Friday, November 13, 2015

#madeofgreat Every Moment Spent With Him Transformed My Life

Lionel Messi Global Brand Ambassador Tata Motors

Lionel Messi has been declared global brand ambassador of Tata Motors.

It is a great combination of #madeofgreat when Tata Motors declared Lionel Messi as their global brand ambassador

Girish is the eldest son of my paternal uncle and is ten years elder to me. He was matured right since his childhood. By the time I completed my school studies, he was in the final years of his M.Tech. from BHU. He was brilliant, always. During our study days, we hardly met. He stayed in the hostel during his school and college studies. During vacations, he would either be on his expeditions to the Himalayas or would be on a trip to remotest of the villages. He has been a great talent galore for me all the time. He has been my mentor, guru, #madeofgreat, icon, reliable, simple and trustworthy friend all the time irrespective how far he is from me. He is a man of actions. He carries an extreme level of self-belief that is impossible to parse or barge into. He is a man of conviction. He always has been like that.

The moment I was out of college I decided to rush for a lucrative job. A big car, a secure career, a good home, a luxurious life – so many things I kept planning during my college days that drove me to work hard and get excellent results in my finals. That enabled me to get a good break right in the beginning – in an MNC – an executive post. But that was not the case with Girish. He also would have dreamt the same. He also would have got the same, rather better, looking at his records & credentials.  He never thought in same lines. He, in fact, never was a man of common thinking. He always thinks beyond. Above everyone else could.

Soon after completing his studies Girish disappeared. But we all were able to know about his whereabouts from time to time from national news channels. Not only this, he became an international entity in no time. He has always busy in the eradication of poverty on national and international grounds. He was always against helping poor in terms of money. He found out new ways of making them self-capable rather than being dependent on others. He creates various means and methods for this. In fact, he visited the terrorist struck areas in Jharkhand and other states to offer education to the children of terrorists and anti-national activists.

I am sure, Girish is a hero for many, but he never runs for fame. He is always busy in his work, finishing one and starting another. By the time media reaches to him, he is vanished and busy at some other location. He has started night schools for workers all across the country. He lends helping hand to the children of body workers so that their next generation does not fall prey to this dirty profession. He is doing what is told by his heart without bothering about what others will think or say. That is probably the real passion. 
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