Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlie Hebdo To Terrorists: If You Have Weapons We Have Champagne #BloggingForPeace

Guts and grits have no end. IT takes a lot to speak out boldly against the barbaric acts done by ISIS terrorists in France recently. 6 attacks at different locations in Paris on the same day, around the same time, took 129 lives. The major toll took place at the concert hall. This is something really disheartening to attack a concert place where it is all music, music performers and music lovers. It is said that music is too close to God. But where is the God?

Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo having their office in Paris. The office was attacked in January this year killing 12 journalists and cartoonists. The daring staff of this magazine has its own style to show courage and resistance against WRONG. This first release of this weekly after the recent attack in Paris has a courageous cover page, challenging. The cover shows a man drinking and there a slogan around saying:

Instead of pinpointing any religion, it totally focuses on the life. Joann Star, one of the chief cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo says:

I would salute this daring courage from few of the best artists in the world who could speak out fearlessly and announce to the darker side of the world that if they keep daring to use weapons against the innocents, we at this end living with a hope of terror-free world one day, will never shred our faith in life. Music, Kisses, Life, Champagne and Joy will always be an integral part of our life. Salute to the world of music and joy, the world of life, the world of spirit and courage. And pray that soon the wrong will change its path to right and all terrorists will move away from spreading terror. Let all terrorists move from the path of death to the path of life, music and joy.

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