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3 Basic Blogging Skills To Increase Impact

3 Basic blogging skills you need to enhance your impact

Some basic skills if you are able to master will definitely increase your impact.

If you really want to increase your impact you need to master 3 basic blogging skills.

Society has a deep impact on blogging and bloggers. The writing style of a blogger is deeply influenced by the society he or she belongs to. Blogging requires versatility and creativity. Let us learn about 3 basic blogging skills to increase your impact. A blogger has to be energetic, versatile and lively. To demonstrate his possession of these qualities, the best way is through blogging. You need to have good skills of a learner. Only if you learn fast you are able to respond fast. More than learning fast, proper learning is important. If you learn about your subject accurately, then you require a few more skills to express yourself. You have to be a good contributor and influencer. All these skills are tightly integrated.

3 Basic Blogging Skills To Increase Impact
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If you are not a good learner, your next skill in the sequence. These skills are to become a contributor or an expresser. These skills will go waste even if you are a perfectionist in this. And if you are not able to express or contribute properly, you will never be able to influence. Impact of society on blogging and bloggers in its vicinity can’t be ignored. Whatever happens in society has an automatic and an involuntary influence on all components of its ecosystem. Irrespective of whether a blogger is writing on a niche topic or on multiple topics, his thought process and writing style are greatly influenced by its surroundings. The local effect is always reflected even if you claim to be a universal and a global writer.

Since your influencing power depends on the former skills that are good learning and writing skills, you need to put all your efforts in acquiring expertise in these two skills. Learning has a deep impact on expressing or writing skills of a blogger. A blogger will not be able to express well, unless his knowledge on the subject is intensely curated. This act of curation is an art. It is a skillful art rather. You can’t become a curator overnight. It requires patience and practice.

So if we summarize the 3 basic blogging skills that are required in a blogger to increase impact are - learning, expressing and influencing. We also talked about how to become a good curator in enhancing these skills so that you are able to increase your impact on your readers. Everything depends on how to chalk out your path and how well you follow. Discipline and planning are very important to adhere to. Disciplined approach always helps. Your sincerity pays. In fact, it pays in all streams of life. The more you sow, the more you reap. It is directly proportional. Discipline needs a companion. Without proper planning you can’t build a disciplined approach. Planning and discipline go hand in hand. Impact increases automatically.

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