Saturday, January 23, 2016

How To Become A Peppy Blogger

It is important to learn how to become a peppy blogger

Have you ever wondered what is the source of energy for a peppy blogger?

A peppy blogger needs to be energetic, spontaneous, and full of variety

You need to understand the skills to become a peppy blogger. If you really want to become a blogger full of energy, vigor, momentum, continuity and power then you need to understand well what it takes to get all this. Energy is all around you. It is up to you how you identify it and acquire it. As we all know energy can never be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Does it require some amount of energy for this transition or transformation? Who bears this cost? If it is 100% transformation, it is fine. But if there is some consumption or loss during this transformation, then probably there is a continuous decrement in energy accounting to each transformation.

Well, jokes apart, let us come back to the topic. There are different means to gain energy to become a peppy blogger. First of all, your consumption power must be enormous and phenomenal. When I say enormous, I mean to say you must be able to absorb every moment of what is happening around. While these moments are getting absorbed, start churning these moments to get the right stuff in place. This all has to happen within. Your mind has to perform this drilling process of absorbing and churning. While churning, cook the right material to present to your audience. Relax for a while, jot down these ideas and then start preparing your planned dish with the right kind of ingredients. Don’t forget to use salt and pepper.

How To Become A Peppy Blogger
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Remember that sincerity pays. Be sincere to yourself and to your readers. Write well, present well and engage well. The last thing will happen on its own if you have done the first two things well. Prepare that stuff that is engaging. Think about why somebody would read your article? What is the engaging component in it? What is it going to deliver to your reader? What value addition, is there in it for your readers? Have you put some feeder for your reader?

The best way is to read your fresh stuff as a reader. Forget for a while that you wrote it. It is important as you will not be justified with what you are going to read. Although it is your own stuff, you have been the creator of it, but still you have to get into your reader’s shoe. Look back at your published posts and observe your reader’s behavior. Scan out what they missed and try delivering it in your fresh posts. Imagine what you are writing is the only means of interaction with your readers. You have to create a material that impacts your life, which impacts their life, which impacts the society, the stuff that impacts your city, your community, your nation and the whole world.

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