Saturday, January 23, 2016

Impact of Society On Blogging

Impact of society on blogging is inevitable

Society impacts your writing in a considerable manner

The impact of society on blogging is there reflecting in a blogger's writing

Society plays a vital role in our life as a blogger. We get deeply influenced by what happens around us. In fact, there is a scientific hierarchy that reflects via our attitude, writing and speaking styles. What we see, what we observe, how we observe matters a lot when we express these in our writings. Blogging is a creative field. There is no dearth space and freedom for you to demonstrate your talent. It is only you who set your limitations. Remember the enjoyment you get while watching a movie on a wider screen. And if you are watching the same movie on a small television screen, it gives you a different feeling. It makes a lot of difference. That is the practical approach of life. If you want to reflect the real impact of society on blogging, start looking at each occurrence, event and incident through a wider lens.

Impact of Society On Blogging
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Don’t narrow down your scope of learning about whatever is happening around in our society. Every moment speaks a lot. It all depends on the strength of your receptor tower. This tower exists within you. It all depends on your bandwidth. It all depends on your actual download and upload speed. Writing just for the sake of it is simple. Anybody can do that. Writing for a cause, for a reason, for creating turbulence in still waters, is more important. Look at a small pebble that creates so much of a disturbance when thrown in still waters. This turbulence that a pebble creates has a rhythm. It has a time limit. It has a sequence. It has a pattern. It has a reason. It is not a shout. It is not stillness. It is doing the maximum with the least. It is like making your presence felt with a positive note.

Every blogger has a reason to write. Remember that we all are governed by a universal law. It is the law of nature. It is the law of supreme power. It is the law that is governed by a power that exists, that acts, but without appearing in front of us in a shape of size. This power is supreme because it is everywhere, in each one of us. The law talks about what you give is what you get back in life. The more you give, the more you get. Whatever intention you have while giving, when you get it back, you get it with the same intention. The power speaks to you in your own language. The power returns everything back to you in your own currency. The power is nothing but our own reflection.

It is the intensity and gravity that matters. The impact of society on blogging is bound to happen on its own. You can’t run away from it. You can’t run away with it without giving it its right worth.

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