Monday, December 21, 2015

#welcomebackMaggi #welcomeback Maggi Is The New Jingle

More than 60,000 welcome kits were sold within 5 minutes after it was started its sale getting cleared from the court verdict of a ban. The welcome kit contained 12 packs of Maggi along with some goodies and freebies. This itself clearly indicated the nationwide love people had for Maggi. Doubting on the sanctity and quality of products from Nestle is a mistake. Otherwise, a lot can happen in a country where things are politically motivated. #welcomebackMaggi #welcomeback Maggi Is The New Jingle

The roll out began on 9th November. It had been a challenging time for Nestle but even during that period people kept demanding Maggi. There was news about Maggi selling at higher rates than the prescribed MRP because of no supply and high demand. The return, during the festival season, was welcomed by one and all. #welcomebackMaggi #welcomeback Maggi Is The New Jingle


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