Monday, December 14, 2015

Yes Bank Indian Masters Polo 2015

This is a wonderful story of accord between man and horse. Everything is synced so well. It is about speed, guts and glory. The venue was Jaipur Polo Ground. The power on display was of horse and the harnessing guts displayed by man. The story is about a glory and exclusivity. The sport in subject is Polo. The glory was waiting for the winners. There were numerous spectators to witness this glorious event. It is all about lifestyle, royalty and style. An unbeatable and unmatched connect between man and horse.

The thrilling Polo event was Yes Bank Indian Masters Polo 2015. It was held at Jaipur Polo Ground. It witnessed the Grand Slam. The glory, amazement and rhythm were at its peak at the event. The event that held on 22nd November 2015 at Jaipur polo Ground, New Delhi was really wonderful. The event started at 2 pm. First it was PRO-AM match followed by Trick Riding Display. At 3 pm the championship final started and then at 4.30 pm there was presentation ceremony.

The Yes Bank Indian Masters Polo championship is all about passion owned by Bindu and Rana Kapoor. Rana Kapoor is the managing director and CEO of Yes Bank. The dress code for the event was smart. The audience wearing hats were all around the ground, in the spectator’s gallery.  The participants included polo enthusiasts from various streams of life. There were corporate leaders and a number of celebrities among the competitors. Among the spectators there were many dignitaries like Ambassador of Brazil, High Commissioner of Cyprus, and Ambassador of Guatemala. There were renowned designers and other celebrities among the spectators.
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