Sunday, August 30, 2015

#AnyThingForFood I Too Have A Food Tale (not love story) To Share

It takes just a single alphabet to change a better surprise to a bitter one. It happens many times in life whenever you go for a new adventure. Although nobody stops to gain a bitter or better surprise even from a repeated adventurous ride. An adventurous ride does not mean necessarily to happen in physical. It can and, in fact, happens more in virtual mode. A new app on your mobile, a new mobile phone, a vacation at an unexplored location, a new friend, a new TV channel, trying to prepare a new dish at home, a different route taken to reach an old destination, same route taken to reach  new destination and so on...

It happened thrice with me at different occasions, on different days of the week (sometimes a particular day of the week might not be good for you, as per astrology), on different timings and on different dates. But all happened at home, Definitely different occasions mean all the people engaged in gaining that bitter or better experience (surprise) in one instance were not 100% same in another. It was my newly wed son of a close friend whom we called for a dinner at home and unfortunately, planned to order online through the great lord Internet. All the three stories that I am going to tell pertain to the period before the Tiny Owl took birth.

It was all well planned. Half an hour before the newly wed couple - Ritesh and Sonam, were supposed to reach, we placed a sumptuous order from a well known restaurant in our locality (situated in one of the malls around). The order was placed via an online food portal. We were happily anticipating a good experience but it entirely turned into a scary, bad and bitter (not saucy, bread and butter) experience. After half an hour, the couple rang on the door. The food was supposed to come in 45 minutes after the order confirmation, which meant it was on its way and would be reaching in next 15-20 minutes. The time passed and we didn't have someone on the door to deliver the food. We kept Ritesh and Sonam busy with talks, snacks and cold drinks.

After 30 minutes, we decided to call the portal's helpline. The guy there confirmed that we should have received our dinner which we hadn't. They didn't have any status in their system nor any method of traceability. The portal guy took the restaurant guy on the conference and that was the Moment of Truth. The restaurant guy told he could not deliver the food as the material had exhausted. One didn't bother to inform, another had no means to trace or ensure. More than us it was Ritesh and Sonam who were feeling embarrassed. That was the spoiler of the day!

I really wished we had a more organized, cool, light and friendly app/ portal in place. Something like Tiny Owl thatI experienced recently. A tiny owl has really taken the full charge from all the Pandas (prefix it with Food) and Tomatos (read Z in the first place instead of T). 
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