Monday, December 21, 2015

Watch Live Construction At Festival City - From Ground To 33 Floors In 99 Days

From Ground to 33rd Floor in 99 days. Watch live construction at ~via

This is something really fabulous and happening for the first time in India. This can be termed as a marriage between technology and real estate. This is something known as real-time project demonstration. The target seems to be quite challenging. The challenge is to build from ground to 33rd level in 99 days. That means 34 levels being constructed in less than 100 days. And to witness it, you don't need to visit the location. You can witness it right at your home, your workplace, or on the move. You just need to visit the link and experience it. This is about the development of Mist Towers being developed at Festival City.

As per the current status, it has reached to level 8, going as per plan. The initiative is from the Bhasin Group, established in 1969. The location of this excellent project is Greater Noida. There would be approximately more than 150 large multinational offices situated within 15 minutes drive from here. More than 25 large corporate houses would be there within comfortable reach. Residents are going to enjoy 6 major golf courses around the location.

Watch live construction at ~via

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