Saturday, December 19, 2015

She Used Him To Build Her Present, He Sealed Her Future #TheBestsellerSheWrote

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian is about love and hate, aspirations and conspiracies, friendship and enmity, betrayal and loyalty, redemption and losses, life and professionalism, delusion and belief, fabrication and reality, delirium and clarity, infidel and loyalty, and a lot beyond this. This is a story of Aditya Kapoor, a banker, and a writer climbing well on his ladder of glory and fame. This is the story of a man of substance getting deviated from his dedication towards his family.  This is the story of a man falling for an appealing and glamorous final year student of IIM. This is a story comprising of a lot of twists and twirls, a thrilling story with a lot of exciting and engrossing moments while uncoiling a great deal of suspense.

I liked The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian for a number of reasons. I love his style of writing and engaging his readers quite well, right since the beginning. He knows how to use his strengths well. Belonging to Banking Sector, he prefers to create a similar kind of environment so that he is able to play well with them. Banking and Writing are his core strengths and that is what he has used as a background theme in this book. He is a perfect weaver as far as story building and storytelling is concerned. He weaves his words so well to embed a right mix of emotions and curiosity in his stories. The interest stays intact from the first page till the last page. That is the beauty of the author. All the characters – Aditya, Maya, Sanjay, Diana, Shreya and others with their intense roles have been built and grown in a perfect manner. The characters will appear real to you and you will start feeling it happening among the people around you in reality. You feel to be a part of the story. The story will keep you guessing all along the pages as you move on. Favorite part of the book is its closing when suspense is unwinding giving you some shocking surprises. The interactions between Aditya, Maya, Shreya, Sanjay, Diana etc. go quite natural and well along the flow of the story. The gripping story will keep you turning the pages. The ending part might wet your eyes.

There is nothing to dislike in this book. The story goes well in a natural manner till the middle after which it starts intensifying. A couple of instances might stay unresolved in a confusing manner even after you finish the book. There is doubt raised by Aditya’s editor about the story written by Shreya stating that story is written so well that it is difficult to write it without living among Naxalites.

Overall, if you have not read Ravi Subramanian so far, read his earlier books like If God Was A Banker, The Bankster, Bankerupt, The Incredible Banker, and God Is A Gamer. The story of The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian is intense, crisp, engrossing and thrilling.

I would rate this book as 4.5 on a scale of 5. This book is definitely going to be a part of my personal library.

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