Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen Declares He Is HIV Positive For Almost Four Years

A recently released video by USA Today is creating heat waves around Charlie Sheen's fans. It is quite heartbreaking to note that Charlie Sheen has confirmed that he is HIV positive. The story began around four years back when he developed symptoms of the night sweating and severe headaches.  And that is when he was diagnosed with HIV positive.

It is not that Charlie Sheen is disclosing this fact willingly. It is under the pressure of blackmailers who kept taking hefty amounts from him in order to keep it as a secret from the world. As the number of people knowing about it kept increasing and hence the demand too kept increasing in an exponential manner. Probably after spending so much money on his health and on these blackmailers, finally Sheen decided to open this secret himself so as to avoid further losses.
Charlie Sheen has always been in the news for bad reasons. Drugs, rehabs, outbursts, multiple affairs, and a number of legal issues, have all been connected with Charlie Sheen throughout during his career as an actor.
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