killer Pursuit is Gunhus’ second book with his FBI character Allison McNeil.

Killer Pursuit: An Allison McNeil Thriller - A Classic Thriller

Killer Pursuit: An Allison McNeil Thriller is the story of a high-society call girl, Catherine Fews. Her murder creates a series of sequences, mysteries, and complexities. She lived in her Georgetown apartment and had a long list of reputed clients. Her clients included quite a high profile biggies and politicians. The murderer is a young man, strongly built, and is known to Catherine. The man joined Catherine’s client list recently. The mystery involves two cameras in the room. One is installed by the man and the other is by Catherine. While Catherine is aware of both the cameras, the man knows only about his. The first camera had its recordings stored in the local memory card. The second camera’s recordings directly land to a cloud server, at a remote location. The killer puts a mask before coming into the vicinity of the camera. The purpose was to hide his identity. The victim pulled his mask before her death and the identity got revealed in the camera.

I loved the way the story is built. It creates a high intensity of engagement and you start feeling things happening around you. You become part of the story as if witnessing every sequence. That is the beauty of Gunhus’ writing. Allison McNeil comes into the picture right in the beginning of the story, soon after Catherin’s murder. McNeil’s job is to resolve this murder that takes place in most mysterious circumstances. You find a lot of high tech gadgets like laptop, external hard disk, memory card etc. that have played a major role in the story. It takes a lot of guts for Allison McNeil to solve this murder. Finding the video of murder became an uphill task for her as every proof was cleverly wiped off by the murderer.

Killer Pursuit: An Allison McNeil Thriller - A Classic Thriller

I would rate this book as 5 on a scale of 5. If you love to read thriller, mystery, drama and fiction, then this book is definitely for you. You are bound to enjoy it thoroughly for sure. While reading, like me, you too, would be making a lot of guesses, speculations, and expectations. But the twists embedded in the story will take you beyond all that. The classic thriller Killer Pursuit is a class apart with a distinct style of writing.

Note: I received Advance Reader Copy Uncorrected Proof for review. #killerpursuit.

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