Saturday, November 14, 2015

Modi-Cameron Mission 2020 For Preparing Youth India For 21ST Century

  1. Eleven British companies will be supporting India for skills development.
  2. 2016 will be treated as the UK-India year of Education, Innovation and Research.
  3. Digital technology will be the prime key for education and training drives.
  4. New centers of excellence will be established in primary sectors like Automotive, Engineering and Technology.
  5. A Centre for Automotive and Advanced Engineering will be established in Pune.
  6. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) will be absorbing 1,000 UK students as interns.
  7. Generation UK-India program by 2020.
  8. 25,000 UK students will be coming to India.
  9. The UK will be supporting Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship in India for developing new programs for skills building/enhancement and entrepreneurship.
  10. The primary focus will stay on the differently-abled, the excluded and women.
  11. Virtual partnership to start at the school level so that students of both countries can experience the education system of the each other.
  12. Exchange of culture, traditions, family systems and social values will be there through virtual exchange programs.
  13. 2016 Technology Summit that is happening in Delhi will witness both – Modi and Cameron.
  14. The Academic Exchange program will enable Indian scientists to visit/access the Neutron Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxford University.
  15. Newton-Bhabha fund for joint research is to be established. This fund will also be utilized for capacity building and translation projects.
  16. The UK-India research joint investment that was less than 1 million in 2008 has grown more than 200 million in 2015. 

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