Sunday, August 30, 2015

Get Global Digital Solution With A Professional And Agile Approach

There are a large number of live examples where organizations who moved to Agile framework got an entire transformation the way in which they had been working for years. The driving speed & accuracy and governance becomes more structured when you move to Agile framework. It calls for a large amount of self-assurance, self-discipline and correct identification of practices that your business needs to adopt to attain a high amount of governance and accountability ownership which then automatically leads to self-owned success. Agile framework demands a lot of collaborative efforts and ensures evident higher results. Benefits to the customers/ companies who adopt agile framework have a higher ratio of success as compared to the customers/ companies who do not adopt it. the disadvantage of the agile framework is it has no meaning in adoption for companies where customer requirements are fixed and don't undergo any changes throughout, which practically never happens.

TO THE NEW Digital is a highly unique, innovative and premium company engaged in digital services with a target of staying at the top for the digital landscape explosion. It is a subsidiary of TO THE NEW Venture passionately engaged in providing internet services and creating unique internet products. The Venture is spread widely across South East Asia. TO THE Digital is an innovative premium digital marketing company that has a right mix of today's powerful corporate ingredients such as technology, creative, content, analytics and analysis thereby bringing in a revolutionary digital transformation. That is where the expertise lies in the 600+ employees of the company who have been able to bring digital transformation in over 300 companies in global pursuit. These delighted customers are spread across 30 countries on the global chart.

TO THE NEW Digital team of over 600 staff includes tech evangelists, content experts, creative mavericks and social media specialists having a combined strength to bring the magical digital transformation in any business verticals. The existing strategic partners include Google, AWS (Amazon Web Services, YouTube, MongoDB, DataStax etc. The customer base includes Castrol, P&G, Citi, Pizza Hut, Google, Toshiba, Airbus, to name a few.

With a highly dynamic situation all around the globe with the changes happening in technology and business on a regular basis, agile framework is the only option left for the businesses to survive, sustain and grown in a smart way. Agility and fluidity are the mantra of the day to grow fast.

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