Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#BloggingForPeace Terrorism: Who is to blame?

It has nothing to do with religion or a community. Everyone cannot be blamed within a religion to be the culprit. Terror and horror are not liked by any religion or community. Terrorism is a heinous act as it goes totally against innocent lives. Terrorism is a heartless brutal activity in which even the young children, old people or females are spared. Terrorism is an unethical institute in which everything that is taught is against humanity and life.

It is not that France was not aware of this risk. Their air strikes over IS zones was sufficient enough to create anger in ISIS terrorist faction. The only thing that France never anticipated is that it will be too severe and all the anger will fall on the innocent people watching a concert in a concert center or in food zones. But then terrorists are known for their inhuman heartless disasters with no respect towards harmless, innocent people including small kids, women, and aged people.

Two facts here for this disaster are that the terrorists who did this act belong to Europe. That means there are a lot of activities happening even in the advanced countries in a flawless manner in which they are able to connect with the core senior guiding team living remotely like in Syria or somewhere else in the world. The intelligence teams of European countries is not able to crack this connect and the communications happening between them while planning these disasters. That is a drastic failure towards the intelligence teams. The second factor is that there are more than forty countries funding these terrorists to perform such kind of heinous acts.

France has been right in stating that it will not move away from its airstrikes against these terrorists. Rather France has clearly stated that these attacks will now be more severe and concrete in killing the culprits. Logically it is very clear to see that all those countries who are supporting these terrorist activities never came out in condemning this brutal incident that happened in France. Then there are leaders from certain countries who just mildly pay their condolence towards the dead and wounded but don’t spell out clearly and boldly that the whole world should unite in fighting against these terror forces.

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